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Time to Wake Up

I had the weirdest dream the other day. The Skins were just... bad. Really, really bad. Painful at times to watch. Fumbles, turnovers, couldn't sustain drives, Griffin sloppy and ineffective.

Bad, bad dream.

I mean, we lost to this gimmick college offense one game, and it was awful. Another team's starting RB said he sat out because his team didn't need him to win. And they didn't. Ugh.

Whatever. I'm just glad the real season starts today. I have no idea why the NFL reduced the games from 16 to 12 for 2013, but I'm just glad the real games start today. I've been waiting for the Skins to look like they did last year, before Griff's injury, and I'm betting it happens today.

And it couldn't happen against a more appropriate team. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Tony Romo will not lose this game tonight - Robert will win it for us. Romo may make some mistakes, but this is the game Robert reminds everyone why he won rookie of the year over Luck and Wilson, and why until his injury there were a lot of folks saying he was the best long-term prospect of the three (four, if you include Kaepernick).

It starts with Alfred Morris. Morris desperately needs a big game, and he is going to have one tonight. He will take the focus off Griff, and we will start to see some of the deep throws that we all loved so much last year. In my dream, Griff had been looking better and better, and now that he has played his preseason, he won't be perfect, but he will be ready.

Mark it down. A year ago against the Cowboys, Robert Griffin announced his presence with authority on the NFL stage. Today, it will happen again.

Expect a lot of "Oh yeah"s after the game.


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