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There is just so much to unpack from that game Saturday night. Some good, enough bad to write a novel. So, lets dive right on in.

1 - Alex Smith being completely inactive and not even dressed. Really? I didn't hear ANYTHING about that during the week, and Montez taking reps with any of the teams was never reported once. That is a total lack of preparation on the part of the coaches...and almost bit us in the butt when Heinecke was injured. Thank goodness he came back in and didn't miss a single snap.

2 - Ron's lack of emotion. Once again the refs screw us over and Ron does not say anything. What happened to the fiery head coach that will fight for his players? He just kind of stands there and lets whatever happens happen. Gruden did that and it pissed me off every time! Hopefully Ron gets some fire back in his soul and starts to challenge these refs.

3 - Gibson. If anyone on this site thinks he was healthy enough to play I would like to hear their thoughts. He had zero burst, couldn't move the pile, and seemed to be at half speed. He should have never been in there to begin with. Teams aren't fooled by it one bit so he is just a hinderance to the run game. Where was Barber? Why the heck is Lamar Miller even on this team if he's not going to suit up and play?

4 - The OL. Outside of Roullier, this OL is just ridiculous. As soon as Gibson would get the ball he was getting hit. Taylor was running for his life as much as he was able to do anything else. The TD run that he had was ONLY because of the moves he made to get out of that non-existent pocket that was rarely there at all. We need to concentrate on OL during the draft big time this season.

5 - Sims and Sims. They need to be cut and cut immediately. They cost us points, first downs, they kill drives, and the one or 2 plays they have during the games aren't enough to justify them being there. Cam makes it 10x harder on himself than he should. He can sky for a ball and catch between two defenders, but drops the pass that is right on the money. Steven is just not living up to the hype. We need to see if AGG or someone else can do what he does....without all the drops.

6 - Chase Young. Well, this is a first and hopefully only time he is on this list. But, he was nowhere he needed to be all game. He constantly tried the outside move and would be out of the play most of the time. I saw him get blocked by Gronk as well as a RB a few times. For a guy who "wanted Tom" I don't think he did anything he should have. That was terrible.
7 - the coaching. Every single week its the same thing. Turner gets cute and tries to do too much he shouldn't. Not one screen even though we run that with JD better than most teams do. That onside kick....REALLY?!! You thought you would catch them (when the new rules make it nearly impossible) and end up giving Brady a short field while he has momentum?

There were some real positives from the game though. Some things that really help me think we are headed in the right direction.

Taylor is the real deal. He deserves a shot in camp to prove it. With Taylor starting and Allen competing for it we can be set enough at QB that we don't need to try and push for one in the draft.

Logan Thomas has emerged as one of the receivers we know we can count on with sure hands. That means we can finally cut ties with Sprinkle. That guy....sheesh! We need to concentrate on WR in the draft, and in doing so, will help Logan even more to get open an develop more.

I am still just happy we made it to the game. As far as I was concerned this was just house money we were playing with, and no matter the outcome we proved we could do it. Everyone who watched the game told me they were very impressed by the team. If Chase was a factor, if Gibson was out, if a few catches were made....this could be a different kind of post. Next season I think it will be.

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