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Week 5 - Green Bay Packers

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The first 4 weeks of the season have now passed by which has already presented a range of emotions spanning the width of The Grand Canyon.

Immediate satisfaction, adoration and triumph in week one was quickly followed by heartbreak and disbelief in week two. Week three saw the rise of the evil monster known as depression along with its twin disappointment as the Redskins again failed to show life against a rebuilding team. In week 4, the return of McNabb to Philly, the Redskins again force us all into near mini-strokes as we close out on the last play.

Alas, our 2010 Washington Redskins are 2-2 and 2-0 in the division. That is worth at least a half smile or a half moon towards a Dallas fan.

This week the Green Bay Packers travel to FedEx for a week 5 matchup that before the season started I believe many penciled in as a win for Green Bay. No one has gotten out their erasers to restate that prediction and for good reason. Green Bay has a young franchise QB, stable pass D and slightly middle of the road run D. They are competitive, they come to play every Sunday, and they were involved in a phenomenal offensive slugfest in the playoffs last year and quite frankly had a very good shot at being 4-0 to start this season.

Green Bay represents a team that planned for the future at the most important position in football. Prior to Aaron Rodgers there was a young backup QB named Matt Hasselback who before injury turned out to be pretty damn good. Green Bay has missed the playoffs 3 times since 1992; in essence they are what we wish to be, consistent.

Now onto our 2010 Washington Redskins, a team that many picked to finish last in the NFC East. Many picked to have a dismal record and media headlines still surround Redskins Park about money instead of winning. I had (have depends on the day of the week) I guess the “experts” would call “lofty” expectations for the team this year, “lofty” as in .500, 8-8, nothing to write home about or write a folk song too. 8-8 wasn’t absurd was it?

Finally a starting caliber QB, an experienced coach, a GM whose father made hating Dallas rule numero uno of Redskins fandom. A defensive coordinator who is aggressive, no more 10 yard cushion cover 3’s, sack totals, interceptions and a belief that the 3-4 change wouldn’t be nearly as painful as estimated.

Then the season started and we learned that we have a starting caliber QB, an experienced coach, a competent GM and then the defense. Atrocious, abysmal and painful to watch sums it up for me. The transition hasn’t been rough; it’s been sitting on a pile of broken glass and jumping into a pool of lemon juice brutal. Can the 3-4 still work out for us? I’m not Miss Cleo or Nostradamus but I do know that we are still lacking the personnel to play this scheme effectively.

What’s that you say, all this build up and I’ve really stated nothing about the upcoming game itself?

The best news this week, a 1 pm start. I’m a superstitious one to an extent and I just believe we play better earlier. Now I could have gone back the past 10 years and wrote down our records in day games vs. night games etc. but we’ve only played late afternoon and an evening game under Shanny so with a new era comes new stats. Right now were 0-0 in day games, 1-0 in night games, and 1-2 in late afternoon games.

I expect Green Bay will win the toss, elect to receive and then score a field goal on their first possession while they establish the run forcing us into loading the box. It will then be a pick your poison for us.

However, we can win this game but it’s going to come down to mistake free offensive football, ball control, time management. WE MUST ESTABLISH THE RUN, it is why we lost to Houston and won in Philly. Possession time is important when the defense is bleeding like an artery hit by a chainsaw.

Green Bay’s defense has some holes having watched the Lions game this week. The secondary folds into very odd coverage when the pass rush is negated. Green bay’s run defense is also full of opportunities for us if we execute the zone blocking schemes well. There LB’s were out of place many times throughout the Lion’s game and there pass defense is starting to show cracks. The game plan must be effective and I believe both Shanny’s will establish that this week.

Now let’s talk about the defense. Even though we played better at Philly we still cannot get off the field on 3rd downs. In fact if it weren’t for a fumble recovery we might be staring at 1-3. Orakpo and AH draw holding penalties, they both need to be rushing the passer consistently against Green Bay. This week I don’t anticipate that the defense will suddenly “get it” nor do I expect to see 200 yards rushing on the ground but I do expect adaptation by the coaching personnel that can put us in a position to win.

Keep the defense off the field as much as possible and we can win, so that’s where I’m at for this week, we’re going to win. Say it with me “WE’RE GOING TO WIN”.

Winston Churchill said that “The pessimist finds problems in every opportunity; the optimist finds opportunity in every problem”. Green Bay is our problem and our opportunity to assert some consistency.

Final Score - Washington 20 – Green Bay 17

Out on a limb prediction – 37 carries, 186 yards rushing from the RB’s

More likely prediction – McNabb throws for 275 and 2 td’s

Even more likely prediction – The defense plays so bad Snyder starts selling Haslett voodoo dolls on

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