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They're not afraid of the Redskins...are they?

49ers fans are mostly confident about this game, with some nervousness included, but they don't agree on how easy it will be. They're also mostly projecting the score to be closer than some Redskins fans think it will be.

At least nobody called it a "must win" game.

Gotta play better, Usually when a team gets embarrassed (I.E. Shut Wash. was today) They come out the following week trying to prove they are a better team than they showed the week before.... I optimistic that we can go to the East coast and get another win, but I don't think it'll be easy!

out of division road games on the east coast always worry me...and yes i know the 'skins are horrible..but still i'm worried

The Niners need to be careful with this one. After a shut out, Shanahan might come out swinging.

They have been paying at least some attention to the Redskins:

I hope they stick with Beck one more week!!

Shorteous got a reply:


That's the expectation in town. Basically it sounds like Beck is in for at least another week. The thinking goes like this: You know what you're gonna get with Grossman--a big steaming pile of turnovers and a fat, immobile target in the pocket. On the other hand, the Shanahans are still trying to figure out what Beck brings to the table behind a really banged up O-line. If nothing else, Beck can scramble and it seems reasonable to expect that vs. our front seven that scrambling ability will be an important aspect of the Shanahans' decision.

... We'd be foolish to look past the Skins--and I'm sure Coach Harbaugh will show the team a Saints/Rams highlight reel.

How has the Wash D been this year?
Pretty good pass rush, mediocre in all other phases

Interesting assessment here:

Should be a win but as with any game 49ers can't over look them. They are one of those teams that can be tough as nails for a game then tank the next 3. However, I think we should do well. I hope to see a better performance from our O.


Front seven should have their way with Beck/Grossman. Seriously...9 sacks given up today by their O line? Wow.

We should def win this. It's another one of those games where we don't need to do much. Get the run game going, let the defense destroy them, and Alex just needs to do enough and we will pull off a 27-17 type victory. I know people want fantasy stat games but honestly we are winning with the formula we have.
I do wish that we would go for the kill just a little more in the red zone.


Beck, Torrain, and a Moss-less WRing core doesn't scare me. If we continue to execute and play turnover-free football, we should be fine. It seems we're catching the NFC East teams at the right time. We beat Philly when they were in disarray (don't know if we would've beaten the Eagles of last night, though) and now it appears we'll be hosting a very rock-bottom Redskins. 49ers: 23. Redskins: 13

Glad we don't have to deal with Santana Moss, I like our chances.

Yeah...I bet you are glad.


We are a 6-1 team, a very GOOD football team. This team still makes mistakes though, which only gets me more pumped to know that when we fix these mistakes, i can only imagine how dominant we can be. We are 6-1 and STILL getting better. Thats a scary thought. 9ers are back baby.

We go into Washington and take a convincing 24-13 victory.

We might get 10 sacks in this game. We might force 5 or 6 turnovers. They might rush the ball 15 times for 5 yards. It's going to be ugly

This guy, Niners99, seemed to have uncomfortably accurate insights.


I was slightly concerned about this game a few weeks ago, but the Redskins have really gone down the toilet lately. theyre banged up, and weve already beaten 3 better teams on the road this year.
You never want to take a team with a good D lightly, but this is a business trip, and the 49ers are a very good team this year. I think we take care of business and come back home 7-1. Washington just doesnt have any weapons. John Beck throwing to Jabar Gaffney? Ryan Torain going up against our run D? Santana Moss is out, Tim Hightower and his check down ability that torched us when he was in AZ is out for the season too.

As long as we dont play like we did in the 2nd half of the Browns game, this should be a win.

Niners99 has a cautious side however.

I know its been a fun 7 games, but did you forget the 49ers have been a horrible team for the last 8 years? we dont beat ourselves with turnovers, and the playcalling is above the retard level now. Lets not get carried away with game predictions like a Patriots fan, who just mark wins on every game, then come up with 100 excuses for every loss, and how they got screwed.

Some posts raise eyebrows:

As much as I hate to say it, I expect a letdown. Another east coast game against a proud team with more than competent coaching staff. That being said, their offense is dreadful and our defense is great. Niners 13-6.

Uh...gunslinger, you might get some debate from Skins fans on that more than competent coaching staff thing....:rolleyes:


Next Sunday has the makings of a trap game. Don't be suprised to see the niners come out flat next Sunday. The niners have to travel cross-country and play an early game against a 'skins team that is going to be easy to underestimate. I'm interested to see how well Harbaugh keeps the team focused.


Winning on the road and an eastern time zone is always tough. We have done it three times this year against better teams. This is gonna be another one of those games that are going to test us. Niners 24 Redskins 21.

The Skins have a solid defense and IMO are a QB away from being relevant again

Sjceruti, did you steal that from a Skins forum?

they also have serious O-line issues and RB issues. And they really could use a legit WR1. But other than that, maybe.

They do have a solid defense.

They know they will not be able to run against us and are having problems stopping the run, so expect Gore to have another BIG game.


Our run defense = Redskins having to pass after giving up 9 sacks and with no Santana Moss.
This will be pretty for them.
Only thing that really worries me is we have an early game on the east coast.

There are still doubts about Alex Smith though:


This is going to be a dog fight. I don't think we will run at Washington, so this game is on Alex Smith's shoulders


You cant say anything negative without everyone freaking out. Saying Alex Smith isn't very good is a compliment. Were 6-1, otherwise saying he sucked would still be the norm. Alex can be Trent Dilfer for us, but he's not ever gonna be a Pro Bowl guy, Superbowl guy....Top 5 type guy

if they can't run the ball on us, they won't win. beck isn't that good and they have protection issues to compound that.

i could see that game being the one where alex finally lays an egg and throws multiple picks.

It was probably inevitable that somebody would mention 'Los:


This is the game WE REALLY AIR IT OUT, Washington should at least be 30th defending the pass after today's shut-out to the Bills; and Carlos Rogers wants some revenge.

...Carlos Rodgers will be Skins' leading WR.

Final note-by a 49ers fan with a very ironic user ID.

We are going to have some ppl out of the game too. Once again I have to write why we are going to have a difficult game or lose so that I don't jinx the niners. I've been doing this every week (Giant's commericial where guy falls of ladder on purpose because that's what he did when they won the WS) Anyway,w e have to fly back East =Jet lag, Teams now have more film on us so they know how to stop us and where our weak points are. Brandon is going to come back and haunt us. Seriously though, on any given Sunday . . . and we are getting a little too cocky and think we already have the game won. Like they really are the Deadskins. No they are not going to just walk out on the field and roll over. They are going to play the very best that they can so we don't beat them. Who gave the Rams a chance against the Saints? The Seahawks vs NY Giants?? Redskins vs 49ers??? Beware of the Ides of March

I hope he's right.
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