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  1. If we think Haskins is the guy, then Gruden needs to go asap

    I hope that Snyder is looking at a model like the stadium being built for the Raiders in Vegas than Jerryworld. A place with 60-65K seats more accurately reflects the demand.
  2. If we think Haskins is the guy, then Gruden needs to go asap

    Just saw this from an ESPN article. At least under Bruce Allen, which is now over nine seasons old (including the bad start to this year), the Redskins have the 5th worst record in the league over that time...
  3. What Motivates You ... ?

    I think the relative scarcity is what hooks a lot of people more than anything. The real football season is only five months long (that includes playoffs) and your team plays only once per week during that stretch. I prefer to look at it more as a soap opera than anything these days. But...
  4. If we think Haskins is the guy, then Gruden needs to go asap

    Define "or even close to it." If your measure is total number of wins, see if there's any way you can compile that figure for the whole league under Snyder's tenure. I think you'll find the Redskins to be in the bottom quarter of the league.
  5. Congrats NFCE Champs

    I've seen a few EDP rants but I can't even imagine being at the Linc and having him giving a running commentary. This stuff is so funny.
  6. Redskins date with London in 2016 is confirmed. But there's good news.

    Bengals and Skins would both have byes right after the October 30th game.
  7. Curse of Primetime

    I don't think the Eagles game last year was prime time, but just a 430 start on Saturday. When people talk a about prime time issues, it mainly has to do with our record in home night games. Particularly Monday nights. Think we've won two Monday nighters at FedEx since the joint opened.
  8. Random WFT Thoughts

    So sounds like McCloughan's wife has apologized for the tweet. This after Tony Wyllie had claimed it was a fake account and was being referred to NFL Security. This organization just rises to new levels of buffoonery.
  9. Random WFT Thoughts

    The first sentence is pretty much the relevant part......."Its been consistently bad under Snyder." And while its true that Snyder had nothing to do with other "darker days" of the team, its also true that those "darker days" have nothing to do with Snyder's bad tenure. Some would have you...
  10. Random WFT Thoughts

    This season is going to be his 17th as owner, so we're getting pretty close to that 20-year mark. Dan's problem has been his infatuation with the big-name coaches without paying attention to the importance of an independent GM. Lets hope the hiring of McCloughan is the start of a new trend.
  11. If You Could Change One Play....

    It still confounds me how Jim Caldwell pulled Peyton Manning and other starters from a game in '09 against the Jets when the Colts were 14-0.
  12. If You Could Change One Play....

    The Hail Mary (actually a 34-yard TD pass) in the '91 game occurred at the end of the first half. I think Emmitt also scored on some goofy "and long" draw play. It was just of instance of the Redskins being flat and losing to a rising team. That's why its so tough to go undefeated in the NFL.
  13. Random WFT Thoughts

    I hope they don't change the name.....when I hear "Redskins" I only think of football and not Native Americans......but if they did, I'd still be a fan. The only thing that would cause me to cease being an NFL fan is if the team relocated from the Washington area. And I don't think I could...
  14. If You Could Change One Play....

    Old school: There were a couple of plays in the 1979 finale against Dallas, including a fumble with less than 5 minutes left when we were in Dallas territory, and then Riggins getting stopped on 3rd and short on the series after Dallas scored to cut it to 6. Would've liked to have seen what...
  15. Random WFT Thoughts

    In the meantime, the team is ripping more seats out of FedEx, per Steinberg in the Post. At this rate, a new stadium won't be necessary.....RFK will have the capacity they need!
  16. ESPN: Shanahan was ready to quit in '12

    "When I have a coach like Joe Gibbs or Mike Shanahan, I don't have to worry as much" -- Dan Snyder, a few years ago Heh heh heh.......still feel that way Danny? Now Snyder may be put to the test.......will we continue to be cursed with retreads for the duration of his ownership, or can we...
  17. Snyder is 'pissed' at state of redskins

    Best way to send a message to this owner is to just eat your tickets to the game in two weeks against Dallas. You don't have to sell to a Dallas fan......just don't go and leave the stadium empty. Of course Skins fans are such lemmings and have such a hard-on for the Cowboys that they'll show...
  18. Redskins Recon - The Chiefs-Pangs of Doubt

    What have we seen and heard since narrowly beating San Diego? Minnesota? "They only have one win." Loss Philly? "Have lost 10 straight at home." Loss San Fran? "Kaep is struggling, can't move the offense." Loss Giants? "Only have beaten putrid QBs." Loss What's that Who song......"Won't Get...
  19. This needs to be Shannys last year

    I think the Giants have twice given Coughlin one-year extensions before granting longer ones. Given the circumstances (mainly the salary cap penalty), give Shanny a one-year extension thru 2015 (so he's not a lame duck in 2014) and have next season be "put up or shut up" for him. And if we...
  20. I'm Giving This Organization Until The End Of Next Season.....And Then No More

    So Henry, I guess you aren't getting ramped up to watch the Bills-Browns game on Thursday.....or not staying up until 1130 pm on Sunday night for SD-Oakland? Agree 100 pct with what you said about the league, and what's sad is the large amount of fans who are just shrugging their collective...
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