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Week Twelve Grades, Evaluations, Questions

Greetings from the international headquarters of BBQ.

Week twelve is in the books and now we take a look at how the entire team fared against the Cowboys. Fans want to quickly put Dallas week behind them and look forward to the rest of the schedule, but BBQ will examine what happened on Thanksgiving. We will try to make some sense of it all as BBQ hands out grades, evaluations and questions. Feel free to offer your own grades, evaluations, questions, and opinions.

Let’s take a look at week twelve.

Question: Is it safe to say that anyone who doubts Kirk Cousins now is just ignoring the obvious?
Answer: Redskins fans have always embraced arguments and debates over quarterbacks since the final days of Sammy Baugh. BBQ thinks the Redskins should give Cousins a long term contract after the season is over. Our recommended terms would be a deal that includes a $65 mil signing bonus, $90 mil in guarantees, and averages to $23 mil a year. A six year deal is what we want to see with a seventh year team option.
Grade: A

Running Backs:
Question: This was kind of a letdown after the previous week, wasn’t it?
Answer: We can’t argue with the determination the Rob Kelley provides the team. He somehow turns three and four yard losses into two and three yard gains. Fans can’t expect 140 yards a game each week. Sure, it wasn’t as productive as the previous week, but it wasn’t a disaster.
Grade: B

Wide Receivers:
Question: Is Jamison Crowder the best slot receiver in the NFL?
Answer: By simply asking this question one can easily surmise that he is in the conversation and is amongst the best. This is only his second season. The next decade of watching him in a Redskins uniform will be fun to watch. The numbers for this unit are gaudy, but much of the credit also goes to the quarterback.
Grade: A+

Tight Ends:
Question: Just how serious is the injury to Jordan Reed?
Answer: He could miss a week or two, but having Vernon Davis on the roster helps to ease such an impact. Even Derek Carrier had a catch last week. However, you can’t doubt the heart of Reed as he produced heavily after the shoulder injury. That easily boosts the grade this week.
Grade: A+

Offensive Line:
Question: Can this unit continue to perform at a high level?
Answer: It can, but staying healthy is the key here. One must hope that the few extra days of rest will help Morgan Moses. Ty Nsehke needs to continue his efforts until Trent Williams returns. The rushing attack was stymied against Dallas and it will hopefully return as soon as this week.
Grade: B+

Defensive Line:
Question: What grade would give their effort against the Cowboys?
Answer: Pathetic. Horrible. Lousy. Despicable. Garbage. One good tackle by Chris Baker on their running back does not mask how terrible this unit was last week. We’ll just leave it there.
Grade: F

Question: So, what grade would you give to this group?
Answer: Ryan Kerrigan had another sack and that’s about it. However, there are a multiplicity of concerns: Poor angles of attack. Poor play calling at the line of scrimmage by Will Compton. Failure to contain the running back and slot receiver. Failure to limit the quarterback when escaping the pocket. The Mikes all but disappearing. Mass confusion.
Grade: F

Question: Despite the front seven, did it seem like this unit had a good game?
Answer: They certainly did and despite what Dez Bryant thinks, he did not score and very had little impact on the game. The stats prove it – the receivers for Dallas had a subpar game. The slot receiver position was problematic, but that falls more on the linebackers.
Grade: B+

Question: Are you assigning a similar grade to the safeties?
Answer: Indeed. One could argue that they actually did a slightly better job, but they didn’t allow any long passes and did serve as a final line of defense against the rushing attack. Overall, a solid job under the circumstances.
Grade: B+

Special Teams:
Question: Should we be concerned with Dustin Hopkins?
Answer: Not really. He should win more games in the future. BBQ does question the decision to try a 55 yarder in the second quarter. Attempting one from that range just before the half is understandable, but not with plenty of time on the clock and allowing excellent field position for the opponent. “Freezing” our own kicker in the first quarter proved to be very harmful – that was unforgivable. However, Hopkins needs to make a forty-three yarder. Tress Way had his only punt downed inside the twenty. The Redskins had no opportunities for returns and will not be figured into the grade for this week.
Grade: C+

Question: What can we say about the coaches this week?
Answer: No one questions the efforts of the offense overall. One can still question the play calling in the red zone, especially in the first half. “Freezing” our own kicker was ridiculous. The defensive front seven was particularly horrible - that’s where the team lost the game.
Grade: C-

How would you grade each position and the coaching staff? What becomes of Matt Jones? Are you missing Trent Williams? Are you now ready to admit that Kirk Cousins deserves long term contract and firm commitment from the Redskins? Will the season be all but over if the Redskins lose this Sunday? If the Redskins are still in the playoff picture, would you bring back Josh Doctson late in the season? On to week thirteen. We’ll see you next week with grades, evaluations, and questions.

Hail to the Redskins!

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