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Updates and An Early Look at the Redskins 2019 Draft

Quick Writer's Note: Apologies for the lack of post for the past two weeks. A combination of hectic work schedule, some life issues and some technical issues made me take a brief hiatus. My goal is to try and do two posts a week during the season. That said I plan to do a bunch of my BYE week catch up this weekend, starting with this article.

An Early Look At The Redskins 2019 Draft

Many would tell me that this is way too early and why would I write an article like this when the 'Skins are 2-1. Well, record really has nothing to do with it. The Redskins can always improve in talent and players will be lost as free agents when the 2019 off-season begins. As many have said, the NFL is a business and this is a way of life for the teams, coaches and players. I did want to do this early now that it's clear that any remaining free agents from the Redskins won't be getting a major contract that will change the balance of compensatory picks, same with the team signing a player that could make them lose a pick. For example Bashaud Breeland signed a minimal deal with the Packers last week and if Junior Galette signs somewhere, I doubt he'll get anything close to what the Redskins offered him in March.

The Redskins lost a great deal of players to free agency in 2018. Unfortunately, as per league rules, the team can only gain a max of 4 compensatory picks per season (this does not include trades during and before the draft). Per the Over The Cap Compensatory Picks Chart, the Redskins qualify for 6 compensatory picks but will only get the top four of those picks.

With the comp. picks round placement set, we have a good idea where the Redskins will be picking during days 1-3 of the 2019 draft. Here is the list of picks and round for which the Redskins will be picking.

Redskins 2019 Draft Picks

Round 1 (1)
Round 2 (1)
Round 3 (1)
Round 3 (Compensatory Pick: Kirk Cousins)
Round 4 (1)
Round 5 (1)
Round 5 (Compensatory Pick: Trent Murphy)
Round 6 (2018 Supplemental Draft Pick: Adonis Alexander)
Round 6 (Compensatory Pick: Ryan Grant)
Round 6 (Compensatory Pick: Terrelle Pryor)
Round 7 (1)

So, this give the Redskins a total of 10 draft picks to use in the 2019 draft. In the past, I would have expected the team to use most of their picks to build the roster in both depth and talent but this upcoming year I wouldn't be surprised in the right situation to see the team trade up because I don't see the team having all 10 draftees make the final 53 and the team tends to keep most of their draftees on the final roster with some minor exceptions here and there.

What are the biggest team needs and where does the team address them in the draft? Well, I'm glad you asked. This is my early thoughts on where I see the Redskins going in the draft. Please note that I haven't even started looking at college players, draft boards or where the talent will be based on when the Redskins might be picking so take the actual picks per round with a grain of salt as they we clearly change as we get closer to April/May of 2019.

Round 1

Wide Receiver - There is still a chance for Josh Doctson to be the player that former ESPN 980 radio host Kevin Sheehan thought he would be at the NFL level. I'd say we'll have a good idea where he is developmentally by the end of the season. That said, the Redskins have a lot of players with potential but little have shown results. Jamison Crowder will be a free agent at the end of the season and one can argue that he is currently the team's most productive WR. Maurice Harris has been a non-factor with a concussion. Malcolm Floyd and Brian Quick are on one year deals and Robert Davis, Trey Quinn and Cam Sims are all on IR. It is possible that the team will look at free agency again to find solid depth and a potential starter like Paul Richardson, but they may consider the draft an option here especially if they continue their winning ways and have a late 1st round pick.

Round 2​

Outside Linebacker - Preston Smith is in a contract year and has yet to show the Redskins that he deserves a big 2nd contract. McPhee is on a one year deal and Ryan Anderson doesn't look like he should be starting at this position. The Redskins have a history (2014, 2015, 2017) of drafting OLBs in the 2nd round. It has been an okay move in the past and they might do it again if there is a player they like. WR or G could also make sense.

Round 3

Guard - The Redskins failed to address this critical need in the 2018 draft and are now hoping that Shaun Lauvao or moving Chase Roullier to Guard can hold the position. The Redskins have done well in the 3rd round recently with offensive linemen so if the talent is here this may be the round they target. That said, it seems with modern college offenses that it is harder and harder to find Guard talent in the NFL. The team may draft higher to find their guy if need be.

QB - The Redskins currently have no quarterback of the future on their roster. With Colt McCoy's current contract running through 2019, it would be prudent to look for a future backup and potential starter behind Alex Smith. It would also be a bit ironic if they use the Kirk Cousins comp. pick to find their next QB.

Rounds 4-7

Depth - The team can never have enough good players to follow in the next man up mentality that is the NFL. C/G, G/T, DL, LB, CB, S and TE could all be addressed. At this point BPA based on the board is the key.

I hope you've enjoyed a brief glimpse of the future and let me know what you think about the Redskins 2019 draft. Where do you think the Redskins will go with their early day one and two picks? Again let me know in the comments or let me know on Twitter @HmBrewer72.

If you're curious on learning more about the Compensatory Pick process and the equation to determine said picks, Over The Cap has an amazing article on the topic and how they believe the process works. You can read that article HERE.
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