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  1. Canadian Hog

    Sports Card Collecting

    Collecting sports cards was something I loved doing with my older brother as a kid. About 95% percent of "my collection" ultimately belonged to my brother, as he was much older than me and actually had the cash to buy packs of cards and boxes. That all being said, I do recall owning a Mario...
  2. Canadian Hog

    Assemble Your "All-Time" Redskins/WFT Draft Class

    Agreed Boone. I suppose to an extent age factors into this as well. I'm 41 and I will admit that many of the players I selected were guys that I had the opportunity to watch over the years, or experience during my youth. As an example, Paul Krause was very likely a much more impactful player...
  3. Canadian Hog

    Assemble Your "All-Time" Redskins/WFT Draft Class

    Round 1 - Darrell Green (DB): lock down the opposing team's #1 wideout for the next 10 to 12 years without worry. Round 2 - Jon Jansen (T): provide good stability on the right side of the offensive line and begin the process of establishing a sense of toughness and attitude in the trenches...
  4. Canadian Hog

    Assemble Your "All-Time" Redskins/WFT Draft Class

    With the draft approaching, I thought it would be a great time to take a look back at a little Redskins/WFT draft history. If you are up to it, your task is to assemble your ultimate Redskins/WFT draft class. Task Description: 1. Imagine you were given the keys to the franchise and had...
  5. Canadian Hog

    Alex Smith named Comeback Player of the Year

    Congratulations to Alex! An amazing achievement. I will say this. Based on the type of man Ron Rivera seems to be, if Alex wants to keep playing, I do not at least see a situation where he gives him an opportunity to compete in 2021. I am not giving an opinion either way, but we might be...
  6. Canadian Hog

    Pick your 2021 QB Poison!

    Greetings all! Just a quick comment... I have this feeling inside of me that this team is not quite ready to take that huge leap in 2021 and jump the likes of the Packers, Bucs, Rams, Seahawks, etc., just yet within the conference. Should the playoffs and a deeper run be a realistic goal...
  7. Canadian Hog

    Front Office Hires - Love them or hate them?

    The job Rivera did in 2020 with our team earns him the benefit of the doubt. You have to accept that he wants to surround himself with people he trusts. At the same time, it is understandable why he would want to rid himself of people in the organization who were connected in some way, shape...
  8. Canadian Hog

    A Grumpy Fan's Take - Bucs

    The team did about as much as we could have asked for in year 1 of a rebuild finding a way to win 7 games. That is a testament to the staff and leadership group in charge of overseeing real progress on the football field. All in all, it was going to take an absolute Herculean effort and...
  9. Canadian Hog

    Hand Out Your 2020 WFT Awards

    Jeremy Sprinkle?
  10. Canadian Hog

    2021 Draft Thread - Currently picking 19th

    Is it a fair to think that maybe due to Allen's and Heinicke's familiarity with Turner's system offensively that we do not swing for the fences at QB this offseason? I don't know, personally, I really like some of the strides we made this year, but I also think it might be a year too early to...
  11. Canadian Hog

    Prayers needed again

    We keep you in our thoughts, Doc.
  12. Canadian Hog

    Dallas Cowboys fire Mike Nolan and Jim Tomsula

    Should we send them some vanilla ice cream?
  13. Canadian Hog

    Hand Out Your 2020 WFT Awards

    Team MVP - I have to go Terry here. I cannot imagine where we would be offensively without him for an extended period of time, especially considering the overall challenges we faced at QB this year. He was a huge safety valve and a higher performance player almost every week. Most Improved -...
  14. Canadian Hog

    Hand Out Your 2020 WFT Awards

    So, the 2020 regular season has come to an end and after a 2-7 start and what appeared to be another season swirling down the drain, Ron Rivera and company finished with a strong 5-2 end to their season and squeezed into the playoffs in a down year in the NFC East. While we continue to wait...
  15. Canadian Hog

    Washington names Brandon Scherff Ed Block Courage Award winner

    Very happy to see Brandon get rewarded. He has had to fight through some injuries in his career and when he has been on, he has made a true difference along our offensive line and proven that he was worthy of being a top 5 pick. All that being said, we can't have a repeat of his Week 17...
  16. Canadian Hog

    BGO Facebook Group

    Greetings to all! We are in the process of launching a BGO Facebook Group with the intent of encouraging people to visit the main site here at If you have not done so already and have a personal Facebook account, you are kindly encouraged to join our group and invite all your...
  17. Canadian Hog

    Random NFC East Thoughts

    In regards to all the complaining the Giants and others have openly done in regards to the Redskins getting into the playoffs... We finished 7-9. If somebody told me at the start of the year we would get 7 wins in Rivera's first year, I would have been thrilled...even if it came without a...
  18. Canadian Hog

    PLAYOFFS! - Tampa Bay @ Washington

    For those claiming that we would have been better off getting a better draft position and missing the playoffs, I really think you need to look no further than the 2010 Seahawks for a good example of what this playoff opportunity means. That 2010 team too finished at 7-9 and got into the...
  19. Canadian Hog

    Game Day - 2020 Week 17 - Washington @ Philadelphia Eagles - SNF Edition

    I hear your point, TS. At the same time, Sims' special teams blunder was a huge contributing factor to the loss vs. the Panthers. With the offensive deficiencies we have, we cannot afford to have lapses on special teams. At this point in the season, that is often the deciding factor between...
  20. Canadian Hog

    Game Day - 2020 Week 17 - Washington @ Philadelphia Eagles - SNF Edition

    On another note, our team is going to listen to the media insist for the next week that we wouldn't be in the playoffs if Jalen Hurts stayed in the game. If anything, that hopefully does nothing but fuel our defense to take out their frustration on Brady. Our defense should be really hungry...
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