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  1. 3 Things Redskins Nation Will Accept In Time

    This might be one of the worst knee-jerk threads I've ever read.
  2. MMA: UFC, Strikeforce, etc.

    I was out of town last weekend but had the card DVR'd, just watched it last night, that was a great fight. Both of those guys were swinging for the fences. And the Mighty Mouse/Moraga fight was least for Might Mouse, he completely dominated Moraga except for those few punches...
  3. MMA: UFC, Strikeforce, etc.

    Anderson Silva opens as the favorite in a rematch: I could see Weidman winning again but if I were betting money, I would still pick Anderson. He's been too dominant to bet against...
  4. MMA: UFC, Strikeforce, etc.

    Weidman going through security at the Vegas airport yesterday: More shots of Weidman ending the fight:
  5. MMA: UFC, Strikeforce, etc.

    I've read about people saying that the fight was fixed and it's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard following a fight. Not only has this never been an issue for the UFC and MMA in general, but if you go back and watch the fight, Anderson Silva was knocked out hard and took punches to the...
  6. MMA: UFC, Strikeforce, etc.

    Agreed 100%.
  7. MMA: UFC, Strikeforce, etc.

    Yeah, it definitely didn't feel like Edgar was coming off of a three-fight losing streak. I had to go back and look at his last fights when they said that. Edgar hasn't had an easy fight, literally in years. Before last night, his opponents since 2010: Jose Aldo Ben Henderson x 2 Gray Maynard...
  8. MMA: UFC, Strikeforce, etc.

    I wouldn't take anything he said in the post-fight interview that seriously, that's why they don't normally interview fighters that have just been knocked unconscious.
  9. MMA: UFC, Strikeforce, etc.

    I think NHB Gear put it best on their Twitter: Basically, Anderson did the same thing that Overeem did against Bigfoot, just on a higher level. I can just about guarantee that he learns his lesson about taunting.
  10. MMA: UFC, Strikeforce, etc.

    I definitely think it's possible, but I think Weidman is still too green to beat a fighter of Anderson Silva's caliber (GOAT-caliber). As long as Anderson doesn't underestimate Weidman's abilities, I think he will get the KO. A submission from his back is possible too.
  11. MMA: UFC, Strikeforce, etc.

    Quick Picks for tonight's card: Andrew Craig def Chris Leben via UD Dave Herman def Gabriel Gonzaga via TKO R2 Edson Barbosa def Rafaello Oliveira via KO R1 Cub Swanson def Dennis Siver via UD Mark Munoz def Tim Boetsch via TKO R2 Roger Gracie def Tim Kennedy via submission (RNC) R1 Frankie...
  12. totally non-political thread!!!!! (RGIII's Future)

    Great quote right here.
  13. MMA: UFC, Strikeforce, etc.

    I can't wait for the card this weekend. I like the main card from top to bottom, this will be the first PPV I've ordered in a while.
  14. Music Recommendation Thread

    "Miracle Mile" is at the top of my main playlist right now.
  15. Physical Fitness/Training Thread

    Cool, do they separate grappling divisions and striking divisions from each other or is it kind of a style vs. style type of competition?
  16. Physical Fitness/Training Thread

    Thanks K! I definitely appreciate it! You're right, it is a tough sport and the more you move up the harder things get. There are a few more competitions that I'm shooting for this year, there's one in July and one in October. The one in July is still a maybe for me but the one in October is one...
  17. Physical Fitness/Training Thread

    I competed in a grappling/BJJ tournament in Charlotte yesterday with a bunch of my teammates from the school that I train at. I have been working extra hard on my conditioning these last couple of weeks to get ready for the rigors of competition and the adrenaline dump that happens when you...
  18. MMA: UFC, Strikeforce, etc.

    I don't think Overeem would beat either Cain or JDS, I think they're both just a level above him. I actually like Cormier a lot, apparently he's asking for the winner of Werdum/Nogueira:
  19. MMA: UFC, Strikeforce, etc.

    Cain/JDS rubber match makes the most sense right now IMO.
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