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Winds of Change

Do you feel that? That ever-so-slight breeze across your face? Do you know what it is?


It's change folks. I don't think I have to tell any of you that we would have lost that game against the Vikings last year. For one thing, Grossman couldn't have made that TD run; in fact come to think of it, I'm fairly certain he couldn't have even made the first down on that run.

Thankfully, we don't have to think about that. You know what we should be thinking about?


The reason we wouldn't have won that game goes far beyond the physical limitations oh so evident in previous QBs. Griffin's amazing run to seal the deal speaks to his mental fortitude, and his competitiveness. The Vikings were starting the comeback. They had scored, pulling within one posession, and Redskins nation puckered. Admit it. You know the thought crossed your mind more than once that we were gonna lose this. Not that we MIGHT lose this. That we were going to lose. Period. Admit it.

Everyone did. 20 years of ineptitude at the QB position will do that to you. 20 years of hoping the ball will bounce our way once or twice, hoping we get a crucial call, hoping our D can preserve the lead and come up with a later game heroic fumble, 20 years of all this hoping, only to get your hopes crushed more often than not, will do that to you. Hope is a dangerous thing. To open yourself up to hope, you have to open yourself up to possibility of failure. We have experienced failure far more often than not over the past 20 years. So it's just easier to not hope. If we don't hope, we won't feel the pain that comes when we inevitably fail. Simple psychology, really.

You know who hasn't been here for the last 20 years? You know who doesn't give a damn about that last paragraph?


Kid wasn't gonna lose yesterday. He didn't care that everyone at home and everyone in the stands had seen this play out before, and it almost always eneded with a Redskins loss.

That's history, folks. RGIII either doesn't know that history or doesn't care.

I saw in him that flash that the great ones show. It's a little easier to see it in basketball given the dynamics, but I saw on the gridiron yesterday. That look in his eyes that said, "Nope. We are NOT losing today". Kid would not allow us to lose. Period.

And you know what? We need to get used to it. Griff has already lost three games this year, and I have a STRONG feeling he isn't happy about any of them. I don't think he is satisfied with having outplayed Andrew Luck so far this year. The kid wants to win. And given what happened last week, it would have been easier (and understandable) had he chosen not to take off on his long run. Had he chosen to stay in the pocket and force a pass somewhere that might have been incomplete, thus giving the ball back to the Vikings, I don't think there are many who would have blamed him.

But he didn't, did he? He did what he had to do to win.

The airs of change are about us, Redskins fans. Are you going to keep from hoping? Or are you going to embrace winning?
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