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  1. The Official 'Get the Hell Out Snyder!' Prediction Contest

    Feb 29 at 6:26pm. Snyder will deliberately pick Feb 29th in hopes that we only celebrate once every 4 years.
  2. The true Silver Lining of what we are seeing

    For me the silver lining is on those rare occasions when the Commie game flashed on RedZone, it was unrecognizable. Who was that XFL minor league Steelers team on the field? And who knew how prescient Zorn was when he called our team colors red, yellow and black? When Rivera gets fired after...
  3. Ron Rivera - What If 2022 Turns Sour?

    I think it's another 7 win season... maybe 8 or 9 with the easy schedule, and he gets a 4th year. It would have to be 5 games or less for him to get the boot. I doubt he lasts beyond 2023 though.
  4. Random Commanders Thoughts

    I really don't want a marching band now that we're the Commies. Just doesn't fit. It's like having a Wizards player with a gun in the locker room when it's no longer the Bullets.
  5. New Fight song

    Hail to the Commies Equality Go Proletariat Fight the Bourgeoisie.
  6. At first I didn't like it, but after I thought about it...

    Now that we're the Commies, the think pink month will take on a whole new meaning. I hate the name, and also don't see why we couldn't have kept last year's unis.
  7. The Front Office

    Any chance Rivera just wants a guy to handle the grunt work of contracts and cap management, similar to what Brucifer did for Al Davis, while Kyle Smith continues to run the draft? We need to give Smith a fat raise to retain him.
  8. Back Shoulder Fade - 2021 1st round Mock

    I see the Jets will be wasting another first round pick on a QB bust.
  9. Dallas Cowboys fire Mike Nolan and Jim Tomsula

    And they kept George they are going from one failed Skins DC to another. I have to laugh when commentators/reporters talk about Nolan being a respected or successful DC... since when? In Baltimore, the D ranking was ok, but down from the year before, and improved dramatically after...
  10. Larry Fitzgerald Retires.. or not?

    Perhaps my favorite non-Redskins player of the millennium, other than Rodgers. Cracks me up that Al Davis took Robert Gallery instead of him, Rivers, or Big Ben.
  11. Dwayne Haskins - released

    The overwhelming narrative on Haskins is and is likely to always be that he had the talent but not the perseverance...bullshevik. He has the arm strength and physique, but like Paxton Lynch, Tim Tebow, Sanchez, or Brock Osweiler, he doesn't have accuracy, which generally cannot be taught. You...
  12. An unforseen side effect of the team name change

    Brucifer PimpMyCheerleaders HerAssMeant LordFarquaad
  13. I guess you can call these artifacts lol, or indian art. My stuff over time

    You need to get rid of the Packers jacket because it is offensive - Packer is a homophobic slur for gay men. Don't believe me? Try walking into a gay bar or gym and shouting "hey you Packers" and see what happens. I love the team, but I will only refer to them as the Green Bay football team...
  14. Washington Announces Temporary Franchise Name

    The fact that we were the murder capital of the US is what made Bullets such a perfect nickname. I have never even bothered to watch a Wizards game. To me, they are some expansion team that took over after the Bullets folded. Knowing that this new football team will never be good in my lifetime...
  15. On Taking a Stand and Redskins Fandom

    Being a Redskins fan is just like being a meth addict. You know it's no good for you and will only bring you misery, but memories of highs that are long and forever gone keep dragging you back in. I can only hope that the name change is the final wake up call to pull my life together and find a...
  16. Five Potential New Names for Washington’s Football Team from Sports Illustrated

    The Washington Windtalkera. That would honor NA and the military...and it's alliterative.
  17. Quarantimes

    I feel bad admitting this, but I'm enjoying working from home. We got a great Dane puppy the Saturday before the shutdown - not intentionally, it just worked out that way, so I get to cuddle up with her while I code. I hate socializing, so other than not being able to fly out and visit family...
  18. I could watch this every week for the rest of my life Americans Game Redskins 1991

    And yet King thinks Simms deserves HoF consideration...while simultaneously declaring how undeserving Theismann is for having his #7 reserved. I am trying to remember when Simms won MVP, or when the Giants set the single season scoring record.
  19. I could watch this every week for the rest of my life Americans Game Redskins 1991

    Peter Queen actually wrote a column putting the 1990 Bills as the fifth best team of the SB era. When asked why the 91 Skins didn't make his top 5 but the loser Bills did, he insisted the 91 Skins were just not that dominant. So I guess the 91 Bills were just sooooo different from the "wide...
  20. Skins Exercise Fifth-Year Option on Jonathan Allen

    Pretty much a no brainier.
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