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  1. SkinsOrlando

    Dan Snyder reportedly to buy all minority shares

    Looks like Dan isn't going anywhere anytime soon however it is depending on the other owners approval due to debt borrowing.
  2. SkinsOrlando

    Phillip Rivers has retired

    17 years, all around good guy as well. Man to think of those Chargers teams with LT if they'd had a decent HC.
  3. SkinsOrlando

    2012 FA qb's and draft strategy

    First, I anticipate we'll pick between 5-7 (albeit 7 is on the WAY highside) and need to make the most of all opportunities. Here's the list of FA qb's for next year from -I have left Drew Brees off the list because as the link states, no way he's...
  4. SkinsOrlando

    The game ball

    Every week whether it's win or lose we should hand out game balls for offense, defense and special teams. Why you say? Simply put, why not? It should also give us a chance to look at who other members felt were the most significant contributors and a differing perspective, possibly that is...
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