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  1. Burner’s Burning Questions – Offseason Edition: Free Agency, Part Three

    thanks for consolidating that. I think with a few good free agents and some late round gems this team is going to be real fun to watch next year. (I guess that is not an original thought from the previous 10 years but what the hey, who knows)
  2. Redskins Get #2 Pick!

    i was refering to our no 2 in the draft overall. i.e. the griffin pick- we could sign flynn and be in great shape for the draft/\
  3. Redskins Get #2 Pick!

    So does any one support a trade of our #2 pick this year to the Browns for their 2 firstrounders this year and their first rounder next year?
  4. Redskins Get #2 Pick!

    Lets see; We could sign Peyton Manning and give him a no. 1 wide receiver and a better offensive line, so we can fairly well deduce that receiver and offensive line can be taken care of in FA. (Jackson, Gathers, Grubbs-just a for instance). That leaves us with Manning's salary to provide for...
  5. WaPo: Shanahan should be the bigger man in the Albert Haynesworth saga

    Where are the Dave Butz of yesteryear?
  6. T.O. worried because he thinks he might be perceived as a trouble maker

    Where would anyone get this perception? T.O.: Teams shying away because of troublemaker tag July 13, 2010 wire reports NEW YORK -- Terrell Owens would like to point...
  7. PFT: Rumors fly of Jammal Brown to the Redskins

    Playoffs! Albert who?
  8. Wow, this place is dead!

    Kinda what I like about this forum; More posts with content. If no content, no posts.
  9. Gaithers and free agents next year

    Gaither is having problems in Baltimore. What about a Haynesworth for Gaither trade. This would solidify our o line. Also, I am wondering if there are going to be many UFA's next year? This year it seems like potential UFA's were restricted. Does that mean there is gong to be many out there...
  10. Brown and Sharper

    If Brown returned to form, and we got sharper and Brown. I would be very optomistic about next year. Jammal Brown-T- Saints Apr. 29 - 5:52 pm et "Several executives" are reportedly convinced that unsigned restricted free agent LT Jammal Brown will be traded this offseason. Brown will...
  11. Biggest Surprise of the Draft

    I went no db. I was not to surprised by the draft, though figured a fs would be picked but really did not see any available. I am glad we did not trade Haynesworth or McIntosh. I think our defense is in real good shape. Haynesworth can play de and slide over to nose in certain situations...
  12. NFL Draft Day 3 (Allen audio/Final)

    Blount would be a good pick
  13. NFL Draft Day 3 (Allen audio/Final)

    I don't understand

    I don't think we should trade McIntosh. His value is much greater than a 4th. Just like I would not trade Haynesworth for a 2nd or Campbell for a 5th. At least we should wait until the pre-season when we might be able to get something for them.
  15. LB PERRY RILEY Redskins take LSU linebacker with 103rd pick The Redskins have taken Louisiana State linebacker Perry Riley with their 103rd pick on the last day of the NFL draft. Riley was a weak-side linebacker for LSU but has been projected by many to play as...
  16. WPC: Shanahan: Haynesworth not on the trade block

    I just could not see trading maybe the most dominating defensive player in the nfl for anything but a 1st and a 3rd rounder. I am looking forward to seeing him play DE next year.
  17. NFL Draft Day 1 (Audio)

    THE TACKLES Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News writes what is traditionally considered one of the most accurate mock drafts in the business. Given that most fans seem to be strongly in favor of drafting a tackle, it's probably good news for them that Gosselin has the Redskins taking...
  18. NFL Draft Day 1 (Audio)

    Okay! We are picking Berry.
  19. NFL Draft Day 1 (Audio)

    According to beat reporter Rick Maese, the Redskins are now higher on Russell Okung than they are on Trent Williams. We can't believe anything coming out of Redskins camp right now. The Eric Berry talk sure seems like a smokescreen to us, but Mike Shanahan's track record leaves room from plenty...
  20. NFL Draft Day 1 (Audio)

    Yeah, I figured I would go out on a limb.
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