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To win or not to win...that is the question.

Andrew Luck may be the most mind-warping thing that has happened to the fans of underacheiving NFL teams...ever. He's even toppled Tony Sparano from the top of the "Things To Go Crazy About" list for Dolphins fans. (Actually Sparano's departure is pretty much a given among Phins fans)

"Suck for Luck" is the point-counterpoint for most discussions of Sundays visit by the Redskins (S4L, SFL, are the acronyms for Suck for Luck here):

CF DolFan
We are quietly supporting the "Suck for Luck" and "Losing for Landry" campaigns.

This post was after the win over the Chiefs:
Yesterday's win was bittersweet. It's really sad when you think about what could've been. This team had this in them all along, but they chose to screw around. Now they're gonna bring the juice and end up shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to acquiring a stud QB in next year's draft.

"With the 12th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select.... Offensive Lineman XXXXXXXXXXXX"

If this happens, I will leave a huge dump on Mr. Ross's front porch.

Ed Norton
As crazy as it sounds this franchise could be headed for big trouble with a win Sunday.

It could be either a very expensive trade up for a QB, draft later QB that you or nobody else really wants, or the usual bring in a failure from another NFL team.

Well now i think there is NO shot for Luck! We are going to win at least 1 more that will be against Washington. So now the dilema is who do they draft if they get the 3rd pick? I say trade down a few and get a few more picks

The season is half over. If Indy wins 1 game we are back in the race for Luck. You act like we have a 4 game lead on them. Have faith.

Don't worry S4L fans. It's a home game

We are going to win again get the kool aid ready SFLers

Not happening. The pass rush of combo of Orakpo and Kerrigan will give the O-line fits. Plus its a home game for us so we automatically have a disadvantage there.

Vertical Limit
Just got to hope the Colts pull off a win against the Jaguars next week.. it's possible..

John Beck to get his revenge next week.

Uh, let's just say opinions vary about John Beck:

Adam First
Beck is incapable of winning a professional football game.

I think Beck would find a way to lose to the Colts. To say he blows does an injustice to players like Ginn and Jason Allen who actually serve some purpose on a team. John Beck is to blow what Pablo Escobar was to blow...

John Beck

The Dolphins will win this game by 2+ TDs.

You guys are crazy. We lost to Tim ****ing Tebow. John Beck will throw four TDs and run two in himself.

I really don't see any chance Washington wins, unless Beck gets busted in half and Grossman comes in.

Beck is probably foaming at the mouth - I'm sure he wants this game bad. However, how this guy is still a starting QB boggles my mind. He must have naked pics of Shanahan.

Of course, all former Fins play like 'Hall of Famer's' against us...Daunte, Welker, Ninkovitch, Konrad, Morris, Carpenter, Izzo, Byars, etc.....I wouldn't be shocked if he threw for 500 yards against us.

I smell another Dolphins victory.

Redskins fans haven't cornered the market on angst either:

zach attack
I don't want them to lose any game, I just don't expect them to win any game. I just watch, and like others have said, win or lose I'm just numb to it.

Tony is most likely to get wacked at the end of the season and we dont know who is coming in. With the post season out of reach all these players have left to play for are incentives and a highlight tape for next seasons FA market. With every win the team is now sinking the boat for a team they will most likely not be on. They are not playing for Tony they are playing for money. This is not S4L this is what it is. Seriously how many of our starters can survive a regime change?

I was getting tired of seeing the phrase "must win game...but this?

Ryan 1973
I am still hoping for the Dolphins to get the #1 pick and draft Luck. I thought the game against the Redskins would be the one game they win. So now that they beat the Chiefs, this game becomes a must lose to make up for winning last week. If they lose and the Colts beat the Jaguars at home, then we are back to being tied with the worst record again.

A "must lose" game? Damn. Now I've seen it all.

This post from Vaark gets the award for " I Wish I Had Thought Of This To Post In The 'Why Do We Still Care' Thread."

For me it's like being on a barstool facing a hot woman with her knee conveniently between your thighs. Inevitably whether you're in a committed relationship or not, nature is probably gonna take its course.

Same deal with Fins wins if that's the way you've always been wired: you may well understand that in the big picture coming out on top could hurt you and your future, but at that point in time, as if by reflex, a win feels so damn gratifyingly satisfying!

Beautiful simile. :)

One Dolphins forum did a "Who's gonna win" poll. These are the results as of 9PM Thursday.

View Poll Results: who wins?
Redskins 4 30.77%
Dolphins 9 69.23%
Voters: 13. You may not vote on this poll

Well, let's see if we can't make some of the Dolphins fans happy-the S4L crowd that is. :)
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