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  1. Of course we won

    I didn't watch the first 20 minutes because if I saw the SJW BS I would have to bring back swear jars and say more non PC stuff on the not so social networks. The potential is there for the defense to be top 7. Draft big uglies of the Slobber Knocker demographic for the O line in 21. :)
  2. WFT Names Jason Wright Team President

    Remember that time on this board and on xtreme S when I admitted I was (still am) a Conservative Native American with a nice permanent tan Republican, fiscally and socially making me the 1st? Me neither because it was no big deal. Social Justice warriors may say other it is a big deal and I say...
  3. Dont tell everyone.. or did I just do that? Redskins Merch

    I'm going to wear one of my Redskins bandanas as a face mask to the grocery store today. I have a Redskin beer stein, Redskins mugs for sipping and driving. NEX Walter Reed has/had enough gear to add more towels, tshirts and keyshains. But I what I need is a Video Montage of Redskins moments...
  4. Anybody watch Hamilton?

    Went to only one musical River Dance at Wolf Trap way back in the Y2k days I had a weakness for green eyes and redhair that my old friend used to her advantage. :)
  5. Trent Williams - Still Practicing Rectal Vocalization

    Psst Trent: ACL, ACL, ACL though Achilles would be definite Karma. Still not in the top 3 LT in Redskins History
  6. Quarantimes

    I was up to 194 pounds before dropping down to 180 trying to get into the 175 range before I turn 61 in december. I use the bike path every day to walk to Lowes, wendy's or Chick Fil A one way or to the Town Centre for 5 guys, red robin, panda express, etc. 4 mile walk if I go left 5 mile walk...
  7. a 3rd next year and a 5th this year? are you joking?

    Those hogs would be fattened up with baked skinless chicken breasts, kale and soy milk just like todays linemen none of whom take "supplements." :)
  8. a 3rd next year and a 5th this year? are you joking?

    Exactly!! I was for trading his prissy behind before the trade deadline but we had an idiot in charge that didn't learn from the 2 years of kurt Cousins. Who knows maybe the Lsu kid is a diamond in the rough
  9. Fournette yay or nay

    I do not see the need to trade a pick for him when this is a weird season that at thee most should be viewed as an assessment and foundation building year.
  10. Horrible Trent Williams News - His Dogs

    I get more grief from purse puppies than the bigger breeds on my daily bike path walks. the rescue german shepards,white english retriever, golden retriever, pit bulls,dalmation/great dane mix go out of their way to make sure to receive a pat and or rub from me. ( It could be the breakfast...
  11. Redskins Announce Ron Rivera as Head Coach

    He went Cal Bezerkeley (nobody's perfect) and I'm glad we pick him and got rid of Allen
  12. Thank You Adrian Peterson

    Can you imagine if we had a half way decent run blocking o line for AP?
  13. WR situation is getting crazier by the minute.

    Teams will not trade half of a Chick Fil A chicken sandwich for Doctson and who would blame them?
  14. Every TV Channel In The World For $14.99 A Month

    I miss the Italian/Sicily late night commercials
  15. Sarge's Annual Memorial Day Thread

    Memorial Day was great. On D-Day I had a medical appointment at Bethesda Medical Center Walter-Reed and met some WWII vets getting Smartrip cards and using the Metro subway for the 1st time to get to the Memorial. There is something about meeting couples from that generation who have been...
  16. TV Show Discussion Thread

    Primarily watching and downloading classic and Current Anime Both Japanese and English dub versions while upgrading from real media and quicktime formats to the higher quality new mp4 versions.
  17. I don't think Haskins should have been the pick

    Breaking news even if everything goes our way, we are not winning the SuperBowl this year. We need to purge the team of old fragile and lazy with younger hungrier inexperienced players. Yeah even if the oft injured weak left guard has a dossier of Snyder doing things on a bed abroad there is no...
  18. Skins Claim Rights to LB Reuben Foster

    Nothing surprising heck they already decided a potential SCOTUS judge was guilty without due process until details of a coordinated smear with people charged with lying on the new SCOTUS came out. Heck some idiots still want to pursue it.
  19. Skins Claim Rights to LB Reuben Foster

    Hmm so what is the NFL and fans of the "classy" Kansas City Chiefs gonna do now with this evidence since they did nothing since february when this happened? This a guy Kareem Hunt is an all star and important part of their team.
  20. Official Game Day Thread - Week 13 - 2018: Redskins @ Eagles

    I don't see Gruden changing from the plodding predictable offensive scheme with the snap count at 4 seconds or less that even the neighbor who is a steeler fan points out weekly. I don't see the defense taking away the TE. But even a 5% chance of winning still means there is a chance
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