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Week 4 - @ Philadelphia Eagles

Blognosticator - Blondie

A blonde Hispanic reporter walks into the locker room of this BGO organization. No, she is not the reporter from Mexico. This one has a Texas accent. She is here to talk about her beloved Washington Redskins. She has a lot to say to the men in this locker room. First, she is thankful to the BGO organization for giving her this opportunity. Second, she is a bold blonde….and won’t divert her eyes. She won’t be deterred by Clinton or his package comments. No, she is here to preview the Skins Eagles game. And last but not least, she won’t write with burgundy and gold ink.


It’s time to take on those filthy Eagles…..the hated birds and their pro bowl quarterback Donavan Mc….uh….wait. Let me try that again….time to take on the nasty team and the heir apparent to the throne of McNabb……Kevin Ko……..uh oh. Hang on. Week four of the 2010 season and the NEW big bird in the city of Brotherly Love and filthy fans is none other than Michael Vick.

How did this all happen? Last year headed into Philly, NO Skins fan could ever imagine cheering for McNabb in ANY situation. And yet, here we are, one year later, and we are cheering loudly for that very same McNabb, who is now sporting the burgundy and gold number 5 jersey. Redskin fans actually WEARING McNabb jerseys!! How strange it will be to cheer FOR McNabb as the Skins run onto the field at Lincoln Field.

As the preseason began, the Skins were preparing a game plan against Philly QB Kevin Kolb. That lasted all of two quarters into the regular season. A concussion knocked him out of the season opener. In stepped a player many fans across the league revile. Michael Vick. And it didn’t take long for Andy Reid to name Vick head bird.

And unfortunately, for the Skins defense, he looked like a soaring eagle during week 3. How will the Skins defend against the Eagle offense? What is the game plan? How will McNabb’s intimate knowledge of the Eagles help lead the Skins out of Lincoln Field with a victory?

Let’s begin by looking at what the Skins bring to the table.

Skins offense: Before he ever sets foot onto the field, McNabb gives us 1 point. He knows the Eagle defense. He knows Reid. He knows the stadium. OK…..that’s really worth 2 points. However, when speaking of the Skins offense right now, one comes to mind. One dimensional.

McNabb certainly has brought something to the QB position that we have lacked for many years. I get an entirely different feeling with him behind center and dropping back to pass than I have with the last half dozen qbs And to have a quarterback NOT on his back multiple times every game is certainly more exhilarating than in years past.

With 1,000 offensive yards in 3 games, the Skins aren’t at the bottom of the league, and are moving the ball. Right? Right? If you look how those yards are attained, you realize 800 of those yards are coming through the air. (Thank you Donovan). So where is the rushing game? Where is the “rejuvenated Clinton Portis?” And who the heck is Ryan Torain? I feel like I have been sold a V8 and only 6 cylinders are firing. With a 3rd down conversion average of less than 20%, .it certainly could be a very long season. CP is on the bench in the 2nd half of the Rams game. Why? Only 140 yards TOTAL in 3 games gives a good indication of Shanny’s thought process.

For that matter, how long will Portis be listed as the number 1 back? His dropping to the turf without being hit made me wonder if his pregame song was Drop It Like It’s Hot. Don’t get excited out there. I am not advocating for CP to be benched. I AM advocating however for him to stay in the game. He is a premier blocking back. Sitting on the bench on 3rd downs make no sense to me. Shanahan has made stars out of unknowns. Is he planning to mold Torain into the next star? The lack of movement on the ground puts more pressure on the wide receivers and on Donovan to score some points.

Santana continues to bring his A game. With the rushing game so lethargic, Santana needs to eat his Wheaties. Cooley is added in the mix and right now boys and girls, this is the Skins way to win.

The Skins have scored 5 TDs in 3 games, and one of those was by a very alert DeAngelo Hall. With 9 field goal attempts it seems our Red Zone offense has faltered yet again. With an offense ranked 28th in rushing the Eagles defense may have its way with us.

Skins defense: NOT ONE WORD ABOUT THAT PLAYER. NOT ONE. The defense is allowing opposing offenses back into games. I have always been taught “never kick a man when he’s down.” FORGET THAT. KICK THEM. END THEM. DON’T LET THEM UP” The defensive touchdown allowed us to squeak by Dallas. And unfortunately, after that win, some people began to make reservations in Dallas for February 2011. We marched into St. Louis with its 1 win in 29 games, and proceeded to give the rookie QB his first win in the NFL. The Skins defense allowed 16 points in the 2nd half. Is his 3-4 defense a joke? Changing from a 4-3 to a 3-4 with the same personnel some would consider asinine. Is that guy who shall remain nameless THAT much of a distraction? Is HE that much of an asset that being without him is a tremendous loss? As far as team stats go, it doesn’t matter if he is in there or not. The prospect of Vick having his way with the Skins brings bile to my throat. With the Skins allowing their opponents an average of 435 yards per game, will Vick run amok?

LaRon is all over the place He is playing harder this year than I have seen in the past. I will certainly give him props. And it’s certain that DeAngelo wants to go to the Pro Bowl. (A free trip to Hawaii is great incentive.) But until the defense stops allowing almost 500 yards of offense per game he needs to hush and play.

What the Eagles bring to the table:

First and foremost……..Home Field Advantage. Never is going into Philly a pleasant experience. Add to that, the fans at Lincoln Financial Field will see McNabb for the first time since the trade to the Skins. The noise level next Sunday will probably cause an increase in appointments with audiologists Monday morning.

Eagles offense: One word. Michael Vick. OK….that’s two words. He can move the ball two ways. Last Sunday against the Jags, he looked like the Vick of the early years with one exception. Like the Vick of old, he threw and ran with ease. The difference this time is Vick looks more mature behind center. The Eagles offense brings an almost 50% 3rd down completion rating. Vick has spread the field in passing and rushing. DeSean Jackson must be accounted for if the Skins defense is to hold this team to minimal yardage. If they allow another game with the Eagles offense racking up over 450 yards, it won’t be a pleasant trip back to Redskin Park.

Eagles defense: The Eagle defense knows McNabb. They know his quirks. His tics. His twitches. This concerns me. They have picked 5 during the first 3 games of this season. With the Skins offense currently being so one dimensional, the odds are working against us throwing picks in this game. They are ranked 7th against the pass so the 3 and out, 28 second series may come visit the Skins again in Philly. The Eagles are allowing teams rushing yards, but unless something happens this week, I don’t see CP or RT having a 100 yard game. (I mean combined). It’s time for CP to break out the burgundy and gold Sketchers!

We can ill afford many of those 3 and out, 28 seconds, series in Philly. The more times Vick has the ball in his hands, the more likely he will burn our defense. Look for Vick to throw a couple of rockets for extremely long yardage.

As you can tell, I am not looking forward to this game. What I have seen from the first 3 games of this season make me SMH. We didn’t “blow them out” as many had predicted with the Rams. We haven’t blown anyone out. In fact, from what I have seen….it is the Skins who have blown the most.

If the Skins go into LFF and leave making Reid eat his words (I really think that is all he should be eating), and ruing the decision to trade McNabb, I will certainly be excited and admit I should have had more faith in the Skins making adjustments.

OUTCOME: How tough is this game to predict? I actually think the Eagle offense with Vick will give the Redskins a tough time. McNabb has a 92-49-1 record as quarterback for the Eagles. When he leaves LFF Sunday night, he will leave as 1-0 against the Eagles.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: How many signs will we see using ESPN acronyms with the “N” being the “N” in “McNabb”? (EASY SACK POOR McNABB)
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