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  1. So Let Me Tell You About My Day...

    Thought you guys would like this. Today I decided to go to church, forgoing actually watching the game on tv instead of streaming. Since it WAS being broadcast locally, however, I asked my Mom to DVR it. (I know, I should join the 21st century and get one myself) Anyway, I come home and...
  2. WP:Mike Shanahan is forging a new identity for the Redskins: building through the dra

    Zeitgeist?!? Oh, yeah...that's some sorta ghost, isn't it? The poltergeist's cousin, or sumpin like 'at? I heard a them -
  3. How Dominant was the 91 Team?

    Again, couldn't agree more. The '91 Skins were scary because unlike some of the other SB "Greatest Ever's" they were supremely solid on BOTH sides of the ball, and could be counted on not to have a single bad game. Had they fielded only one of those units coupled with a mediocre other one...
  4. How Dominant was the 91 Team?

    Good point, LL. And NO, Goaldeje, you're not misremembering. They were awesome. Head and shoulders above the rest of the league, which still featured at that time a few formidable dynasties or near-dynasties, most notably the Niners' and Giants' runs. That year belonged to the Skins...
  5. 4 (Now 6) In A Woe, Part 2 -

    (AUTHOR'S NOTE: Between the first and second parts of this piece the Redskins losing streak has grown from four, to five, and now sits at a pitiable six games in a row. The longest losing streak for this Washington team since 1998. And, as I said in Part 1, it's going to get worse before...
  6. Blognostications: 2011 - Week 9 @ Miami Dolphis

    Well done brother. Informative, concise and thorough. If I may add one more thing to your critique of John Beck, it's that he doesn't really throw a catchable ball. Even when he did lead his receivers on crossing routes and such they couldn't do much for YAC because of the wobbly spiral...
  7. Haynesworth Coming To Eagles?

    Seems like Big Al is trying to hit for the NFCE cycle - two down, two to go.
  8. 4 In A Woe, Part 1

    Well, that's kind of my point, or question brother. Are we rebuilding? Or just treading water one more time? I want to believe it's the former. I really do. Just starting to doubt I'm actually seeing any change -
  9. 4 In A Woe, Part 1

    Well, the verdict is nearly in. It's far from official, and even less of a surprise to anyone who has even casually followed the Redskins this season: We're not a good football team. In fact, we're pretty bad. And we're getting worse. This pessimistic outlook goes completely against my...
  10. How will Shanahan handle the "Harbaugh Handshake" ?

    It would. Never happen though - Shanny has been there before. Captain Comeback clearly hasn't.
  11. ESPN: Redskins Claim Tashard Choice Off Waivers

    LOL. This is true, my friend. Very true.
  12. ESPN: Redskins Claim Tashard Choice Off Waivers

    I tend to agree with this, although Royster did surprise me somewhat in pre. I still don't think he has the quicks to be anything other than a relief pitcher, so to speak, at this level.
  13. Glass half full or half empty?

    Russell Wilson, Nick Foles, Tajh Boyd (only a So but might still come out) and EJ Manuel, among others, might argue otherwise IMHO. There's also Kellen Moore of Boise St. Not all are ideal size, but neither was Drew Brees.
  14. NFL Pickem: Week 8 Results

    Thanks Boone. That is more or less what I expected, but I wanted to be certain.
  15. NFL Pickem: Week 8 Results

    Question about the points Boone. Is it cumulative or game-by-game? In other words, should I start shaving points off games to lower my total of 33 or would that not matter?
  16. why we still care

    Nice write up brother. Neil Olkewicz. Love the man, love the name. Old school, hard as nails LB's that Richie Petibon molded into TOUGH units. Guys like Kurt Gouivea (still my fave Skin of all-time BTW)... <sigh>
  17. Blognostications: 2011 - Week 6 - Philadelphia Eagles

    Excellent write up, McD. Very nice summary of the strengths and weaknesses of both teams. This will be a wild one, I agree. I hope we can get over on this Iggles squad this time. Might set the tone for the rest of our season, possibly carry us on to the NFCE title or at the very least a...
  18. NFL Pickem 2011!

    Couldn't agree more. Picking NFL games these days, in this era of ultra-parity, is hard enough without having to factor in spreads. Those guys who set the spreads know their stuff though, I'll give 'em that.
  19. So Here's The Deal -

    Thanks everyone for your prayers, your encouragement, and your fellowship. This is just one of the things I love about the 'Skins - their followers are not only good fans, they're good people. Hail.
  20. So Here's The Deal -

    Thank you Boone. I admit I was more than a little apprehensive about posting this - it is scary to air your dirty laundry in public - but I feel it was the thing to do. To know that it is accepted means a lot to me. :) Regarding your personal struggles, know that my prayers are with you...
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