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Two Things

Yeah, I know. It's been a while. But let's be honest: the last two years haven't been much fun for Redskins fans. 2012 was ah-mazing; I've already started to repress 2013 and 14. Anyhow, it's the start of the 2015 season, and I'm sure this will get lost in the shuffle of our first gameday of the season, but I want to get something off my chest.

Two something's, actually.

First, Screw You, Mike Shanahan. Yeah, that one's like a 234986849 on the Obvious Scale, I know. But still I think it needs to be said. Watching this off season progress (are we sure that's the right word? Regress?), watching my favorite sport's franchise devolve increasingly into a clown show circus was awful. The fact that my favorite Redskins player in a decade should be cut in order to minimize distraction, the fact that the QB who brought so much joy to all of us (do you remember crushing Dallas in Dallas on Thanksgiving?) has sunk so low as to be considered a punchline much moreso than a QB, the fact that a player who submitted an historic rookie season, beating out Andrew Luck shouldn't and probably won't play another snap as a Redskins player can be laid at your feet, Mike Shanahan. So thanks for that turd sandwich, which I would love to return to you sometime. If I ever meet you, don't be surprised if I shake your hand, tell you I have something for you and then run off to the bathroom real quick. Spoiler alert: you deserve it, you piece of shit.

In fact, I'm proposing a change here at BGO. I think it's time to retire the Scott Brunell line. If we want to pull it out for old time's sake from time to time, I'm cool with that. But if McLovin's wife gets a hangnail and goes batshit crazy again, I'm blaming Shanahan. If Cousins throws 3 INTs in a half, that shit is definitely on Shanahan. You know what? I'm pretty sure we can blame Gruden's apparent weight problem on Shanahan.

I could keep going, but would encourage you to post your own ideas. It's eerily cathartic. :twitch:

So thanks again, Mike Shanahan, for taking something wonderful and turning it into what you are, a piece of shit.

OK, feeling somewhat better now. Onto the second thing.

I have been an outspoken critic of Jay Gruden. My issues with his management last year have been well documented and do not need to be rehashed here. I have doubt about his ability as a head coach moving forward, BUT (and this is a J-Lo sized butt), I am going to be as supportive as possible, because I really want to see what he can do without the RGIII circus in town. I'm curious if his performance last year was dismal because of his coaching ability (or lack thereof) or due to the craziness surrounding his QB. I think probably a combination of both, but I want to find out this year for myself.

And as an adult (my wife is laughing right now. Stop it. No seriously, this is getting embarrassing) with the capacity to grow and change (I'm concerned now, she's not breathing - may need to take a trip to the ER), I'm going to extend that same benefit of the doubt to Gruden. I saw a recent interview with him where he acknowledged that he handled some things poorly last season and would make some changes moving forward. Hopefully, that was more than lip service. Hopefully, Jay took the time to self-examine and saw some places he could improve. And hopefully he made some changes. Bringing in the new coaches was a great start.

Which leaves one more thing. I know, I said two things, but this last one is really an extension of the first two.

We need to cut Robert Griffin. Now. Not tomorrow, not next month. Now. He passed the concussion protocol, and the whole team needs to move on. This may be the hardest sentence I've ever typed, but here goes. It isn't fair to Gruden to keep him around. The first time Cousins throws a pick, or misses a receiver, the murmurs are going to start. God forbid he have a bad game, which we all know doesn't happen to any other QBs, even HOF ones. Remove the distraction from the equation and let EVERYONE get on with their lives and careers. Let Robert sign with a different team, sit on the bench for a couple of years and learn. And let Kirk and Jay grow and develop together.

It's what's most fair for everyone involved, and yes, I'm including the fans in that statement.

Oh, and **** you, Mike Shanahan.

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