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  1. Official Game Day Thread - Week 5: Redskins @ Saints

    Monday Night. The Saints. In New Orleans. After the bye week. Well, let us see if the apparent performance upgrades are sporadic or part of a new Redskins paradigm.
  2. Guice and Garner our for 2018 Season

    Well, well, another glorious season start with shackles in place. Jesus.
  3. Game Notes: Redskins vs. Raiders

    I was digging through NFL's NextGen Stats feature and found a couple of things, most notably the entry concerning Chris Thompson's speed. Over 20 mph? Not too shabby... Source link...
  4. Bruce Allen Official Statement on Cousins Offer

    An interesting podcast with Bill Polian on the Redskins/Cousins situation.
  5. Grade the Redskins 2017 Draft Effort

    I dug around some of the more notabe sports news sites to get a feel for what their grades on the Redskins draft might be. From what I've seen so far the consensus is the Skins did pretty well Sporting News A- Sports Illustrated A- Walter Football B Fox Sports B+ Bleacher Report A Mel...
  6. Bruce, Scot and the Front Office.

    The window in my sig is broken and needs replacement.
  7. Random WFT Thoughts

    I must admit I enjoyed watching the Gints get their butt thoroughly spanked by Aaron and the gang from Green Bay.
  8. Redskins Recon - The Giants Part 2: In With A Win...Practically...

    The most threads about an upcoming game with the Redskins I have seen in weeks. Something told me this post would get a reply. I agree, McD. by the way.
  9. Redskins Recon - The Giants Part 2: In With A Win...Practically...

    The Giants are in the playoffs, the Redskins could be too. Giants fans are filled with questions and opinions. Try to keep the Skins out of the playoffs and risk an injury to a starter? Rest up for the playoffs, let the Skins win and go into the playoffs with a 2 game losing streak to...
  10. Giants/Redskins stat comparisons

    In case you want to be blown away by great stat visualization and the most information on one page comparing the Giants and Redskins in a visual format have a gander here:
  11. Redskins Recon - Da Bears: Success or Stumble?

    Now on to Soldier Field and a meetup with the Bears-one of two must wins if the Redskins are going to get into the playoffs. So, what do the Bears fans think? Opinions are split over the likely outcome of the game-despite the disparate won/loss records. Cutty makes me Drink...
  12. Redskins Recon - The Panthers: Fans of few words.

    My apologies for this Recon being late but the subtitle says it all. Panthers fans had-and still have-very little by way of commentary about MNF with the Redskins. Weird...and frustrating. Anyway, here's what I was able to scrounge up. koda I feel sure we're the better...
  13. CTE

    Then I will leave the judgments and decisions for that generation to iron out. (One of the greatest benefits of being my age is the privilege of passing the baton to the next generation and liberating myself of its burden. :cool2:)
  14. This Week, We're Rooting For...

    The Giants were a bad matchup for the Cowpukes-I'm glad the Pukes lost but it dudn't help us. Crap.
  15. Redskins Recon - The Eagles:Second Time Around

    OK, it's the Eagles again-and between the two teams the Redskins have been having the better time of it. Eagles fans know it and it shows in their comments. And there are very few of those. Very few give Philly much of a chance in this game-no matter what Vegas oddsmakers are saying right...
  16. Random WFT Thoughts

    Thought I'd throw in some interesting stat stuff too. We are a 4th quarter scoring machine apparently. The Redskins for the season are averaging 9.1 4th quarter points per game-good for 4th place behind New Orleans, Oakland, and Denver. Over the last three games, the Redskins are leading the...
  17. Redskins Recon - The Cardinals: Flying Low

    The Cardinals are in a downward spiral and like all teams their fans are upset, angry, and despairing. "Fire Arians!" threads are showing up, laments over reported lockerroom dissension are in the know, the normal stuff. Not a ton of talk about the Redskins game but some-including...
  18. Redskins Recon - The Cowboys-Part 2:Thanksgiving Showdown

    Right now the NFCE is the only NFL division that does not have a team with an overall losing record.
  19. Redskins Recon - The Cowboys-Part 2:Thanksgiving Showdown

    Wow. This is a big game and the Cowboys fans wasted no time in posting comments about it. The Cowboys are running hot and so are the Redskins and most Cowboys fans know it. I have not seen this much respect for the Redskins from 'boys fans the whole time I have been doing Redskins Recon. In...
  20. Random WFT Thoughts

    Sorry 'bout that. I'm not even going to mention the Seahawks.
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