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Waving the White Flag?

Eagles fans have awakened from a dream only to discover it has turned into a nightmare.

The times are indeed a'changing.

There are more threads about mock drafts and the kind of "send off" Reid will/should get than there are about Sunday's game. That one seems to be almost a foregone conclusion among most Eagles' fans.

Did you ever think you would read stuff like this from Eagles fans?

Cousins looked really good in pre season and looks good starting. They will trade him to get some of those picks back they gave up for RG3. The Skins will be the best team in the division for years.

Cousins looks like he could actually be starter worthy in a year or two. Now thats a guy with potential
The Eagle d is looking so much better under Brasher and Bowles.Don't think RG3 is gonna have huge numbers,well I take that back he will probably score a lot since they will be starting inside the Eagle 30 at least 4 times!

I have never seen a team so bad coughing up the ball.Their gonna break records.
no not under bowles, under bowles we have pretty much sucked, barely any takeaways, opposing QB's have had a completion % close to 70, yesterday vs the Bengals it was our D line and Lb's who played better and thats why it seemed as if our D has been good. Bowles sucks.
This little argument should sound familiar to Skins fans.

I'm over the whole draft pick thing now. 10 losses gets us a good draft pick no matter what, and if Foles really is the real deal then getting a really high pick becomes even less important. It would be nice to have, but it's not necessary enough for me not to want to win these last 2 games and say goodbye to football season on a positive note.

If this team is as bad as our record indicates (which I don't believe to be the case), then a top 3 pick isn't enough to put us back into contention right away anyway. If we're not really that bad of a team (we're not), then a top 3 pick is not necessary to right the ship.

How anybody could NOT want this nightmare season to end with 2 potential season spoiling wins over Washington and NY is hard for me to comprehend. **** the draft pick. We're very likely at least picking in the top 10 regardless. That's good enough for me if it means we can knock one or both of these teams out of the playoffs and go out on a high note.
After this disappointing season wtf would be the point of beating 2 divisional foes going to do for us?? They are tied for the division lead anyways whoever makes it makes it, why should it matter to us?? Those 2 wins can mean the difference from picking top 5 and picking 13th or 14th. Those 8 spots are huge

At least having high picks will help us whether it be getting more assets because some teams might want to move up ala the Cowboys, Skins and Jags I think from last year and look at what those teams gave up to move up. They gave a high pick just to move up.

Not to mention if you want the best tackle in the draft being positioned with the third pick behind the Chiefs and Jags would be the best case scenario.

Those teams already have young franchise left tackles in place and will more than likely take a QB or defensive stud which both can use.

Wanting two wins just for some weird personal satisfaction at this point is nuts. I rather guarantee the picking in the top 5 and let those 3 teams tied for the division fight it out and do whatever they got to do and worry about our franchises future going forward with the best possible actions possible.

What did those 4 wins last year near the end of the season do for us?? It only cost us a third or whatever we gave the seahawks to move up to get Cox. We could've saved that asset and used it to fill the safety spot for example.
Some posts were almost unbelievable.

So out of the three who would you guys rather have win the division?

Id say redskins. Giants always manage to win a superbowl if they sneak in and dallas...well **** dallas
I want the RGIIIskins to make it.

I love that man.
JBendz put a little twist in is response.

Redskins and it's not even close. They've sucked for so long that I haven't been able to have any hatred towards them. That being said, it would be pretty damn heartbreaking to see them win a super bowl before we do. **** that noise. I hope the Skins make it in and get booted in the first round.
I love RG3 as well but if we dont manage to bounce back next year then it becomes a real possibility that we trade places with them as bottom feeders in the division and they could very well win a super bowl before us, maybe multiple ones, but if foles works out then all that becomes irrelevant and it'll be quite the rivalry between us and the skins while the giants find a replacement for eli and the cowboys wait til jerry goes senile and gives up the team. I really hate that griffin went to washington lol
This would be a big, multipurpose loss. Need it for draft positioning but also so the Redskins can keep pace and take the division from the Giants and Cowboys, which would be great.
Predictions went even beyond what I expected.

RG3 is going to fry us... I think we are going to get blown out. They are now leading the playoff race so they are going to play hard and the eagles are going to turn the ball over at least 4 times as usual so... I cant see this game ending any other way than in a blowout embarrassing fashion

Something like.... 45-17
34-17 skins
32-13 without RG3...48-13 with him
There were a few brave souls but they were rare.

MD Eagles Fan
Eagles 27
Skins 24
This, of course, got a reply.

Found your flux capacitor over the weekend I see.

31-13 Skins
MD Eagles Fan
Trying reverse psychology.
38-10 Skins
2 Bryce Brown Fumbles
1 Jeremy Maclin injury
I really don't think we'll get blown out IF we don't turn the ball over. But I do think we'll still lose either way.
Turnovers or not, the skins will come ready to play with now a healthy Griffin and my choice to win the division.
Well I don't give a damn who's better than us, I still want the skins and giants to lose and whoever gose to the playoffs let it be ONE AND DONE! and I'll be so happy, then they all can join us on the couch together na nanny boo boo jackasses! GO EAGLES!
Knowing the Eagles and knowing Dallas needs us to win out and for them to win out, Eagles will win 34-21 just to F things up and help Dallas get in the playoffs.
There was a bit of spite that showed up.

I don't care about week 17. I'm hoping that the Eagles can get their **** together for four straight quarters and smoke the damn Redskins. Most annoying fans in the NFL.
This one summed up what a number of Eagles fans were expressing.

If RG3 is hoisting a Lombardi trophy 2 months from now, and D.C. gets a parade after "being so irrelevant" for so long, while we were dominant for so long and are still sitting here waiting to win our FIRST, I bet you'll be singing a different tune.

Honestly I'd rather the Giants win another one before Washington wins one. We've already seen them win 2, adding a 3rd wouldn't hurt that much more. But if the ****ing Redskins leap frog us after all these years and get one before we do, that would be a new low imho.

Eight years ago, if I would have told you the Redskins would win a super bowl before we do, you probably would have laughed at me. The fact that it is now actually even a realistic possibility is bad enough.

You may not hate them because they've been so irrelevant for so long. I share that sentiment. But they are still a division foe, and believe me, if they somehow DID go on to win the super bowl this year, it would not take long for that hatred to be rekindled.

I like RG3 as a player as well, but that hibernating hatred for the Skins plays a role in that. If he were drafted by the Cowboys, I'd despise him. But this guy is surely going to be a thorn in our side for many years to come, it's not long before we hate him too. I'll always respect him, but I highly doubt I'll be able to "like" him. Demarcus Ware is an absolute beast and very fun to watch, but I still hate him with a passion. If he played anywhere else (outside of the division) he'd probably be one of my favorite players. That's just how it goes. I'm sure the same thing will apply to RG3 in a couple years.

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