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Week 11 - @ Tennessee Titans

Blognosticator - servumtuum

I had a general idea of what I was going to write until Monday night.

I decided to come up with something else.

How to beat the Titans or, more accurately, how to make them lose.

The Titans have weaknesses in their game that make them vulnerable to losing-four teams have done it and they have some things in common in their wins.

I going with generalities first and then more specific factors.

Go into the halftime with the lead. The Titans are not a strong comeback team when down. Their performance as a team in the second half of games is generally not as good as in the first half and they've lost every game in which they were behind at the half. In three games they were tied at halftime-New York, Philly and Miami and won two out of three of those.

As I said the teams that have beaten the Titans-Pittsburgh, Denver, San Diego and Miami have some things in common in they're wins.

First and foremost-a strong showing in the passing game by the QB. This means, for the
Redskins, the first and second quarter of the Titans game needs to look like the second
quarter of Monday night both in how well the offense is putting up points in order to grab a quick lead to carry into the second half.

Second, a good field-goal kicker to kick at least three and preferably four field goals. The Titans have had 23 field goals kicked against them so far this season and 13 of those were in their four losses. In two of them the field goal totals exceeded the final winning point margin.

Pittsburgh wins 19-11 - 12 Pittsburgh points from FGs

Denver wins 26-20 - 12 Denver points from FGs

San Diego wins 33-25 - 6 San Diego points from FGs

Miami wins 29-17 - 9 Miami points from FGs

Graham Gano needs to help score points.

Win the turnover battle. Tennessee has committed 16 fumbles and lost 10. They also lost the turnover battle in every game they've lost.

Hold down their third down conversion percentage. They were 31% or lower in all four
losses. Something the Redskins are good at (2nd in the league) is holding down opponents third down percentages.

Chris Johnson is a big-play RB averaging a not-spectacular 4,3 yards per carry but once he reaches the second level he's as fast as Brandon Banks and much bigger and stronger. The Titans run more often than they pass and 57% of their runs come up the middle so clogging the middle will be a high priority for the defense.

There is one factor weakening the Titans more than any other. Kerry Collins is out for several weeks with a knee injury sustained in the Miami game and Vince Young is hobbled from his knee and ankle injuries and his performance both in passing and running has suffered in the last couple of games. He also has a tendency to fumble when hit either in a sack or while running so a couple hard sacks or hits would likely result in turnover for the Redskins.

The most dangerous player for the Redskins to deal with, I think, is Randy Moss solely because we have no one capable of covering him should he decide to play seriously. The key there might be just harassing Young.

If the Redskins do most if not all of the above I believe they can win this game.

Will they?

Toss a coin. I have no way to predict what they will do.

I'm supposed to predict an outcome-which I hate because there are too many variables to
contend with. So what I'll do is posit a scenario of the Redskins doing enough of the above items to come out with a 24-20 win.

Sorry, but it's the best I can come up with at this time.
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