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The Titans: Star power?

No matter how abysmally the Redskins fail to meet fan expectations other teams fans, especially if their team is similarly disappointing find reasons to fear us.

We have a few players whose stellar pefrformances have definitely not been overlooked by Titans fans.

The Titans have QB questions of their own which, of course, throws everything out of kilter.


The Titans (2-4) visit the Redskins (1-5) this Sunday. There is a chance that our secondary get's lit up in Washington if they don't hold things down. They average almost 300 passing yards a game (5th best in the NFL), led by DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon. Jordan Reed came off an injury against Arizona and lit up their secondary for almost 100 yards. He will be a threat, also.

I don't know what to even think of this matchup. Is Locker going to come back from injury? Shonne Greene? Will we see Andy Dalton BWW or Jags BWW? How will Lewan hold up?

So many questions. It's hard to predict, but coming off a win I'll say:

Titans 24
Skins 23

Washington will either make it really close and win/lose by a field goal, or they will collapse like they did against the Giants.


Titans 7
Redskins 63


Skins- 38

Titans- 17


Titans 56 skins 32.8

Book it.

Jordan reed scores all the TDs and gets every yard and my ff team sets scoring records.


We get scalped despite running for 190 and winning TOP.

Redkins 31
titans 23

Now this next commenter is probably an old-timer judging by his ID.


If Locker plays Titans win 24-17

If Charlie plays Redskins win 33-10

Either way I got tickets for the game and I will be there watching my Titans. I live in MD and get few chances to see them live....

One fan always seems to get keyboard-happy.


The Redskins have lost all 7 games started by Kirk Cousins and he has been an int machine lately ... So I see no reason why he doesn't get it on track against us.

I predict Cousins gets his 1st win, throws 3 TDs and 0 ints and gives Gruden more reason to not bench him when RGIII is back.

Locker will start this game and move the ball well on the 1st 2 drives scoring 1 FG, but he will be hurt early in the 3rd offensive possession for the Titans.


CBJ comes in and looks decent for a few drives, leading the Titans to 1 TD in the 1st half, but the Titans go into halftime down 17-10

CBJ comes out after half, and leads 4 consecutive 3 and out drives while the Redskins continue to put up points and grind the clock with the running game.

Titans finally pick up their 1st first down of the 2nd half early in the 4th qtr, and string together a drive that is worthy of a FG attempt (which is missed). Titans only get 2 more possessions after that which includes a 6 play drive that results in 1st down and a failed 4th down attempt.

The final drive of the game for the Titans starts just under 1 min left on the clock. They put in Mett and let him hand it to Sankey 1 time, and then they take a knee to end the game.

Redskins win 31-10

After the game, Whiz calls out the WRs for not running the routes to the correct depth and says that is the reason that we were unable to move the ball in the 2nd half. He also doesn't have any answers as to how he got beaten so badly by a 1-5 team. He also says he doesn't know the extent to Locker's injury and we will find out more as the week goes on.


Locker's injury ends up keeping him out of the Texans game. CBJ gets the start, and is crushed by JJ Watt in the 4th Q of that game. (Titans lose that game 33-0 btw). Mett comes in and gets some meaningless PT to end the game. Locker then comes back after the bye week with Mett as the backup against the Ravens(since CBJ will miss some significant time). Locker gets hurt in that game right before half time, at which point the game is already out of hand (28-0). Mett comes in to start the second half, and gives a valiant effort for a comeback (Titans end up losing 31-27), but Mett looks great in the process.

The following week, the Titans fans are divided. Half claim Mett is the next franchise QB, the other half claim that Mett only looked so good because the Ravens took their foot of the gas and went into prevent D mode since they had such a big lead. They also claim that Locker and CBJ give the Titans a better chance to win.

Anyway, Whizenhunt says that Locker is still the 'starter' but is limited by his injury. In order to protect Locker, Whiz will start Mett vs the Steelers but Locker will dress out for an 'emergency situtation' ... Mettenberger goes on to win "the Battle of the Bergers" (Mett vs Ben) as he throws for 300+ yards and we beat the Steelers 34-10.

Whiz doesn't come out and directly name Mett the starter, but he ends up starting the rest of the games for the Titans. He has his ups and downs, but leads the Titans to 5 victories and goes 5-2 as the Titans starter. (7-9 record for the Titans)

Titans pick 15th overall and draft a pass rushing OLB


Skins 27 Titans 17.


I just hope they play well as I will be attending this game. I got tickets for 20 bucks and I am driving down from NY to support my team. I just wish they could give me something back to root for.

Titans - 20

Redskins _17


I'll have to save this one, just to see how close you come!


Locker is set to start but gets injured during the National Anthem. CBJ proceeds to throw for 30o+ yards and 3 TDs. Cousins throws a last second hail mary as time expires, BWW tips the ball right into Desean Jackson's hands, BUT WAIT, Michelle Griffin is in perfect position to make the st---, nope he completely whiffs, DJax walks into the endzone. Whis hops on a plane to Detroit and tries to pull a Costanza and act like he's been the Lions HC all along.

Redskins 28, Titans 27


Titans win by controlling the ball. Pedestrian victory for us 27-21. Secondary gets two picks.


Titans 20
Redskins 34


Following on with my optimistic day.

Titans win 27-14

Hunter 100yrds/1Td
Wright Td
BWW with two picks
Casey and klug have 2 sacks each


Kirk is the variable in this game. Cousins' has shown flashes of brilliance, but more recently he has looked a lot more like Blaine Gabbert than anything resembling a franchise QB. If we can come out and put some...even a little pressure on Cousins' he'll likely fold. If Casey can get in their and disrupt his rhythm, BWW could have a good day. On top of that...the Skins D line has been suspect this year. If Lewan, Oher, Levitre, and the gang can create some holes every now and then...maybe Sankey (or Greene) can do some work. I don't think it matters who our QB is this week. The Skins secondary is not much better than ours, so hopefully we'll get some man cover on Hunter or Washington which could lead to some big plays...assuming they bring their hands with them.

I'm feeling confident with this one. Not sure why, but I've got a good feeling. My prediction is: TITANS 27 REDSKINS 17


Titans have to win this one to have any hope at the playoffs, so they will play strong.

Titans: 27
Redskins: 20

Broken Arrow

Jake or Mett -- Titans 31-10...
Jitters --- Redskins 21 - 13

There's usually a super-optimistic homer that shows up.


Tennessee 43 Redskins 0

old school style


After an early lead, Whis decided its a prime time for granny ball, and we give up another awesome comeback.

24-27 Redskins.


Titans 10- Washington 20. I have little faith in the Titans.


Titans 20
Redskins 13.
Cousins throws two picks late in the game to preserve the game for us.


We will have no answer for Jackson, Garçon, Reed, and Morris.

We attracted attention in the fantasy football segment-which tells you how well some Titans fans expect our "stars" to do against them.


Just snagged Reed off waivers.


I did too in one league...

Also watch out for Roy Helu.


Oh yea, any half good RB runs wild on us. Murray, Tate, Morris/Helu, anyone can run on us.


Helu bout to go off for about 150. Book it.

O.K. Skins, you're favored, and the opposition is worried-time to take this one folks.
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