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  1. Skinsfan1311

    Am I losing my mind, or did the 2016 official BGO tailgate thread disappear?

    I did a search and can't find it.
  2. Skinsfan1311


    FYI The Skins just sent an e-mail, to STH's, with an offer to buy tickets for the game. I got mine today. They appear to range from 40£ to 155£. ($50.71 to $223.62 USD) plus the bullshit TicketMaster fees of ~ 25£, ($36.07 USD) According to the e-mail,there is an "8 ticket and a 3 transaction...
  3. Skinsfan1311

    Playoff Tailgate Thread

    Here's the link to our tailgate. Official Extremeskins Tailgate 01/10 Vs Green Bay (Paloffs ?!?!) - The Stadium - Extremeskins It included directions, what's needed, etc. According to the Skins, even though it's a 4:40pm kick, they're treating it like a 4:00pm game, so they lots will open at...
  4. Skinsfan1311

    Who else is going to the playoff game?

    What a glorious week! We take the East, dashing the Iggles & VaGiants post-season hopes, in one fell swoop. Dallass loses to the Bills, and the "**** You! Mara's' got crushed last night. The icing on the cake? It's Dallass Week! The sun is brighter, the air is cleaner, everything is...
  5. Skinsfan1311

    I posted a few, belated, pics from the Chargers tailgate in "Show Yourselves"

    I posted a few, belated, pics from the Chargers tailgate in "Show Yourselves" Thanks, again everyone! Mike....please check out the thread....I'd really like the name of that hoppy beer that you brought in the bomber.
  6. Skinsfan1311

    Is it me, or is Aikman a douche when he calls our games?

    I've had it with this guy. It's like having a Cowboys cheerleader in the booth. I understand the homerism, to a point, but he's being a big Dallas dick. Aikman is a Cowboy to the core and I think he still harbors resentment over Arrington ending his career. Admittedly, Theisman was just...
  7. Skinsfan1311

    Too much beer and too lazy to do a search..who's going to Canton?

    The thread title says it all. I'm flying in on Friday and hittin' the hall in the a.m. Checking in the hotel in the afternoon, (Ramada Inn, Strasburg). After checking in, I'm headed to the grocery store for tailgate supplies, (shrimp scampi fixin's, beer, ice). Meeting up at the Buffalo...
  8. Skinsfan1311

    What's on your 4th of July menu?

    I'm cooking for a crowd on the 4th. I'll have 2 grills and 1 fryer working. Deviled eggs Coconut shrimp Salmon planked shrimp Memphis-style ribs Corn on the cob,(grilled in the husk, of course!) Baked Beans Cole Slaw Macaroni salad Funnel cake Watermelon Victory Hop Devil Budweiser Dos Equis...
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