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The Texans: Questions needing answers

Well, here it is-game one of the Redskins 2014 season.

A lot of questions are floating around Skins fanland and at least some of them look to be answered Sunday.

Texans fans have questions of their own, most are pretty confident but here and there a few fans voiced concerns about what the Redskins have-or what they might not have-that might prove...shall we say..troublesome?

One thing, only a very few fans of the Texans are predicting any kind of a blowout or anything of the sort-most score predictions are for a

close game.

South Texan

Both teams have questions at QB, I don't expect a blowout either way. I think it's fair to say though that the Texans are much more of an

unknown at this point. Our top receiver (Johnson) has seen very limited playing time. Our top running back (Foster) and starting CB (Joseph)

didn't play in any of the preseason games. Three of our top defensive players (Watt, Cushing, and Clowney) also saw very limited preseason

action and as of yet, they have not been on the field at the same time. After taking a sip on the Kool Aide, I'm thinking our defense is going

to make Houston RGIII's new least favorite place to visit, and with home field advantage the Texans win 20 - 13.

Yes, there are Griffin fans among the Texans faithful as well.


What I want to see...
Clean game by Fitz, defensive secondary not get burned and RGIII not to get hurt. I like the guy and want to see him do well everywhere but in

our house but I do not want to see him get injured which I think is highly possible with his playing style and our defense. Texans win 17-


It's interesting that I find Aussie NFL fans all over-just about every NFL team has fans in Australia.


If this was @ Washington, I would be much more concerned - NRG (formerly Reliant) is the third loudest stadium in the NFL.


I think our D wins this one for us. Powe will always draw double teams so the Redskins will have to pick their poison. Watt or Clowney


I have done these every game the past 3 seasons and 2 of the 3 we made the play-offs. So why stop now ? I think this season will be

especially fun considering all the negative nancys we have around right now.

But smile i'm here to pump some sunshine into your anti positive no rainbow in the sky sucky perspectives.

Texans - 27
Redskins - 13

Foster - 124 yards 2 TDs
AJ - 103 1 TD
Chunky - 2 FGs
Watt - 3 sacks since he is so pumped about his nice new contract
Clowney - 1 Sack


I don't see a way that Washington can block JJ/Clowney.


Skins 17
Texans 13

Not sold on our offensive line. I think it will be a few weeks
before we see more games like ATL & DEN and less of AZ & SF

-- that is, of course, only if Fitz stays healthy..


To be honest, I have absolutely no idea what to expect. I would not be surprised by anything that happens this Sunday, including either us

getting taken to the cleaners or us doing it to Washington.

I am expecting some nice "replay" plays from our defensive front. Other than that, I got no idea whatsoever.


Skins offense is all out of whack w RG3 back there. I expect our defense to dominate.
On offense, run the ball and avoid the turnover. 24-10 Texans


Texans 15
Redskins 14

Texans can't get it into the end zone and Fat Randy kicks 5 FG, including the game winner as time expires. Which was only needed because

Swearinger got a taunting penalty late in the 4th quarter on a 3rd down sack by Mercilus that let to the second 'Skins TD and a 14-12 lead.

Ronnie Brown has a wildcat scramble of 42 yards to set up the final kick. Fitz pulls a hammy running onto the field after the kick and Mallett

is immediately named the Week 2 starter in the post-game presser.

Or something like that...

In one thread about the game an interesting conversation about Arian Foster emerged.


RGIII is in for a long day. Wait, maybe a short day. I would hate to see him hurt. He is a fine young man, but it is football and only the

strong survive. I am looking forward to seeing the Texan's pass rush which is going to be very difficult to game plan for. Also wondering if

Foster still wants to play.


There's not really questions as to if he'll play, but there are big questions as to how well he'll play. He's not really a "love of the game"

type, he's like a talented, less crazy version of Royce White, he's got a lot of other interests outside of football that he sees as just as

important, or more important than football.


Not sure what makes you say that. He always brought his game up another level in big games. Sure looks like he loved to play to me.


I'm completely going against the grain on this game but I see a lot of scoring. The officiating is going to have a pre season hanky hangover

throwing the flag anytime a defender lays a hand on a receiver, and I just don't see these defenses adjusting very well to that.

To me, IMO I think it's going to be a long day and if Fitzpatrick takes care of the ball, I can see the Texans scoring a lot of points. And

everyone here knows I'm never this optimistic.


I am interested to see how O'Brien attacks the Redskin defense. Their strength is definitely on the edges. I would go as far as saying Orakpo

and Kerrigan are the best combo of OLBs in the league. They both contain well and force plays inside. The Redskins boundary corners are also

very solid. Their defensive issues last season came from when the play gets pushed inside. NT, DEs, ILBs and SS is where the Redskins have

weaknesses IMO.

Will O'Brien focus attacks on the middle or will he be like his mentor and attack the strength knowing the other team will game plan to cover up

their weaknesses? O'Brien has said from the start this is a game plan offense, and so far we have not been able to see it since teams do not

game plan in the preseason. That is what I am looking forward to watching.

