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  1. Which Jersey to wear to a Super Bowl Party in Canada

    OK I will, I will watching it on Q13 Fox Feed out of Seattle so hopefully they will keep the regular Commercials.
  2. Which Jersey to wear to a Super Bowl Party in Canada

    I have this post on this board and ES and Joe Theismann is leading on both boards combined.
  3. Which Jersey to wear to a Super Bowl Party in Canada

    Vote for the one I should wear for an entire half. :laugh2:
  4. Which Jersey to wear to a Super Bowl Party in Canada

    When I go to a Super Bowl Party I usually wear a Jersey of a Player from the Super Bowl Days. This year I am going to a Super Bowl Party at a Redskins Fan Friend who lives in B.C. and I want to wear a Jersey that has Canadian Ties. So here are my choices: Joe Theismann - Member of the...
  5. Worse that 3-13 back in 1994

    Worse than 3-13 back in 1994 have been a Redskins Fan since 1976 and this is the worst season since I have been a fan. I know we had a 3-13 Campaign in 1994 but that was different, we had a rookie coach, 2 rookie QBs, the team had cleaned house and got rid of a lot of the players from the...
  6. Kansas City Beat Downs

    We don’t play the Kansas City Chiefs very often but when we have played them since 1992 they have humiliated us almost every game. 1992 Chiefs 35 Redskins 16 1995 Chiefs 24 Redskins 3 2001 Chiefs 45 Redskins 13 2005 Chiefs 28 Redskins 21 They only beat us my 7!!!! :eclipsee_Victoria...
  7. More disappointing than 2006

    Just like prior to the 2006 Season people underestimated the injury in Week 16 vs the Giants and his playoff performance Mark Brunell's days as a starter being numbered and the team would take a step backwards when if/when Jason Campbell became the starter.
  8. More disappointing than 2006

    Remember after the Redskins won 5 in a row to finish the 2005 Season and made the playoffs, we had high expectations going into the 2006 Season? A lot of us thought Coach Gibbs was going to return the Burgundy and Gold to the Glory Days that he helped create. But after a preseason injury to...
  9. 1987 NFC Championship Game (Last Play)

    A memorable Redskins / Vikings moment (well at lest for Redskins Fans :betterwink:) Redskins Vikings 87 Championship Game (last play) - YouTube
  10. The New Head Coach Thread

    Yes, they follow Coach Fox every where he goes. :rotflmao:
  11. The New Head Coach Thread

    Hayden Fox, he took the Minnesota State Screaming Eagles to a National Championship and the Expansion Orlando Breakers to the Playoffs.
  12. Redskins / Bears 1987 Divisional Playoff Game Intro

    We were spoiled during the Gibbs I Era, I thought it was a playoff drought when the Redskins missed the post season in 1988 & 1989.
  13. Redskins / Bears 1987 Divisional Playoff Game Intro

    A blast from the past, the intro to the Redskins / Bears Divisional Playoff Game from 1987 (January 1988). NFL on CBS Intro : 1987 NFC Divisional Playoff - Washington Redskins vs Chicago Bears - YouTube
  14. Super Fans at the Super Bowl XXVI Pre-Game Show

    I vaguely remember this from the Super Bowl XXVI Pre Game Show. Super Fans at the Super Bowl - YouTube
  15. Bears Ready--If Redskins Show Up (1987)

    Remember this before the 1986 Divisional Playoffs? Bears Ready--if Redskins Show Up - Chicago Tribune
  16. The Redskins have never made the playoffs.....

    the year after sweeping the Dallas Cowboys. Here is a scary stat, the four previous times the Redskins have swept the Cowboys (1984, 1987*, 1995 and 2005) they have missed the playoffs the following season. * 1 Replacement win 1985 Finished 10-6 3rd Place in the NFC East / Missed the playoffs...
  17. Last win in Green Bay

    The last time the Redskins beat the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field as a 16-7 win 1986. The Redskins also won in 20-17 in 1988 but that game was played at County Stadium in Milwaukee.
  18. PFT - Sam Huff retires as Redskins’ radio announcer

    Congrats on a great career, him and Sonny were a great team.
  19. New Redskins White Jerseys

    I love to collect jerseys and have quite a few. I get complements from the people at my Redskins Fan Club in Seattle. I am like Oregon, I wear a new jersey for each game. :D
  20. New Redskins White Jerseys

    I think on June 31st and the Redskins will wear them when they play the Raiders in October. :thumbsup:
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