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The Rams: The smell of fear?

How long has it been since the fans of an upcoming opponent actually expressed fear about playing the Redskins? Been a while, hasn't it?
Well, not everybody in Ramsland feels afraid of the Skins...or were willing to let it be known...but the majority expressed fear about some aspect of the game, the main focus, of course, being RG3.

Rams Glory Days
The Redskins Will Kill The Rams Off The Edges.
I get a sinking feeling in my gut regarding this weeks game against the Redskins. Anybody remember how the Redskins killed the Rams off the edges? OLB's Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan combined for 3.5 sacks and the Redskins had 6 sacks total. The Rams did not have any by the way.

old larry
Hmmmm... Edges?

The 'skins held the Saints to 32 yards on the ground. The Saints. 32 yards. That passing attack was not enough and that is a much better running team that we will ever be. Passing as well.

If this is a legit rush defense...? That leaves it in the hands of our pass offense. Heaven help us. Edges indeed.
...and Brees can get rid of the ball

They could very well kill us off the edge, but that's what they'll gameplan for. They're a little soggy up the middle. Barry Cofield is a solid D-tackle but he's not a dominant nose, London Fletcher is 37 and has finally started to show his age, Perry Riley (who?) plays MLB next to Fletcher. They're week at safety with Brandon Meriweather never living up to the hype and Madieu Williams being a disappointment since leaving Cincinnati.

We're not gonna have time for deep routes to develop (what's new) so our success this game will be determined by getting Jack going up the middle and quick hitters to the receivers.

I'm more worried about the defense containing RG3.

There was a funny exchange about trying to tackle RG3 in the open field.

How many Rams could tackle RG3 in the open field?

That scares me

How many players from any team could tackle RG3 in the open field?

RGIII is pretty good in open field. Actually, I think that Fisher's Rams have about as good a chance as anybody of handling RGIII.

Sign Usain Bolt. . .

Although, he's only known as a straight line runner.

I'm afraid the only thing that can stop him will be a good lick or two. . . and I don't mean a lollipop kind of lick. Right now, they're setting him up in every possible way to succeed. And i'ts working. Quite frankly, he scares the hell out of me.

We will have one advantage over New Orleans. . . we at least have a game film on him now.

And opening up holes for SJ and D-Rich at #4 at least for me.

If we could force Stafford into 3 INT's yesterday, I'm sure Fish will come up with a good game plan to limit a rookie QB. If we take away his WO's the only thing we"ll have to worry about is him taking off. QB spy's and schemes similar to that should help in that area.

And that's the thing. There is now tape on RGIII.

He might kill us with his legs. He might kill us with his arm. But... he might come back to earth.

On to the Skins game. From what we saw last week they are the better team. They have the better QB, Offensive Line, WR's, Defense etc. Their pass rush is going to abuse Sam, not only because our O Line sucks, but we all know Sam is not the best in the pocket.

Even if we get lucky on D again and force 3+ turnovers and notch up another pick 6, it will again mean nothing if this offense can't do a damn thing.

Why are you trying to make it seem the freaking Redskins are going to win the Superbowl? all right, there team and rookie QB have one good game, it sometimes happens week one, but with film now on RG3 he may be pretty easy to handle. The Redskins are still the Redskins, only there d-line has me worried.

If our defensive showing against Detroit holds true and our new brain trust of coaches are able to scheme well I would say this could become somewhat of a big match ups week, maybe we can take advantage of the Washington LB's in the pass game. I'm seeing a "pass to loosen up the run" kind of day.

Detroit is beast up the middle, and no where near the skins ends IMO.
Bradford better not open that blindside up.
As for D, I love our corners vertical coverage.. but when we have guys slanting into middle and Dahl there, we in big trouble. And RG3 stinger slant passes we might see another Garcon 5yd slant, 80yd TD run again.

RG3's a hot topic...we'd better get used to that, I guess.:)

He threw for 320, ran for like 40........we need to make this guy drop that passing yardage....I am like you I thought that the colts could have/should have taken him over Luck....he is a guy for the future, but that said, he is a rookie, and his running does not concern me as much as his throwing.

