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  1. The Positive Thread

    I'm pretty psyched for this season. I think we'll win around 8 games, and be competitive in most games. I like the young talent on this team, and I think the new coaching staff is a huge upgrade, especially on defense. I recognize that the team still has some pretty serious weak areas, and I...
  2. If Snyder Goes, Does it Change Your Perspective?

    Thanks Bulldog this is along the lines of what I was thinking. I know the league wants to continue to add expansion teams. I also read somewhere that St. Louis very much wants another nfl team. Anyways it was just a thought. It just seems like Snyder is up to something to me.
  3. The Bombshell

    how bad do you have to suck to bribe the refs and go 3-13?
  4. If Snyder Goes, Does it Change Your Perspective?

    Yeah I don't know either, but I've got to think he's at least thought about it. Maybe he wants that fresh start you mentioned, but instead of it being without him, it would be without us. Or maybe he's more interested in have sex and drugs parties with the cheerleaders and players like...
  5. If Snyder Goes, Does it Change Your Perspective?

    Boone, I agree with your points about ownership and a fresh start. I'm just saying I believe Snyder is a very stubborn man. I just can't believe he will sell the team under any circumstances. I'm also not sure if the nfl could stop him from moving the team. Admittedly I don't really know...
  6. If Snyder Goes, Does it Change Your Perspective?

    I think the bombshell is going to be about unethical practices by Snyder and some of his people. What if Snyder isn't selling the team? What if he's moving it to a new city? 1 lame duck season which might not even happen anyways in DC as the "no-names" and then bye bye. Easier for me to...
  7. Random Commanders Thoughts

    Ahh...gotcha. Well it sounds like from other posters he may have had other issues than the weed use. I only know about the weed use. I'm still hopeful he works out based on the interview with him I saw.
  8. a 3rd next year and a 5th this year? are you joking?

    Yes I agree with this sentiment. I have been really down on the Skins for years now, but this off-season feels different to me. It just feels more methodical and sensible with a definite lack of WTF moments. I'll never be a Snyder fan, but Rivera and Smith seem to be calling all the shots so...
  9. Random Commanders Thoughts

    He was suspended for 6 non conference games for failing a weed test. He started the final 9 games of LSU's championship run and was pretty dominant. I don't think it's accurate to say he has a multitude of character issues. I watched an interview with him and he seemed like a good kid to me...
  10. a 3rd next year and a 5th this year? are you joking?

    Yeah I was hoping for a 2nd rounder, but I knew it wouldn't happen so I'm fine with what they got. I'm just glad that saga is over, and I think the kid for LSU is going to be good.
  11. Random Commanders Thoughts

    I think the LT from LSU could wind up being a great pick. He's very fast and athletic for a big man, like Williams was coming out of school. He'll bulk up a bit I'm sure. He was a stud at LSU Love this pick!
  12. the defence has potential to be something special

    Well, I think a dominant dline is only second in value to an elite QB, and the Redskins are going to have a dline that is not only dominant, but very deep. Young is going to be the X-factor that takes that line from very good to dominant. I've been inches away from giving up completely on...
  13. Random Commanders Thoughts

    Would love to see Williams for Cleveland's second round pick (41), but I'd be satisfied with their third rounder (78) which is probably more realistic. I've been kind of hoping this whole time that Williams would just decide to stay, but I think that ship has sailed and it's probably for the best.
  14. Redskins Name Jack Del Rio as Defensive Coordinator

    I'm wondering about this too. That would make the front 4 Allen, Ionidis, Payne, and Sweat, but then what if they draft Chase Young. it will be interesting to see how this shakes out.
  15. Redskins Name Jack Del Rio as Defensive Coordinator

    I am reading that Del Rio will switch to a 4-3? What would that look like? I think Allen and Payne have played 3-4 their entire college and High school careers. Also wondering where Chase Young would fit in if they draft him...
  16. Who will be the new Head Coach

    Thanks for your replies and I didn't take it that you were jumping down my throat amigo. Admittedly my Skins bar is now set quite low when it comes to draft picks, expectations, ect, which was kinda the point I was trying to make. The idea that DS is going to fire Allen, hire a high level GM...
  17. Random Commanders Thoughts

    Aren't most of the best teams in the NFL run first offenses right now? I'm not saying install the actual offense from 1983 lol but you know what I mean. Build a dominant oline, run the ball and protect the big arm QB on play action.
  18. Random Commanders Thoughts

    I must be the only guy in here that thinks Callahan is doing a fantastic job. How satisfying was it to watch the Skins run it right down the Panthers' throat last night a la Riggins and the Hogs circa 1982? I know you all think I'm nuts but I really like what Callahan is doing. I have a...
  19. The Biggest Question ...

    Team came to play today. 2 wins in a row for Coach C...
  20. Random Commanders Thoughts

    Anyone complaining that the Skins winning reduces they're chance to draft next year's superstar...fill in the blanks...
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