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The Vikings: QB coin toss

There was a lot of discussion among Vikes fans about Griffin and McCoy-who they thought they might face, and who they would rather face.


Jay Gruden says that RG3 is "very, very, very close" to being ready to start, which means he'll probably start Sunday vs. the Vikes. IMO

that's better for us than McCoy starting. RG3 hasn't played since week 2 and is likely rusty. McCoy is coming off a road win vs. Dallas and

looked very competent under center. I'd rather we face the rusty, can-only-beat-us-by-running QB.

I think Gruden would be making a mistake by benching McCoy, but it might be interesting to see how Zimmer game plans for a running QB as we

haven't faced one yet this season.


RG3. They gave away a gold mine for him. They need to know without a doubt if he is a franchise guy or not and the only way to do that is

continually play him.


I like McCoy, I'm a Texas homer though. That said, RGIII is very close to being out of the league if he cannot stay healthy. So I'd run with

McCoy and RGIII should hope they run with McCoy to save him against our STUD DEFENSE!


Yes if all they care about is a win this week then McCoy would be a better option. But if they are looking long term, which is what they

should be doing, they need to play RG3. A player who is hurt all the time isn't worth having a roster spot. Being a franchise QB you have to

prove to stay healthy. That is part of the deal too. So again I go back to my original post in that long term thinking then they need to start



Both. Start RG3 and when he gets injured bring in Pony McBoy.


I still think rg3 is the better qb so I'd rather see mccoy


Yeah id rather see McCoy too..If I remember right RG3 was pretty much the reason why the Skins beat us a few years ago and even though McCoy

played decent last night he is still a 3rd stringer almost out of the league QB for a reason.

I'd rather take my chances on a meh QB like McCoy instead of dealing with a talented QB like Griff even with a rusty sore ankle.


Interesting assessment of the likelihood RG3 gets a win Sunday:

"Griffin needs to pull the plug on any talk of McCoy keeping the job by coming back and playing well. It’ll be easier to play well against the

Vikings, whose three wins have come against the Rams, Falcons, and Buccaneers." PFT

IMO that's ignoring the fact that we have a d*mn good defense this year. I doubt it's going to be as "easy" as they may think.


Glad to hear RGIII is playing. I'd rather beat teams at their best. If we can't beat him, we don't deserve to win.

I am nervous about pretty much every game the Vikings play. 40+ years of being a Vikings fan will do that to a person.
I always want them to win, but rarely am I ever confident. The bigger the game, the greater the anxiety.


Vikings have to find a way to win this one. Find a way, anyway. A good running game should help with slowing down the rush, sell the play

action, hit Jarius Wright for a couple big plays, run some double reverses with Wright and Patterson, some read option maybe. Force some

turnovers, limit time on the field for the D. Play hard for 60 minutes. Did I leave anything out?


Their defense is middle of the pack which is good enough to stop our bottom of the pack offense.

Our defense will hold as long as it can against their offense (regardless of QB) and probably break down towards the end of the game.

It'll be a close one, I think, but I don't see the Vikings winning it.


I was pretty impressed by Colt McCoy this week. For a guy who has had little practice, he came in with confidence and LED the team. Their

defense is OK, certainly MUCH better then the sad joke they call a team in Tampa Bay--and we struggled mightily against Tampa.....soooo, it is

safe to say i am not banking on a Vikings victory this week. However, I think we CAN win and if we do I will give Zim a ton of credit.


I was hoping Cousins would start. McCoy is coming off one of the best victories ive seen in a while. I love RG3, but it would just be my luck

he starts and beats us. This is going to be another close game. I am hoping McKinnon and CP get a lot of action close to the los. Make the

Redskins pay for blitzing Teddy.

Our D seems to be improving every game, lets hope it continues. This is going to be a close game, and our fans need a home victory.


after watching the redskins against Dallas I'd say we don't have a prayer to win this game. The only Plus for us is RG3 starting. He's not

fully healed from 2 years ago let alone his ankle. He has bust written all over him. He Plays with reckless abandon not suited for a QB. Andrew

Luck has shown to be a Way way way way better QB. Redskins 35-10


I think this games comes down to turn overs ...

If we can play mistake free or close to it; I think we win
the Redskins can put up a lot of points in some games though.
40 plus a few times .. should be a good game....

J. Kapp 11

I'm not all that upset about RG3 starting.

