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Yes? No? Maybe?

Panthers fans are confused-they're not sure if they can beat the Redskins or not. I take that as a good sign.

Sometimes they exude confidence-sometimes not.

Very good breakdown, and I agree with everything about how this game will turn out, I think if Cam can make his plays that'll open up our run and I can see Jonathan Stewart having a big game if that happens. Although the Panthers have given up alot of rushing yards this year, they have all been to runningbacks that are elite and dynamic, the Redskins possess neither but I do think Tim Hightower can be an X-factor because of his receiving abilities especially if Torrain can get some pushes up the middle. I don't think the Redskins have been challenged by an offensive line like the Panthers. I think Cam will be the reason the Panthers win given the team and Cam a confidence boost.

MWCarolina wont matter if he hands off the ball half of the time. Beck though has his weaknesses, he throws a low ball sometimes and hasnt started a meaningful game since 2007. if the panthers defense stops the run and makes Beck beat them, they should win and if Hall is covering Smith, Newton should attack Hall all day. Hall is prone to giving up big plays.

That one made me cringe-apparently some Panther fans actually watch the Skins play.

If they are going to try and do what they did to Vick and leave the middle wide open and send the house at him he is going to burn them big time.


They only ran for 42 yards against a terrible Eagles run defense last week, lost their starting left guard for the year and probably are going to be without starting left tackle Trent Williams this week.

X-Clown received this reply:


Our defense is made up of 3rd teamers and a couple of starter caliber players. I have zero faith right now. Not to mention special teams. They have us beat on two out of the three phases of the game. The 4th phase, crowd noise, will probably be split 50/50.

And sometimes they qualify things:

Redskins will be without their starting left tackle, left guard, and tight end. There's good reason to think we'll have success against their running game, especially since they don't have anyone you'd call a premier back.

That said, I would much rather be facing Grossman than Beck

By the way, he wasn't the only one to comment on the Redskins QB situation..

Happy Panther

I don't think this is great news as Grossman stinks.
Beck could give them a little spark. Hopefully the defense can rattle him.

I'd put them below Arizona and Jacksonville offensively, as they pertain to a matchup against our defense.
The Skins defense, however, is for real. Good CBs (when Hall has his head in the game), excellent LBs and lots of size on the line. If we can score on the Skins, we'll win, but that's no piece of cake.

A Skins fan hanging out there started an argument about Beck prompting this analysis by a Panther fan:

MWCarolina for the Beck vs. Grossman deal. Beck is more of the unknown, unproven guy. you know what you get from Grossman, he's basically like Jake was to the panthers. you either get good Rex or bad Rex and when it's bad Rex, it's bad. Rex played well vs the Giants and while he's won games, he's not been great. his game vs. the Rams was not good. he tried to give the Rams the game and lucky for him the Rams stink. he played ok at first vs. Dallas, but when they lost the lead, Grossman wasnt clutch and fumbled the ball away. in the Eagles game, he lost the game for the Redskins with his picks and even when the Redskins got a gift from Vince Young, he gave it right back. Beck seems to not have the arm that grossman had, BUT he seems to take care of the ball more. i expect Beck to be more average than good.

I was fascinated to find a conversation spring up about Fred Davis.


I'm not disagreeing with you, I just don't think they come into the game as a Top 5 rushing team with their injury issues. I mean, hell, their starting left guard is former Panther late round pick Will Montgomery who normally plays center for them. Chris Cooley is injured too (although you could argue that Fred Davis is better anyway).


Montgomery is actually underrated as the center and if they move him to guard he's not bad there, As for Cooley, he's good, but like you wrote, Fred Davis can replace him. i think Davis should be re-signed to a huge deal after this year.


just fyi Davis is better than Cooley.

yep, Davis can get deep. He should shine now that Cooley is down.

Some don't have much confidence at all.

we are the 4th most penalized team in the league.
we have the 7th highest yards gained vs. yards allowed difference -seventh best in the league.
we are tied at 25th in turnover margin at negative five.
we are 17th in the league in red zone efficiency.
to sum it up, the chart suggests we are a monster, yard-eating offense that marches down the field but can't score in the red zone, commits stupid penalties and turns ball over at terrible times while our defense can't make a stop and get turnovers.

What does it really matter who is handing off to their 100 yard running back who will average 8 yards a carry? Until we stop the run the oppositions starting QB will be mostly irrelevant

Sometimes they even offer us advice.

Do remember though that Rex Grossman put them in bad situations with the interceptions. it seems like the Redskins quit running the ball because they were down quick. i think the Redskins need to run Helu more, he's perfect for Shanahan's system and use Hightower and Torian as the backups.

A few awards are in order.

My award for "Comment I Don't Ever Want To See Again"

last week we a "should win"
this week is a "must win"

The "Waving-the White-Flag" award goes to this one:

Not gonna lie.
I picked up Ryan Torian this week in FF

The irony award goes to "Panther Fan Sounding Most Like A Redskins Fan"

The sad things is, if we faced a team with as bad a run d as ours, I think our OC would still throw the ball 40 times.
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