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  1. Which OL should we go after in the draft? Why?

    This is sorely needed. Who should we go after?
  2. Kirk Cousins a great guy, but not the answer

    I really hoped Kirk would overcome the reason he was a 4th round choice in the draft. At Michigan State he had 45 touchdown passes his final two years, but also 20 interceptions. Never understood why so many fans thought he would make it as a starter. Regardless, QB is not even close to the...
  3. Who impressed you in the first preseason game?

    I know it is preseason, but who impressed you tonight?
  4. Is it just Texas or is it everwhere?

    Is it just Texas or is it everywhere? Just got back from San Antonio on IH 35. Freeways torn up with new construction that they had just built a few years ago. Drivers who rubberneck and put traffic to a stop to watch a fat guy change his tire on his pickup. Could understand if it was a good...
  5. Life without wife.

    Absence does make the heart grow fonder. She left with her father and sister for a week. Been a while since she has been gone for a week. Forgot how lonely and quite it is around here. First day was a blast doing what I wanted to do. Next day not so much. Today a drag after work. Guess...
  6. Has the offensive line improved enough to make a difference?

    To me this is the biggest question mark going into this season. Definitely improved in receivers and still have solid runningbacks, but what about the line? Any real difference there?
  7. Who are the really good NFL coaches?

    In my opinion there are a lot of average head coaches in the NFL and very few superstars. Who are the superstars in your opinion?
  8. Ever have one of those cursed technology days?

    Oh how I longed for just a legal pad with pen and a Franklin Daily Planner. ########:evil::evil:
  9. Time slips by sooooooo fast!!!!!

    When my Dad at 92 said he didn't think it would happen so fast (92 years). I chuckled to myself and thought 92 seems like an eternity to me. Well I turned 60 today and I didn't think it would happen so fast.:angel:
  10. Baylor wins a Championship!!!!

    The cooking channel had a contest for the best college dish. Hands down the winner was Vitek's Gut Pak. One of my staples at Baylor in the early 70's. What is your favorite college dish?
  11. Top reasons why I like football more than basketball

    BB referees have too much influence at the end of a game. Don't know the college team players because if they are really good they are suckered into the NBA the next year. Your thoughts.
  12. We could be playing in the Super Bowl this year

    As I watch the playoff games I am convinced that we would be playing in the Super Bowl if it had not been for about three key injuries. One on offense (RG3) and two on defense Merriweather and one of several other injured defensive players.
  13. It was easy to pull for the Redskins instead of Cowboys

    This is the first year that I have ever rooted for an opposing team to the Cowboys and surprisingly it was easy. Several of my friends don't understand, but it is really quite simple. Who would you rather pull for Jerry Jones's team or RG 3's team? Who would you rather pull for Tony Romo or...
  14. Seattle will be toast

    Time to celebrate, but I am confident that we will be ready to surprise Seattle next week. Seattle is now predicted as the team to beat, but the Redskin mojo will prevail. Griffin was off tonight, but his knee should be completely healed by next weekend. We should be back at full speed on...
  15. Ball is officially in our court.

    Will carry through to win the NFC East?
  16. Vick's first game back. What does that mean?

    Vick will be highly motivated to play well against the Redskins. Will we handle him?
  17. Tragedy

    How do we create such monsters?
  18. 12/12/12

    Hope you had a great one today. Can't have another day like this for another 89 years. Did I do my math right on that? Next day like this will be 01/01/01.
  19. Should Pollard be fined for the Helmet to Helmet Hit?

    I think it was obvious that Pollard intended to hit RG3 helmet to helmet. I think he should be fined.:cuss:
  20. What does the win over Ravens say?

    I think it says a lot. Won when offense is out of synch. Won after three emotional wins in a row. Won without RG3 at the end of the game. Won with backs against the wall. Definitely not the Redskins of old (meaning the past ten years). Basically WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!! HTTR
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