He's not the same guy who torched us as a rookie. He's lost confidence, and he's not the runner he was then, especially coming off an injury.

He's not a good pocket passer, and Gruden doesn't run much read-option, so he's looked very uncomfortable in Gruden's system.

I actually think Colt McCoy might have been a bigger threat.


I think our offense is serviceable this week, with McKinnon having another nice game. I think our receivers can really expose those safeties

in coverage, so it comes down to how well Teddy and the pass protection fare...which won't be a particularly easy task.

As for our defense, Griffin should be a bit rusty and I think our D-Line can be an imposing force. The receivers can straight up BURN though, so

I expect a lot of dual deep safety looks. The big factor on this side should be how well our LBs can handle the middle of the field...which

isn't a great thing to be counting on.

I think the game will be close, but I don't feel great about it.


The Football Team from Washington is coming off of a short week and a victory in what many fans call their "Super Bowl" -- being the Cowboys

in Dallas. They will either be starting their third string QB or a rusty RG III. Their offensive coordinator is a known commodity to the Vikings

head coach, having coached with him in Cincinnati. And the game will be in MN. The Washington Football Team, in short, is ripe for the plucking.

Of course, the Vikes aren't exactly a juggernaut themselves either. I'm especially concerned about the offensive line trying to stop a team that


Frank Costello

Washington had a good game tonight, but McCoy was only sacked once or twice I believe.

If we can get pressure on him, going to be a different story. The guy who scares me the most is Jackson, at any time he can blow the top off our

D. We're going to need to keep him from beating us deep at the worst time.

Morris is a powerful runner, our LBs are not going to bring him down with arm tackles. Going to need to hit him heavy and hard. Should be a

good, close fought battle.

Vikings 23
Redskins 17

Virginia Viking

Washington's defense, under Jim Haslett, has been active and surprisingly effective over the last few years. Their problem has been over the
years has been on offense. They have had great success running the ball, but QB play and mediocre receivers has been, well...awful. The offensive line is far from being the famed "Hogs" of old.
Washington's best defensive player, Brian Orakpo, is sidelined for the remainder of the season. But, Haslett's scheme, and his tenacious players will be a test for Turner's typically disappointing play calling. This will be a low scoring affair. If the Vikings defense can produce points from a fumble or INT return, Minnesota wins. I don't trust the Vikings offense to score enough points to win without the defense chipping in.


We are gonna have a good game this week. Washington played very well tonight.


Yeah, both teams coming off emotional wins, and both being in overtime, it might just give both teams the boost they needed. I could

definitely see this weeks first half be much more exciting than last weeks for us.

and, Washington's starting QB might be making his comeback.

Frank Costello

Washington had a good game tonight, but McCoy was only sacked once or twice I believe.

If we can get pressure on him, going to be a different story. The guy who scares me the most is Jackson, at any time he can blow the top off our

D. We're going to need to keep him from beating us deep at the worst time.

Morris is a powerful runner, our LBs are not going to bring him down with arm tackles. Going to need to hit him heavy and hard. Should be a

good, close fought battle.

Vikings 23
Redskins 17

Arctic Norseman

This will be another tough game, if Washington can run the ball.

Hopefully, they exhausted themselves last night and partying today Laughing

In all honesty though, the Vikes need to start a trend of playing more/better mistake free football. Then, they'll control the games. Zimmer

said it in his post-game interview Sunday . . . he felt in control, that the team had control. They lost it a bit with some mistakes, but fought

through and won -- that's a great thing to do. But it's a whole lot easier if you don't make the mistakes.

Nice thing for Vikes is Skins are on the road back to back on a short week. They'll no doubt be energized about their win, but so should the


Gotta predict a Vikes win with a few more sacks and 2-3 picks this game.

Vikes 34 - Skins 27.


Something is just telling me we will lose this game. If we do win it will come down to the wire. Not sure on this one.


Teddy showed good improvement last week so I'm hoping we so more of the same this week. If he can keep improving and the OL can pull it

together (they can only get better, right?) the offense should get on track.

The Redskins don't scare me at all; if the Vikings can play a decent game without the offense killing themselves they should stand a good


A lot of Redskins fans will find Heimdallr's next comment about Minnesota's rather well known OC...uh....entertaining.


I'm a bigger fan of Norv than most people, but I would just love to get a young college OC to call the plays for Teddy.


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