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  1. Redskins defense in 2009 and 2010

    A review of how the defense performed in 2009 and a peek ahead into what the team will need in 2010. Read it all.
  2. Redskins offense in 2009 and 2010

    I would make the 2-TE offense the base set and just get rid of Mike Sellers. He got a new contract and promptly had his worst season ever.
  3. End of the Line For a Small Friend (JumboTron merge)

    New Redskins hi-def video screens in 2010 Read about it.
  4. Redskins offense in 2009 and 2010

    Read it all.
  5. Can the Redskins play a 3-4 defense?

    Read it.
  6. HC Mike Shanahan Intro Press Conf. (1/6/10, 2:00 pm)

    My take on the Shanahan press conference. Some of the things not said were as important as those that were said. Read it now.
  7. The Campbell vs. Portis Thread (merged)

    More on this.
  8. What people are saying about the Shanahan hiring

    Read it all.
  9. Who will really run the Redskins?

    Read it all.
  10. GM Bruce Allen 1/4/10 Presser

    Got the whole thing written up. Read it.
  11. 10 Worst Redskins Draft Picks of the Decade

    I had Gardner rated as 11th so he just missed the list. The reason is that his career with the Skins, while not as good as we hoped, wasn't awful. He did have a 1000-yard season. He caught a pretty fair number of passes and scored 22 touchdowns with Washington. He averaged almost 57 receptions...
  12. 10 Worst Redskins Draft Picks of the Decade

    There were a lot of awful Redskins draft picks this decade [Thanks, Vinny!] and, when you have a look at it, a lot of missed picks since so many were traded away. I've come up with what I view as the 10 worst. I suspect #1 will surprise and, perhaps, annoy a lot of you. Just callin' 'em as I see...
  13. Orakpo our only pro-bowler

    Two more Redskins named as Pro Bowl alternates. Read it.
  14. Latest Redskins roster moves

    Two more sent to the IR and two more signed to the roster. Read it.
  15. New poll: MVP of the offense

    I voted for Jason Campbell. Moss has been a relative disappointment, I think, and Fred Davis didn't get enough playing time, though he did well when he did play. I thought Campbell did pretty well considering the level of talent around him.
  16. New poll: MVP of the offense

    Yeah, it's sort of like being the tallest midget in the world, but we do these polls at this time every year, so please have a look at the nominees and vote in our new poll for the MVP of the Washington Redskins offense of 2009. Read and vote now!
  17. The Bruce Allen press conference

    Read about it.
  18. Reaction to Cerrato/Allen news

    Comments from John Keim and Rick Snider of The Examiner, John Pappas of Warpath Confidential and many others. Read it now.
  19. Should the Redskins keep Jason Campbell?

    If Vinny sees this post, he's sure to do it. Thanks a lot!
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