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  1. Random Commanders Thoughts

    The understatement of the day/week/month...we got a new 55" Aquos, and hockey looked awesome, so my burgundy & gold should be absolutely beautiful! HTTR!
  2. Saying goodbye to a friend.

    So sorry again. I pray for a break to come your way. Beautiful girl, her way in heaven is paved in burgundy & gold. She is one of our angels, He said.
  3. Saying goodbye to a friend.

    I totally understand that. I cry for all I lost years ago daily...they were soooo beautiful. They never leave our hearts, no matter how long they're gone. My kitty RG (a female that walks like a dude, lol) is the embodiment of all my 3 boys...a little Boots, a little Vai, and a little...
  4. Saying goodbye to a friend.

    Sorry I'm just seeing this...and very sorry for your loss. I've been there, 4 times with kitties, and we rescued 3 on the day we had to let our last go...we just couldn't go back to an empty home...they were a true blessing, and I think they were sent just for us at that moment. I work at a...
  5. Music Recommendation Thread

    Didn't see this in the last few pages...sorry if duplicated...but worthy.
  6. Mom lost her battle with ALS

    So sorry for your loss. Prayers for your family.
  7. Random Commanders Thoughts

    Don't forget an overhaul of the o-line. I've prayed for this for about 20 years...he's bound to have heard me by now.
  8. Random Commanders Thoughts

    I don't even have a dog in that fight and almost laughed myself outta my chair, hahahaha
  9. Grammar Nazi Thread

    Reminds me of the episode of Family Guy where Stewie goes off about this, and mentions it specifically. And I agree.
  10. Grammar Nazi Thread

    My mom drives down to Warshington...hubby still laughs about that one.
  11. I Need To Make A Very Special Request

    So very sorry. Prayers for all.
  12. What's for Dinner?

    So, Clinton made a grilled cheese sandwich burger today on The Chew. Two grilled cheese sandwiches (with American cheese), with a burger patty in between, with whatever toppings you like. Looked amazing! Gonna do that very soon. Tonight will be boiled shrimp, salmon (that same Sesame ginger...
  13. What's for Dinner?

    Seriously? I was asking in sarcasm, but that's friggin' awesome!
  14. What's for Dinner?

    How the heck did you get salmon from Alaska to Mississippi in a day? FedEx or UPS?:wings:
  15. What's for Dinner?

    Well, if I did that, it would be runny as hell! Boiling just gets everything harder and easier to slice/chop, I guess. I'm definitely interested in your results, tho.:munching_out:
  16. Dallas Is Evil and worthy of foul descriptive language

    CANNOT wait to scream at the TV tonight! Football is back, ya'll! **** the Cowboys! :indian_chief:
  17. Dallas Is Evil and worthy of foul descriptive language

    Well, glory be! **** Dallass!
  18. The Work Thread

    Hilarious, and sad, but I can't stop laughing! Hubby's boss thought until just recently that he had to have the e-mail address for the person intended...had no friggin' clue about the reply button. I swear. And he's worth millions. :thud:
  19. Show Yourselves!

    You look almost exactly as I'd pictured you, SS! Love the B & G tie...nice touch!
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