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Week 7 - @ Chicago Bears

Blognosticator - Hog Fever

Skins' State of the Union Week 7

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the week 7 state of the Skins' State of the Union address. Tonight gathered here in the nation’s capital are many distinguished members of the BGO community awaiting Hog Fever's remarks.”

(Camera pans to audience members as the crowd rise to their feet and polite applause begins.) There is Hog Fever making his way through the crowd to the podium. He's stopping briefly to speak to several other forum members. There we have riggins44 and Sarge looking as enthusiastic as ever. There’s first lady of BGO Blondie. There's Neo one of the BGO site admins looking very pleased (that he didn’t have to write this), and there is OM....I'm not sure what that is on his head; we'll assume that's a hat. (Hog Fever dodges a rotten tomato thrown from somewhere in the crowd) Whoa, that was close. It's clear that there may be some restless folks in the audience tonight but they seemed to have settled down now. Let's listen.”

My fellow BGOians. This rite of custom brings us together at a defining hour — when decisions are hard and courage is needed. We choose to go to the playoffs. We choose to go to the playoffs in this decade and do the other things, not only because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too. Thank you all. (The crowd goes wild)

Ok, ok, enough BS. Let’s take a look at our week 7 match-up the Chicago Bears. The Bears are a lot like the Skins in some ways. They’ve played some close games and come out on top in most of them by taking advantage of a few breaks. Are they a scary 4-2 team? Nope. I think they are very average. Unfortunately I think we are in that same category right now.

It seems obvious to just about everyone that the key to beating the Bears is getting pressure on Cutler, and I agree. The Giants sacked Cutler nine times in the first half and knocked him out of the game on the way to an easy win. “But Hog” you say, “We don’t bring pressure like the Giants.” True enough, but bringing pressure has got to be page one of the defensive game plan this week. Haslett should be bringing pressure from the stands if need be. The whole game hinges on this IMO. You shouldn’t even have to look at the score after the game this week to know who won, just look at the sack total. 7-10 sacks equals a 17 point win for us, 5-7 sacks is a touchdown win, and anything less than 4 sacks for us will almost surely be a loss. You doubt my math? Let’s look at the number of sacks the Bears have given up this season.

Game 1: 4 sacks = Win

Game 2: 1 sack = Win

Game 3: 3 sacks = Win

Game 4: 10 sacks = Loss

Game 5: 3 sacks = Win

Game 6: 6 sacks Loss

Cutler is a flawed quarterback. We need to bring out those flaws. Putting him on the ground is the best way to do that. Pressure up the middle would be the best way to get to him as he isn’t the most mobile QB but we’ve had serious issues in that department and I’m not sure that we can change that unless AH plays and contributes like he hasn’t to this point in the season. I see him playing but I don’t have a good feeling about his contributions. Orakpo will be a factor to be sure but the game winning spark is going to come from Wilson or Holliday.

On offense I’m surprisingly not that concerned. The roles in Kyle’s offense are fairly well defined at this point. Our running game is improved and we have receivers who, while not spectacular, make plays. Our special teams have improved a lot in the past couple of weeks too which is a big deal against the Bears. We simply can’t let Hester run wild. Coverage has been air tight the past couple of weeks. It needs to stay that way.

Here are my key stats for the game as I gaze into my crystal ball:


Cutler - 305 yards, 2 TDs, 2 INTs “Stone hands” Rogers drops one but Hall and Moore don’t.

McNabb - 179 yards, 1 TD 0 INTs


Bears – 76 yards, 0 TDs

Skins – 146 yards 1 TD

Special Teams

Bears - Hester has a nice return called back for a hold, otherwise he’s quiet.

Skins - Banks breaks one for a TD after a Bears score to tie the game at 10.


Bears – After getting to McNabb a couple of times early they cannot come up with any big stops on third down. Skins convert 6 of 11 third downs for the game.

Skins - Orakpo ends the day with 3 sacks. The rest of the defense is good for an additional 3 sacks thus reaching the magic number of 6, guaranteeing a Skins’ victory. Hail!

Skins 24 Bears 17

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