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  1. Cuts, Keeps, Coaches, and Draft!

    I was taking that one as a given. The sooner we can get him in a Dallass uni, the better. If that doesn't happen, I'll gladly accept any non-Skins uni available.
  2. Is Anyone Else Concerned About Other Teams Poaching Our Coaches?

    I don't think Barry has done much more than a mediocre job. We're not the most talented defense by a long shot but I can't help but think that if we had a better DC, they could have been a lot better. Once McLovin works his offseason magic again and we've filled a few more holes on that side of...
  3. Is Anyone Else Concerned About Other Teams Poaching Our Coaches?

    I'm really worried that nobody will come calling for Joe Barry!:smile::movefast:
  4. 6th Annual BGO Ballers Fantasy Football League

    I bet y'all didn't know something about me. This is actually me... [url=] Fantasy team scores over 145 points for the week. Still gets blown out. :-D Great win for you. Those kind of weeks are what makes it so much fun. Yeah, it could be way worse. I'm glad to be in the...
  5. Random Commanders Thoughts

    **** you DeSean Jackson. Screwed the Skins AND my fantasy playoff hopes when victory was all but certain for both. **** you DeSean Jackson. In the ear. HARD! That is all. 😡😡 [Insert primal scream here]
  6. 6th Annual BGO Ballers Fantasy Football League

    I don't know which is worse, struggling to hopefully barely make the paloffs as I am in my other league, or cruising through most of the regular season as I have in this league, only to limp my way into the paloffs due to injuries and feeling vulnerable as hell. :-(
  7. It's getting very close to McCoy time.

    The primary reason is that Wilson and Kapernick aren't made of glass the way Robert is. He just can't stay healthy as a running QB, even without contact. So, I don't think it had anything to do with Gruden being petulant. Griffin and his father made the decision he was going to transition into a...
  8. It's getting very close to McCoy time.

    You don't throw good money after bad. Griffin sucks. He made only incremental progress at becoming an NFL QB in 4 years. Yes, he lost a year of learning running the hybrid system Kyle S. cobbled together for him but ultimately he should be much further along in reading defenses, setting...
  9. Head Coach Search

    I agree Gruden probably should be gone after this season but I mostly disagree with your reasoning. I blame him for what I still think is a bad DC hire and for not being able to anticipate and effectively counter opponent's 3rd Q adjustments. What I don't blame him for is the Cousins decision...
  10. It's getting very close to McCoy time.

    It's always nice to be appreciated. I'll take 10% off my consulting bill since the Skins are my team and all. :smile-new:
  11. It's getting very close to McCoy time.

    I'm 90% there as well. I think one of the WaPo writers put it best that The Cap'n is fool's gold. He does just well enough to make you think he could develop into a much better QB but then he does something boneheaded. The poor accuracy is unacceptable though. There's just no excuse for that...
  12. 6th Annual BGO Ballers Fantasy Football League

    He's on my roster too. In spite of him being active I had a gut feeling he wouldn't play much so I switched to Powell at the last minute. Unfortunately I dropped CJ2K out of my starting lineup to do it. Probably the last good game he's got left in him too. :-/ Oh well, at least it didn't cost me...
  13. Fantasy Football League #3

    Who knew Shady Brady would blow up like this? Here's hoping it keeps on keepin' on for the rest of the season...fantasy season that is. After that I'll be rooting against his cheating ass.
  14. A bold Cowboys trade for RGIII would save their season, his career...

    I think it's more realistic to ask for a free carwash with fill up coupon. I'd deal him for that without even thinking about it because that's the ceiling on what we can expect in return for him. The good news is we'd come out ahead in that deal.
  15. A bold Cowboys trade for RGIII would save their season, his career...

    I certainly couldn't argue with you when citing our sorry luck as evidence against such a trade.
  16. A bold Cowboys trade for RGIII would save their season, his career...

    That's just not going to happen. Griffin is at least two years away from being even a middle of the road QB and due to his ego, proclivity to get injured and other factors he most likely won't ever get there. If Jerruh offered a ham sammich for him I'd take it in a heartbeat and consider it a...
  17. I am not gonna say im excited, but im excited

    This was a solid win against a decent, middle of the road, competitive team. I expected us to win 6 or 7 games but given how lousy the division has looked, I wouldn't be shocked to see us do a bit better. It's amazing what having a GM that has enough sense to add some talent on the lines will do...
  18. 6th Annual BGO Ballers Fantasy Football League

    Wow, it seems the performance of my fantasy team is inversely related to my pick 'em picks. I'm expecting they'll both revert to the mean soon and I'll again be safely swaddled in warm, cuddly mediocrity! :bi_polo: :cool4:
  19. Redskins coach to start quarterback Kirk Cousins over RGIII for season

    YESSSSSSSS!!! We've at least got a serviceable option at QB. Let the RGMe era in DC officially end. Redskins Coach Jay Gruden told reporters after Monday morning’s practice that Kirk Cousins is the starter at quarterback for 2015. “It’s Kirk’s team,” Gruden said...
  20. 6th Annual BGO Ballers Fantasy Football League

    Got it. Thanks. You guys' in #3, you're officially doomed. DOOMED I SAY! MUWHAHAHAHA!! ...said the guy who sported a goose egg halfway into last season. ;-)
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