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Week Fifteen Grades, More Mayhem, Holiday Presents

BBQ would like to extend greetings of the season to you and your family. May your holiday season be filled with peace, joy, happiness, warmth, and love. The Redskins have two games remaining and the next contest features a Dallas team that is stumbling to the finish in 2013. The Redskins were competitive last week against a weak opponent and the grades are reflective of the effort. Let’s get right to it.

Kirk Cousins had a great game, but a loss and two interceptions will keep the grade from being perfect.
Grade: B+

Running Backs:
The running game was solid, but the fumbles were a huge issue.
Grade: C-

Wide Receivers:
A solid effort from this group as Pierre Garcon continues on a record pace.
Grade: A-

Tight Ends:
Other than a Fred Davis sighting for touchdown, this group was underwhelming.
Grade: C

Offensive Line:
A decent performance, but the right side continues to have issues.
Grade: B-

Defensive Line:
Good on the run, provided lanes for the linebackers, and average on the pass rush.
Grade: B-

A solid effort from this unit, but Fletcher retiring is not a surprise.
Grade: A

Not too bad, but nothing stands out.
Grade: C+

Gumbs had his first interception, but the unit did not have much else.
Grade: C+

Special Teams:
Good punting, good coverage, Santana Moss became Antwan Dancing El and had a fumble.
Grade: B-

Going for two at the end was gutsy, but it did cost a chance for Kirk Cousins reaching 400 yards and a win.
Grade: C+

Another week of turmoil ensconced the Redskins in rumors and half-truths as if they were hanging over Redskins Park like darkened clouds. According to Jay Glazer (one of the most reliable sports reporters on the planet), Mike Shanahan will be packing his football gear after the final game of the season. Some reports have the head coach returning. What do you believe?

A new twist this week involves Kyle Shanahan and many other assistants. One report suggested that the head coach would stay and the son would be fired along with a selected list of assistant coaches. Would the father truly fire the son? Is it possible that Coach Shanahan stays for at least another year under such a scenario?

Finally, the presents will be opened either on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning as per the tradition in your family. What are you hoping to get in the way of Redskins gear and/or memorabilia? Are you giving any Redskins gifts to family or friends? Rumor has it that the blogger for BBQ is getting a Redskins snuggie, a sweatshirt, and “something else”.

Have a great holiday. Enjoy the game.

Hail to the Redskins!
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