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  1. The Pet Thread

    I did change his food slowly and he was fine for a couple months. It is possible it wasn't the food, but I have noticed since then that he has problems with new foods. We used to give him raw food now and then- like the extras you get in a chicken before you cook it. It seems to make him...
  2. The Pet Thread

    I'm thinking of switching our dog's food from Iams to Blue Buffalo. The problem is, I switched him to a new food 1 1/2 years ago and had issues. Henry was fine for a few months and then he started throwing up a couple times a day. The vet suggested some medicine, but it didn't work. After...
  3. The Pet Thread

    I've always been told that wet food is bad for a pet's teeth. Of course, I always put our dog's dry food in a bowl of water because he refuses to drink water unless he's super thirsty. Anyways, do you guys feel like wet food is not an issue for teeth?
  4. The Pet Thread

    I feel like I could handle the raw food with the dog, but cats require specific organs and the organs need to be whole. I researched on raw food sites for a while. Our cat hasn't eaten them whole in the past. I do give the cat raw meat occasionally. I usually don't for the dog anymore. He...
  5. The Pet Thread

    I do use Iams for the dog. I started getting something different for the cat because of her obsession with food. I wanted something grain-free. I have tried Blue Buffalo, but it's so pricey to get what I really want to get. We also have added some raw meat at times. The cat loves that, but...
  6. What's for Dinner?

    I did not actually buy a kit. I just bought the things you need no matter what kind of sushi you make. I purchased the mat, paddle, and Nori (seaweed) on Amazon because we have free shipping. I bought the Joyce Chen sushi kit, which is just the mat and paddle. The mat is a little larger than...
  7. What's for Dinner?

    Brats and Beer Cheddar Chowder
  8. What's for Dinner?

    Just tried Extreme's Cod Chowder. It was really good.
  9. What's for Dinner?

    I just looked through 27 pages for a recipe for fish soup Goaldeje wanted me to make. I tried searching but was unsuccessful. I guess there are a lot of foodies on this site.
  10. BGO Gets Fit!!

    I think the calorie counting would be helpful to James. For those of you who have done that, how long did you do that? Also, any good football day foods? We like homemade sloppy joes and I made shrimp and avocado quesadilllas last week.
  11. Yard Sales

    Just saw this thread. Last week, we got a vacuum for $5 and I got lots of teaching posters. This week, we got the little people clothes. The boy ripped holes in the knees of all of his pants last year, so I refuse to go to a store for him.
  12. Favorite Horror Movies

    What about Twilight? Just kidding, not sure why that is listed as scary. I'm not really a fan of horror, but I did watch Halloween in a clearing in the woods at college once and that was pretty cool.
  13. Just finished Season One of The Wire

    I like the realism of the characters. I usually do not enjoy movies/ shows that the bad guys are the main character/ hero. This is different because they are developed into real people. I thought the portrayal of the school system and kids was depressingly realistic.
  14. I went for one thing, and ended up with...

    I sometimes use the no basket or cart policy. It rarely works. Usually I end up handing items to the kids until they can't walk, then we leave.
  15. Tough Morning

    Daycare can be upsetting, too. Especially when they don't want to come home or ask why Dad didn't pick them up instead. Goaldeje- some of the children look like you- stop whining, at least 2 of them are yours.
  16. I went for one thing, and ended up with...

    I'm fine in the grocery store, but I hardly ever spend a dollar at the Dollar Tree. Sam's is the worst for me. I have to go online and look up the prices of the things I really use and know are a good deal and stick to a certain amount.
  17. Gawker: There are now 5 Fast Food Places for every Grocery Store

    I wouldn't be surprised if the amount of fast food places is due to demand, rather than people using them because they are there. As people have said, it is hard to discipline yourself to make a meal after working all day. I personally find it very difficult at times, although I (or Goaldeje)...
  18. "Norm!" (The Welcome Thread)

    Hi- I'm new to the site. I'm Goaldeje's wife.
  19. Vegetable Garden Tips, Complaints, Concerns & Discussion

    Diatomaceous earth is good to kill insects. It kills beneficial insects and spiders, too, though. To be safe around kids/ pets you need to make sure it's food grade. You also need to reapply after rain.
  20. Vegetable Garden Tips, Complaints, Concerns & Discussion

    I agree with the above person that topsy turvy planters stink. We bought some good, healthy strawberry plants and they died very quickly. We had plants in the yard that grew just fine. We have grown fruit trees successfully. We had one apple tree that grew enough for our family and just...
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