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  1. Well here we go, Defensive changes?

    Probably a comfort zone thing and I guess Barry can coach up LB's
  2. Well here we go, Defensive changes?

    Barry is going to LA Rams, 'asst head coach' and LB coach.
  3. Burner's Burning Questions: Free Agency, The Mock Drafts, 2017 (Continual Updates)

    McVay is the Rams HC Washington Redskins- ESPN
  4. Burner's Burning Questions: Free Agency, The Mock Drafts, 2017 (Continual Updates)

    Since Kirk is in free agency la la land again I'll post this link here. All will be scrutinizing the money vs Kirk's perceived 'worth' if he gets his long term deal, the blog kinda helps those (like me) who...
  5. Random Commanders Thoughts

    As you say, he sucked in 2014, got better, ending up high level late 2015 and pretty much stayed at that level in 2016 as defenses played against his book and once again stuffed our 'run game'. Is there any rationale to think that he can not improve further? Is he able to get over the 'big game...
  6. Random Commanders Thoughts

    Cooley thinks Kirk actually wants to stay but don't expect a discount to do so. The notion that Kirk might feel 'unwanted' by the team is not warranted, they did draft him and had to play second fiddle for a while but the team also appreciated his value by not accepting low ball trades and did...
  7. Is OBJ going to the woodshed?

    Found these comments amusing
  8. Well here we go, Defensive changes?

    Keim on Pettine, I particularly liked one of Pettine's rules regarding limitations (see remark in bold :)) Kinda like in the 'Replacements'..... see ball..... get ball! Redskins interview Mike Pettine for defensive coordinator's job - Washington Redskins Blog- ESPN
  9. Thoughts on the 14 Other Redskin FA's

    Not ready to give up yet on either Bree or Fuller. Bree may be a slight 'head case' but we have seen those 'flashes' already. Fuller? Don't know yet but opposing teams went after the rookie to see what he had with some good and some bad results. How Fuller pans out is yet to be seen but the...
  10. 2017 Draft Poll

    Same feeling here but an angstrom measure of 'reach' to fill a need is tolerable too.
  11. Burner's Burning Questions: Week Seventeen Grades, Evaluations, Questions

    Hopefully Scot will get the best 90 guys on his list into OTA's, if that includes Jr. then I'll be OK with it. Those hidden 'gems' are exactly that, hidden. If the scouts are digging in the good stuff then those gems should be uncovered whether Jr is on the list or not. If Jr is cleared...
  12. Well here we go, Defensive changes?

    can probably add Gregg to your list too :tongue2:
  13. Well here we go, Defensive changes?

    baby steps Win, baby steps
  14. Well here we go, Defensive changes?

    Some more....
  15. Kirk Cousins Development Tracker

    Dunno, the graphic in my post was a screen grab from Tandler thing, to follow suit your close wins should also show our red zone tries. BTW..... we can only go with close losses to pad our 'what if' win column....... we 'earned' our wins and they shall remain indelible...... dontchaknow.
  16. Well here we go, Defensive changes?

    As always, if LaCan puts it out early there may be some discrepancies in the 'facts' ;)
  17. Kirk Cousins Development Tracker

    Don't see any red zone stats in your graphic Ax, got some?
  18. Well here we go, Defensive changes?

    LaCanfora is saying Gruden is breaking up the entire staff. Wonder who's up next? Report: Jay Gruden fires Washington?s entire defensive staff | ProFootballTalk
  19. Kirk Cousins Development Tracker

    Yep, saw the Tandler blurb, of those particularly tough losses (or tie) it's easy to cherry pick potential wins and say 'what if'. Unfortunately it didn't happen and there is enough blame to go around the entire team and staff but just the mere fact that we missed a consecutive year playoff...
  20. Kirk Cousins Development Tracker

    Article number 3 of the Boone dictum is exactly what I see. Kirk is not 'elite' but he's pretty damn good. Yeah, the stats seem hollow but stick in a couple more of those wins that were there to be had, a few more red zone scores which in 2015 we didn't seem to have a problem doing and those...
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