Texans 31
Redskins 23


The guys who are saying that the skins will shut down the Texans on offense, have to really be confident the run can be shut down, I don't

know how you could be so sure. You don't need a good QB if your shoving it down their throat. When someone says how would the Texans score 27+,

its really not that hard to believe or see how. They can score if they run the ball successfully and wear down the skins front 7 over the course

of the game. Despite the rb's being unknown outside of Foster to people not here, Grimes and Blue are very capable of putting up numbers. Blue

is very powerful and Grimes is elusive. It won't just be Foster getting the rock. Fitzpatrick doesn't have to throw for 400 yds and 3 Td's for

the Texans to put up points, they just have to run ball effectively in the first half and tire out the redskins by the fourth.
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We'll see how good Houston's secondary is once JoJo plays. The improved online and nice supply of rbs should allow our running game to be

effective. Watt, Clowney, and Cushing should be devastating.

One of the best "objective" breakdowns I found on a Texans fan board was the OP of one game thread from a member called lumberjack.


Washington Outlook Coming off a tumultuous, injury filled season, the Redskins made a coaching change bringing in Jay Gruden. For a

team who finished 3-13, this team sure has a lot of talent, but as we all know it starts with the QB. RG3 leads the offense with RB Alfred

Morris, WR's Pierre Garcon, and Desean Jackson, TE Jordan Reed, and stud LT Trent Williams. Their defense is led by a pretty formidable 2 headed

monster of a pass rush in Brian Orakpo, and Ryan Kerrgian. The question for Washington is, can RG3 stay healthy.

Houston Outlook Also coming off a disappointing season, Houston cleaned house and brought in Bill O'Brien from Penn St. He brings with him

a new way of things, and a breathe of fresh air, which was severely needed after the previous regime. What comes with a disappointing season is

a high draft pick, enter JD Clowney. Tag teaming with our 100 million dollar man JJ Watt, the team looks to have one of the most feared pass

rushes in the league. With the addition of a big NT, which we've always wanted, and the return of our D's heart and soul in ILB Brian Cushing.

There's a lot to like about this D, but like I mentioned above, success in today's league starts with the QB, and that's where our biggest

question is.

Game Overview Houston will have to element of surprise, as BOB hasn't shown anything scheme wise on either side of the ball. That being

said, this game comes down to the big nasty's. Whoever wins in the trenches this weekend, will win the game. We will find out how much improved

RT Derick Newton is, or will he require the help of new TE Fiedo. Are Arian Foster, and JJoe fit for return after missing the whole preseason?

How long of leash will RG3 have, after a below par preseason? Will the Texans secondary be able to keep up with the athletic abilities of

Washington's pass catchers? These and many more things we will find our Sunday afternoon.

Keys to the Game

1) Establish the ground game with whoever is effective at RB, to open up the back end of the Skins D.

2) Get to the QB, and bring him down. (Containment)

3) ST's play, what once was a weakness now seems to be a strength. We should see newly signed returner Damirus Johnson get his shot, but

Lechler's leg combined with much better approach will help win the field position game, which will be big time in what could be a defensive


Fantasy Watch There's the usual suspects, but I'll go with a sort of sleeper on the Washington side, TE Jordan Reed. He's a mismatch

nightmare, whether he be covered by a DB in Swearinger, or one of our LB's. If Washington wins, he'll have a big game.


I agree with all those keys.

AF needs to have a statement game IMO. I think he will get 200 all purpose yards and 2 TDs. He is gonna be very hungry to prove himself.

We need to do whatever we can to contain RG3. There is nothing worse than 3 and longs and then the qb scrambles for the first. It happened too

many times in the past, they need to show they are better than that.

Special teams looked great in the pre-season, hopefully they continue to look good.


IMO, this is the perfect time to face the Redskins. RG3 struggled during the preseason, and this is Jay Gruden's first real game as head

coach. Im interested in seeing what Foster does in his debut. Glad we are going into the season basically fully healthy. I think we will lose

Sunday, but it will be fairly close.


I have always been a RGIII fan, since he was a Freshman at Baylor. I really do want him to have a great game. But understand I have been a

Texans fan since the day the franchise was announced. So I want my team to win, is this like having your cake and eating it too?

Who wins..... LOL, this one has WAY to many question marks. We will know better by 3 pm (CDT) Sunday afternoon.
But as for as a prediction goes, it all depends heavily on which Fritz shows up. I do believe this could easily be 31 - 28 Texans if the good

Fritz shows up (I give Skins 28 because, like I say, I do want RGIII to have a good game).

Now if the "other Fritz" shows up, humm, not even going to guess the outcome.

But my guess on Sacks:
Watt 2.5
Clowney 1.5
Cushing 1
Another Front 7: 1

TK Gamer
Honestly we could be looking at a defensive battle on sunday with a score more like 17 to 10. It all depends on who gets into a rhythm first
if at all.

Pastor Dillon

We need to win this game and start the season off strong.

The replpes to this post sems to indicate not all Texans fans are at ease with their QB situation, among other things...


I strongly disagree, the closer we are to a top 5 pick the closer we are to our franchise QB.

I was kind of surprised to see a Texans fan with a "tank the season" perspective-sure, they have QB questions but hey, give Mallet at least a

chance to show his stuff, y'know?


The fact that O'Brien hasnt named the starter at ILB opposite Cushing has me worried. Especially considering how he was raving about Justin

Tuggle the whole offseason workouts. Please stay healthy Cushing!

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