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Who?....The Redskins?....Oh, ok.

There's not a great deal of chatter about the upcoming game between the Pats and the Redskins on Patriots fan boards.

What there is is confident....but cautious

I feel we will beat the skins cant say we win big but a win is a win.

I think the Pats will pull this one out, but the Skins at home are tougher than if they were coming to the Razor.
Skins looked pretty good against the Jets last week for 3 & 1/2 quarters.

The next 3 games will be good, tough games for our team.

It is interesting that 15 is the number of points being kicked around, since the Jets beat Washington by exactly that margin yesterday. But it should be noted that they were actually losing more than halfway into the 4th quarter.

I'd definitely take a 7 point victory that was never in doubt over a 15 point one that was 6 minutes from being a loss.

Seriously...The 'skins shouldn't win this game...but you never know about our bunch this year. I would bet we win...but I wouldn't touch the spread with a ten foot pole.

Not sure about this...I mean Washington is bad...and I mean Bad bad...the pats have not lost to a bad team this year, and I do not see this changing. Wash has lost 7 out of its last 8 games.

The fact that there's history between Shanny and Belichik did come up.

So its a return of the Belichick/Shanahan coach meeting,its been a few years since the two great minds meet again.

Without looking into it more,I beleive that Shanahan is the only coach in the past decade to have had the better of Bill Belichick to which I believe he holds a 5-3 edge in wins between the two

I still today beleive that when it comes to intelligent game planning and smart Head Coaches,Shanahan is second in line to the way Belichick handles Xs and Os and football intelligence

I bet the two will be discussing on what a waste Haynesworth was to both teams sometime this week

So Shanahan when in Denver did have some good games against the Pats with the likes of Orton,Plummer at QB so this time its Grossman who is in the same type of quarterback.

What do you see in this weekend's matchup between a team heading to the playoffs and a team likely to be picking a top 10 draft pick? - Do you expect a dogfight or an easy win?

Until BB proves he can beat Shanahan when they both have their original starting QBs (Which has never happened), I'm picking Wash in this one. I had this down as a L before one game was even played this year.

All games against Shanahan were fun because we knew that across the field was just as an intelligent,sneaky,clever and knowledgable coach in Mike and he still is even though he has had to deal with players that do not play as well as they should, considering the talent level on that team.

My favorite 'Chess' game between the two coaches in the last decade was the MNF game at Denver when the Pats used an intentional safety to win the game,that game showed that Belichick was indeed a genius with the chance he took in a game we might have well lost in the 14-2 season of 2003.

Shanny has lost his mojo.

Our friend SkinnedAussie has a counterpart in this Pats forum.

Shanahan's Redskins are not Shanahan's Broncos.

The unusually close win over the Colts is still smarting Pats fans.

Still 271 yds and 21 points in the 4th is unacceptable, regardless that we were up 28 points. The Indy game was a great time to make a statement on the continual development of the defense, holding the Colts to about 170 total yds. The Pats need to start playing 60 min of football and not the 45 since the offense dealt them a nice lead and then relax.

As for Washington, the game will probably be much like most lately: Pats build a nice lead by the 4th, but then the Skins will make it closer then it should be.

Anyways, about this game. I'd like to see Chung back for this one. 3 straight games Chung was stretching out on the field and warming up, only being pulled at the last minute. He's extremely close to returning, and I would like to see him make his (re)debut this week.

Washington's got a pretty below-average offense. They have no break-out RB to worry about. Their QB situation is pedestrian (though Grossman has been around long enough to warrent some respect). Shannahan always gives BB fits.

Gaffney is always a problem (Man do i miss him....i love Gaffney). On defense, their pass rush is a lot better then I think people realize. They are solid up front and will probably get to Brady a few times.

Overall, I do see this as a win for us, but I see it in the 31-17 catagory.

This one should raise eyebrows among FF fans.

All I have to say for this game, is that I believe Rex Grossman might be a good waiver wire add this week in any fantasy football league...

It's fair to say Pats fans are not in love with their D.

Grossman, for one day, will be the reincarn of Joe Montana. But, the Pats will still win the game.

I can imagine that there are third string quarterbacks out there that are begging to the coach, "coach, please let me play against the Patriots."

We will allow Grossman to look like Manning - either of them. We have yet to make any QB look bad.


If that happens, and it very well could, it would be the worst of all the worst. One thing is that Grossman is prone to many mistakes if pressure is applied. Hopefully this pass rush will improve because right now, it is pitiful.

A few posters gave a more in-depth analysis.

Anyway, this game is a simple one.... the strength of the Redskins right now is Helu and the run, short to mid passing, which goes against the strength of the Patriots D. Don't think they will be overly successful trying to go deep, which is the Patriots' weakness on D, covering those big Receivers downfield.

The Redskins on Defense won't be able to hold the Patriots in check, so unless the Patriots play some terrible football on Offense, the outcome for this game shouldn't be in question.

Patriots 31 Redskins 20

The Redskins are -13 in turnover differential, which is dead last in the league. Their redzone offense is 25th (against our very good redzone defense). We're 3rd in points scored, they are 27th. Their strength right now is their run game. Our strength right now on defense is our rush defense. The numbers simply don't match up in Washingtons favor at all.

Now we all are aware that the Redskins have an average offense at best. Now it would seem they’re about to lose two of their most talented starters.

Left tackle Trent Williams and tight end Fred Davis are about to receive four game suspensions for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, the Redskins offense is in real trouble with out these guys.

The loss of TE Davis means the Redskins are without their top playmaker this season. This guy has caught a team high 59 passes for 796 yards and is the one solid pass catcher who has consistently been able to make big plays because of his speedand athleticism. The Redskins will not be able to replace him with anyone on their roster. TE Paulsen is considered more of a blocker; he doesn't have the speed to run away from defenders on the crossing patterns that Davis can run.

The FB Mike Sellers can playtight end, but it would hurt them in the running game. Washington is likely to bring in another player at the TE position. Then they have LT Williams. He has played well for the last three games. That is including the Sunday loss to the Jets. Their running game is much better when he’s able to play because he can seal the end with his quickness.

The options to replace him slim and aren’t very good. The veteran Sean Locklear, who struggled at left tackle when Williams missed two gameswith a ankle injury, and undrafted rookie Willie Smith are the only options. They liked Smith’s athleticism in camp, but he is a real project.

This is not what the Redskins needed but it works well for the Patriots. The Redskins have lost running back Tim Hightower, tight end Chris Cooley and guard Kory Lichtensteiger for the season already.
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