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The True Value of Su'a Cravens via The Trade Value Chart

So, want to know how much Su'a Cravens is really worth to his new team in terms of value?

Oh sure, we know what the trade was that went down.

Washington gets: Denver's 4th (109), 5th (142) and 5th (163) and a conditional 2020 6th rd. pick (???)
Denver gets: Washington's 4th (113), 5th (149) and Su'a Cravens (???)

But what does that mean value-wise when we're talking about picks and draft value?

Well, here's where some simple math and a standard Draft Value Chart plays a role.

So, using the chart we can derive a point value for every pick involved and then determine what Su'a is worth in the trade using simple algebra.

Su'a Cravens (x) + pick 113 (68 pts.) + pick 149 (31.8) = pick 109 (76) + pick 142 (35) + pick 163 (26.2) + 2020 6th pick (1)*

X + 99.8 = 138.2
X = 38.4 pts

38.4 pts breaks down to a 5th round pick around 135. So that's how much Denver really wants you Su'a, just saying.
It's not like there was another team that spent nearly ten times that number in draft value that really wanted you back in 2016 or anything.**

* Since the 2020 pick is conditional and takes place 2 years from now, I gave it a low point value of 1 since it basically meaningless right now.
** The Redskins used their 53rd pick (370 points in draft value) on Cravens in 2016.

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