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  1. Skinsfan1311

    BGO on 'The Gutcheck' with Collin Gutman

    I hope all is well with your surgery
  2. Skinsfan1311

    Bourbon Thread

    Ha! My memory isn't as bad as I thought!
  3. Skinsfan1311

    Bourbon Thread

    Man....your friend hooked you up with some really good bourbon. Didn't you brew the beer with a ghost pepper in it, and bring it to the BGO tailgate, years ago? If memory serves, it was a porter, or stout? I was kind of banged up, having hit the bourbon pretty hard at the ES tailgate earlier...
  4. Skinsfan1311

    Bourbon Thread's crazy reading how hard it is to find Buffalo Trace. I see it around here,(Baltimore metro area), occasionally but quit buying it, years ago, when the price eclipsed $30.00. IMO, there are a lot of better whiskey's out there in that price range. The exception is when goes on...
  5. Skinsfan1311

    Bourbon Thread

    This thread is all win. Mrs. Skinsfan and I are big-time bourbon drinkers. It's the libation of choice for us. I'm a certified geek about it. We've done the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, twice, private distillery tours, the whole nine-yards. I also like scotch, mainly single-malt Islay peat...
  6. Skinsfan1311

    Christmas Traditions - Running Thread

    That tradition of yours sounds eerily similar to ours, except for the beer for Santa, when the boys were still living at home. Now Frannie and I chill with the lights, watch Christmas movies, and sip on bourbon. Our Christmas dinner has always been the same. Standing Rib roast, garlic mashed...
  7. Skinsfan1311

    A Grumpy Fan's Take - Seattle game

    Gonna have to disagree with part of your post, Bulldog. I'm pretty sure that they had to cut more than half of the playbook. He's proof that, once again, we're not allowed to have nice things...
  8. Skinsfan1311

    A Grumpy Fan's Take - Seattle game

    I'm sorry, (not sorry), but I've seen enough of Haskins. This ain't the Big Ten. He never had it. Never will.
  9. Skinsfan1311

    What was your favorite cereal growing up?

    This. I love 'em all!
  10. Skinsfan1311

    Chase Young

    Yup! That was a great interview. Mom's keeping him grounded.
  11. Skinsfan1311

    Chase Young

    How can you not love that guy?
  12. Skinsfan1311

    2019 - A Pivotal BGO Year...

    10 years already! Sucks getting older...time flies faster.
  13. Skinsfan1311

    Good Thoughts for Brother Henry

    I apologize for being so late in the game, but I haven't been here in a while. ****ing Skins play of late has made me avoid fan forums altogether. Henry....I hope, and pray, that you beat whatever ails you and that you feel better. Happy Holidays.
  14. Skinsfan1311

    This Week, We're Rooting For...

    Not rooting for Dallass on MNF, I'm just hoping that Detroit loses. Did someone, earlier in the thread, mention "semantics?" It still makes me feel less than clean.....
  15. Skinsfan1311

    Binge Watch List

    In addition to the series mentioned above, Peaky Blinders.
  16. Skinsfan1311

    Summer Garden Time

    We have a small garden. Eight tomatoes*, jalapenos, sweet peppers, three cucumber plants, one bush zucchini, and a few clumps of chives, dill etc. We also have hot peppers, (jalapeno, thai chili, habanero & tabasco, scattered throughout our flower gardens and lot's of herbs, scattered in...
  17. Skinsfan1311

    Thoughts And Prayers Up For Our Own Burgundy Burner

    Godspeed, Man! Glad you're feeling better!
  18. Skinsfan1311

    Am I losing my mind, or did the 2016 official BGO tailgate thread disappear?

    I did a search and can't find it.
  19. Skinsfan1311

    What's for Dinner?

    Took this about 5 hrs into a 6 hr cook at 225. I used the 3-2-1 method which, in a nutshell, is smoke 3 hrs, foil 2 hrs, take out of the foil and cook another hour, to firm it up. I added a dollop of bacon grease, and smeared some Tabasco jelly on the foil and a splash of apple juice, before...
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