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Week Ten Grades, Evaluations, Questions

Week ten is in the books and now we take a look at how the entire team fared against the Saints. We also celebrate a milestone. This is the 100th blog from BBQ and it is an honor to serve the Redskins fans here at BGO. We knew the football game would be better than the previous week, but a blowout victory against an elite quarterback – the second one in two weeks – was a welcomed sight. As honest as we were about a lopsided loss, we will try to be forthright about a huge victory. So now it is time to make some sense of it all as BBQ hands out grades and evaluations. Feel free to offer your own grades, evaluations, and opinions. Also, we have some questions to close out week nine.

Let’s take a look at the grades.

It registered as a perfect game – a 158.3 rating by NFL standards. BBQ does not have a full understanding of the system, but it is hard to argue the stats. Four touchdown passes can’t be ignored. We could nitpick and cite an interception that was overruled by a penalty or a sideline pass in the first half that had “pick six” written all over it. We’ll go with perfection.
Grade: A+

Running Backs:
WOW! 200 yards rushing from the three backs. 168 receiving yards. Oh, you were expecting more analysis. Ok. Amazing! Awesome! Incredible! That about covers it.
Grade: A+

Wide Receivers:
BBQ would love to give out some handsome grades to this unit as well, but they were not as prominent in the offensive explosion. Jamison Crowder is a gem to behold. DeSean Jackson got the offense rolling on the first drive. So they deserve the recognition.
Grade: A

Tight Ends:
Jordan Reed is really becoming a special player in this offense. It’s great to see him having such a fine season. We hope it continues. Derek Carrier added some punch to the offense as well.
Grade: A+

Offensive Line:
If you want to take a look at the previous comments again, feel free to do so. This is the group that made it all possible. This is the best game for a Redskins offensive line in ten years. Perfectly formed pockets, massive holes for the running backs, and downfield blocking was superb.
Grade: A+

Defensive Line:
They were a bit shaky early on as the opposing quarterback was able to complete some lengthy passes and a long run led to a touchdown. After giving up fourteen points, the defense settled down and the line was lethal in their attack. The stats that you need to know? Giving up seventy yards on one rushing play on the first drive. Afterwards, they gave up about seventy yards total (much of it in “garbage time”) – including two stuffs on third and one, then fourth and one.
Grade: B+

Will Compton should be a starter and play many more snaps. He was solid and provided a major interruption in the Saints running game. Perry Riley had his best game of the season. Trent Murphy was an absolute monster in this game. They had the opposing quarterback on the run for much of the afternoon.
Grade: A

The corners had a shaky start, but settled down and put in a dominant performance. After giving up some huge chunks of yardage and a couple of touchdowns, they played very well. This unit is getting healthier each week.
Grade: B

Similar to the corners, they had a poor start as well. Missing tackles and assignments early on could’ve made for a long afternoon. They quickly turned it around and Dashon Goldson got in on the fun with a pick six of his own.
Grade: B+

Special Teams:
BBQ is proud to say that Dustin Hopkins is represented in three of our fantasy football leagues and brought us a lot of points this week. He’s a keeper. Tress Way had another great day. The return unit had a few chances to get huge chunks of yardage and when they did, penalties doomed them to longer drives. However, the offense bailed them out on Sunday.
Grade: A-

The coaches alluded to the fact that practices last week were intense and focused. It showed on Sunday as the team was firing effectively on all cylinders. We could be a bit critical for the poor start on defense, but we need to recognize that they were going up against the best offense in the NFL. Too, it is also noted that they went up against the worst defense. We need to understand that putting up huge numbers against such a team is to be expected, but the term “any given Sunday” always applies. The Redskins did better than expected and the coaches should be recognized for the one-sided game.
Grade: A

How would you grade each position and the coaching staff? After this showing against the Saints, are you encouraged with our defense and how they handled that high powered offense? Wasn’t it great to see DeSean Jackson setting the tone for the entire team on that first series? Would you like to see more of Will Compton? Perhaps a starter? Next week will be a much tougher test, but what are you expecting in the game with the Panthers? On to week eleven.

See you again next week with grades, evaluations, and questions.

Hail to the Redskins!
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