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  1. Confirmed Signings

    AMEN to that!
  2. Confirmed Signings

    I couldn't agree more. It's so nice to finally NOT have the inmates running the asylum.
  3. Grade Round 1

    A-, Love the trade down, was hoping for Jordon, but Kerrigan could be the perfect selection based on attitude and ability. With the extra second rounder, I'd like to see us take the kid out of Oregon State, Stephen Paea. I believe he could solve our NT problem for the long term.
  4. Why are so many reporters so heartless and ignorant?

    What the hell does that have to do with the story about one of our own's troubles concerning these storms. Stay on point. Unfortunately Extreme, that seems to be the way today's so called journalism works. Go for the sensationalism and peoples feeling be damned. Sorry for your families loss.
  5. Keep her killers in prison....

    Done. I hope they rot.
  6. And now starting for your Washington Sentinels...

    As a season ticket holder, I didn't pay to watch replacements. I'd rather sit it out and let the two sides beat each other to death. Or at least until someone comes to their senses.
  7. Which Side Are You On?

    I agree with you, but I think we (the fans) help fuel the fire. If we stop, the frenzy will die down faster because it will have nothing to feed off of. This is onetime, "the ignore it, it will go away" scenario might actually work.
  8. Which Side Are You On?

    Well, for my lousy two cents worth I think they can all go to hell. For people who make as much money as both sides do, they do way too much whining and complaining about each other and their plight. The owners are hypocrites crying about not making enough money and then a large portion of...
  9. WSJ: A Round of Boos for Snyder's Suit

    Just add Wylie to the long list of Snyder scapegoats. The man never takes full responsibility for anything he does. He's like a snail, that leaves a trail of slime behind him wherever he goes.
  10. Did you ever see Sonny play?

    One of the all time greatest. Listened to the games on WMAL, every Sunday and was lucky enough to see him play a several occasions. He is the reason I'm a lifelong Skins fan.
  11. Zorn Out In Baltimore

    Flacco would have been good enough to win on a Gibb's coached team, but not with Harbough/Cameron. I think Zorny is just the scapegoat. If the Balto. offense doesn't produce any better than it did this year, Cameron should be gone.
  12. Rex to Start?

    Ain't it Great. Seems like nothing has changed. Is Vinny still in the building and we don't know. This whole thing reeks. Danny, please hire a player personnel guy. It's obvious that Shanahan isn't the man. Lanky has said it all. I'm so pissed I feel like skipping the game on Sunday.
  13. How much do you hate the cowboys?

    I wouldn't piss on any cowpukes if they were on fire.
  14. CSN Twitter: Hunter the Punter Released, Sam Paulescu signed

    Let's see, a guy who misses 2 short field goals stays and the guy who missed 1 high snap is canned. Scapegoat time!
  15. Mcnabb Benched. Yeah! or What the hell?

    Just when I thought we were done with the stupid coaching decisions, this pops up. Can't say I agree with it in any way. Getting the man an O-line that can block would be more helpful.
  16. LaVar's Head Hotel: Vacancy

    Not a problem. Tired of bashing, it gets old.
  17. Thoughts on last night’s game and the Skins

    I like the way you think! Let's just shove it down their throat. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.
  18. The Final 53

    I'm quite sure Kirbster can handle you on his own, but I for one have found your attitude the one that is childish and with the low football IQ. Your posts are generally boorish and rude and I for one wish you would go back to where you came from. Respond if you wish, but this is not up for...
  19. PFT: John Harbaugh throws a few stones at the Jets, Redskins

    I'm kinda gettin' a kick out of Harbough living in fantasy land, along with all the other Baltimorons. Reality is just down the street and around the corner. Can't wait until it smacks them upside the head.
  20. WE: Haynesworth Transcript

    It doesn't matter to me if it's rhabdomyolysis or a headache. The point is when he's on the field he doesn't show effort. Then he's got the short hairs to whine and complain to the media after the game. That sort of action shows no respect to his teammates or to the organization. He has never...
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