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  1. Viral Video thread

    I killed a non-rabid raccon.
  2. Are there 'must have' qualities for a modern NFL QB?

    Mahomes' athleticism is overrated, He's a scrambler but he is not a Jake Locker. He's just such a freak marksman and had a strong supporting cast that forced teams to back off and let his damage the D sometimes. Christian Ponder was helluva athletic but didn't have it either. Luck was good...
  3. Deshaun Watson - In the hunt for a happy ending
  4. Deshaun Watson - In the hunt for a happy ending

    It could set back the franchise for years, or they suck so bad they easily get his replacement. Besides, they've self-destructed everything else so much that having a franchise QB get too many wins is not a major concern. This is the same team that traded away Hopkins for basically nothing.
  5. Deshaun Watson - In the hunt for a happy ending

    I don't believe the football rebellion he was leading for himself was unjustified at all; as the sheer dismantling of that team due to incompetence at best was obvious and quite the laughingstock in the sports media. That the owners simply drew from the same toxic Belichick tree of non-success...
  6. Deshaun Watson - In the hunt for a happy ending Man, can it get hotter? Now, someone, just one individual has filed a complaint with the Houston police.
  7. The Bombshell

    Bezos probably also wants Hollywood. Ascending to the highest of the world's social last. That mid-life crisis must be something....
  8. Deshaun Watson - In the hunt for a happy ending
  9. The Offense!

    Sometimes I wonder if teams just throws certain players a few bones to make sure there are no union grievances or as mea culpa for prior "sins" by another former team.
  10. The Offense!

    The Dutchman might win out such a competition. Only concern is his health.
  11. The Masked Singer

    Not sure if you guys already know about it, but it's basically a way for celebs with varying singing talents to expose themselves to the public after putting on a costume. And guessing the Black Swan shouldn't be too hard, because I spoiled her identity to all of you already.
  12. Controversy!!!

    The WHO is a organization under regulatory capture.
  13. Around the NFL - Free Agency / Transaction / Injury thread

    A certain Thomas Edward PB triggered his inner hot-blooded self.
  14. Random WFT Thoughts

    Obviously, they're going for G-rated content now due the numerous scandals in the past. Less stripper-esque routines, more proper dance.
  15. 'WFT' for another season? WTF!!!

    Washington Mustangs. haha
  16. Alex Smith named Comeback Player of the Year

    Journalists certainly can edit words all over the place. At the same though, the sentences simply do have to be taken at face value sometimes if there is not a lot of "gray" in the situation. If Kyle Allen does not go down, he'd probably remain buried on the PUP. Perhaps the doubt was not...
  17. Coronavirus - COVID19

    Actually, I never felt fear in either case because the virus distorted my perception and basically morphined its own damage, leading me to blame self-neglect due to bad sleep, bad posture, tight muscles, etc. This February experience certainly could cause a panic if the load in my chest suddenly...
  18. NFC East Breaking News
  19. Coronavirus - COVID19

    There has been a shift in symptoms. Energy is almost all back. This started around Monday at around 6pm. Also began developing a very weak and controllable cough sensation, peaking about this afternoon. I recorded one sneeze this morning. The "load in the chest" is becoming less and less...
  20. Coronavirus - COVID19

    I tested positive for COVID. Typical of this disease, the "signature" differs based on individual. I have nothing noticeable affecting the nose, throat, mouth. Those are typical "flu" areas for me. So this is no flu for me. I do have chest "agitation" in the center where the heart is. I...
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