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  1. Dik Shuttle

    What should they do with RG3

    I wouldn't mind seeing Griff across the line from us on any team, Eagles? Even better! It's smashin' time... lol. Sorry - I know it's callous, but I need some outlet for the years of frustration invested in this debacle! No one takes him from us due to the 16+ Million coming his way. We...
  2. Dik Shuttle

    Skins Quotes 4/27/15: GM Scot McCloughan

    Why. Why on earth would they invest all that money in ANOTHER gamble on this guy (Griff)?!?? Any positive direction this presser could have taken is immediately overshadowed by this horrible decision and this GM's either lack of intelligence, or gumption, to do the right thing. yeech.
  3. Dik Shuttle

    PFT: Washington may be in the Mariota business

    This is much more than conjecture, apparently. I asked Keim to do a little debunk and he outright declined, citing Clayton's expansive and reliable references. I figured someone who's focus is the team would probably know better. It seems nuts to me. And if they do pick him, it'll push me...
  4. Dik Shuttle

    CSN: Redskins seek permission to interview Alonzo Highsmith

    As far as hiring Alonzo Highsmith, I'm all for it. Woosh Woosh!
  5. Dik Shuttle

    Something Positive

    At this point, I just want to see a good game where I'm not screaming at the refs every 3rd play. I'll root for NFC, like I should. I'll seethe all offseason. I swear, I'm two ugly seasons away from switching my allegiance to pads free tackle leagues!
  6. Dik Shuttle

    Building a team, with what we currently have

    The only people you keep on a team that's been playing as bad as this one for as long as this one, are the people you have to. Everybody who can go, should go. Bring in young talent that can be developed as trade bait. ...that's not gonna happen... I know....
  7. Dik Shuttle

    Building a team, with what we currently have

    I'll say something nice about Snyder. He stuck by the name when all the pressure from the crazies and those clenching for power were pushing him around. That's worth noting & makes him a good 'Skins owner, imo. Now, that's about ALL I got, 'cause the rest is dismal. But I'll always remember...
  8. Dik Shuttle

    Building a team, with what we currently have

    Abandon all hope, ye who.... [insert pun here] Yeah. I'm to a point where I don't think it matters who they bring in... anywhere... or draft or hire from the FA pool. I think our culture is pure poison to this point. Whatever advancements we've made have been reversed by season end, or by...
  9. Dik Shuttle

    Keim: Redskins wake-up call, Wednesday the 20th

    Is Helu a lock?! I like Helu. But I don't LOVE Helu. And I've seen him easily injured. I do like his pass protection ok, but I've seen him whiff there, too. So I ask: Is Helu a lock at backup? With all this supposed talent it seems a legitimate question to me. And a followup: What is...
  10. Dik Shuttle

    Training Camp Images 08/04/14

    It imports three cucumbers! Hmm. How do I measure the relevancy, as it pertains to the regular season, of the pre-season, much less scrimmages/team exercises? I guess I'll bring up the "ol' ball coarch" here. Does anyone want to feel that good about preseason now?!?? It's not irrelevant, I...
  11. Dik Shuttle Bruce Allen: RG3 Should Not Have Started 2013 Opener

    I dunno. It sounded to me like he was taking responsibility, as an organization, for mishandling Griff. Granted, it was awkwardly worded. And he was trying, I believe, to direct responsibility away from Griff. It won't end up being a non-story in this market anyway. But I believe it is; a...
  12. Dik Shuttle

    Physical Fitness/Training Thread

    Sooooo made me think of THIS: (1:04 for the part about KENYANS!)
  13. Dik Shuttle

    Physical Fitness/Training Thread

    I did a show in La Paz, Bolivia once. ... ...... ONCE! (12,000 ft elevation) I can't imagine how the dancers made it through. I was winded after the first half-hour or so. This tour: Chayanne Concierto PR 1996 Parte 2/7 - YouTube Lulz. Crazy dayz.
  14. Dik Shuttle

    Redskins Sign LB Everette Brown

    Grudes (is it too early for potential nick-names?) can like the up'n'comers and still want depth at the position. Jenkins was a special teams liability; didn't play it. Does Brown? I'm wary of taking in-division cast offs (Deion! nnnoooooooooo!) though. I'm still wondering why they aren't...
  15. Dik Shuttle

    Redskins Sign TE Mike Caussin

    Weirdly enough, this guy was a first round pick actually. What happened? He never made any squad he tried for. Granted, it was Jacksonville...sooo buyer beware. But still, there has to be a reason to go tight end when other needs are pressing. Either someone sees a spark or someone already...
  16. Dik Shuttle

    Physical Fitness/Training Thread

    WTG, Special K! Tennis is hard!! When I play, I rename it: Rocket Launcher! Congratulations & may your winning spirit transfer over to the 'Skins.
  17. Dik Shuttle

    World Cup 2014

    Gettin' exciiiiiiited!
  18. Dik Shuttle

    The Name Change

    So I guess I just got one question about 80% of the posts after my last one; not the content driven ones, of course.: Do you guys/gals share a rag in this circle jerk, or do you bring yer own?! Crickets, it's a frekkin' NOVELA up in heah. I haven't seen this kinda catty behavior since I...
  19. Dik Shuttle

    The Name Change

    Oh, all day, every day. And anyone who looks at me sideways, I'll just say: "No, it isn't."
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