His running can be somewhat negated by sure tackles, his passing is another thing, we need to totally confuse him with different looks, much like we did with Stafford last week, and Stafford SHOULD have thrown as many as 6 INT's.........

Let him run around, but we have to hit him, not dive at him, not chase him.....tackle him.....IMO this game is still about tackling guys, not so much containing them......let him get 5-6 yds. on a run but let it be when they need more than that to move the chains......hit him, tackle him......His passing is what needs to be brought down, if he throws for 300 plus we are dead.....

A guy like this you have to take 1 thing away...IMO it is his passing yds., let him run around, but he can't be allowed to add to that passing yds. like he did last week.

Rams' defense is on the upswing with this coaching staff, and RGIII will be having plenty of run-ins with them in future playoff games.

Anyway, I think the difference between the Rams' defense and the Saints' defense is the quality of the secondary.

The Rams truly have an elite CB duo, we can disregard any issues of 1/2 of the duo being a rookie. I do not doubt the Rams' ability to cover the Washington WRs; my concern is the scrambling.

The good thing with that, however... If RGIII is scrambling it means he's going to be driving the field which is better than him getting the big pass downfield. It means that this secondary gets more shots at jumping routes and getting big turnovers.

RG III is likely going to have a field day passing at underneath coverages on the edges of the hashes and between the hashes - much like Stafford did while throwing for 355 yards. It is great the Rams have two excellent CBs. There is still a major problem at LB, Safety and DT for the Rams. Good passing QBs, and RG III has to be considered one after Game 1, will do well against this defense until 1) DTs can actually help put pressure up the middle 2) LBs are capable of handling the underneath coverage and 3) the Safeties actually prove capable of covering any one consistently.

Yes, the defense appears to be on the upswing with how it is managed, but the horses are not there yet.

Week 1: I was impressed with the Rams Defense. I even more impressed with the special teams. The coaching staff seemed to have the right game plan in place. There were great ideas from everyone on how week 1 would end up. Now for week two. Bring on RG3.

Special teams will impress again and out play the Skins.
Defense is key: Watching this defense against the Lions and how the Saints played Washington. I expect the Rams D to man up and handle the crossing routes of Washington.
Offense: As last week and probable every week. I just don't know what to expect from the offense. I expect more of the same actually. Considering everything and playing at home. I see the Rams getting their 1st win at 23 - 17. I
see SJ getting a TD - Bradford throwing for a TD and 3 field goals from Greg the Leg. I see the defense confusing RG3. My only real concern on the defense is DE Quinn getting to far up field and RG3 breakout some big runs. Winning this game would be awesome because we could then say we are at 500. That would be a huge change from last year. GO RAMS

As usual there's a detailed analysis that shows up.

This one is too hard to predict.. there are way to many questions to be answered. For example: Will Washington play three wide to keep us in nickel now that we've done what we did in week 1. It caused use to play zone and
actually is good way to run on teams. Line up three wide outs, throw in a TE and you are almost gonna get the other team in a 5 DB look. Easier to run on and with two safeties always deep or off the line of scrimmage makes it easier to run the ball. What will they do? Playing man is what I thought we would play all year but who knows. I really think RG3 is going to be very difficult to contain. He also throws the ball well on the run and standing in the pocket. He's almost an offense all within himself. Quinn will have to be more disciplined getting up field on second and longs.. and maybe securing the edge might be his weakness but he will get another sack or TFL in this one. I look for our defense to be much like last weeks, bend but don't break and I also anticipate a little drop off from RG3. If we win the turnover battle we will have a good chance to win.
Offense should be a little more stable and fired up this week. However, that O-Line took some hits last week and say what u want about us scoring ten points in the fourth quarter, they are going to be blitz tested this coming weekend. It's still up in the air as to who will even play. Rok, as Fisher calls him, will have to improve in the passing game if we are going to have any success. I can almost see the Skins making that a point of attack when they want to blitz. That's if he plays of course. Last week we got Jackson the ball 21 times and almost produced a win by controlling the clock. We need more of that plus a better yd/att to have a chance to win.
We got solid special teams play last week even when the Lions ran a fake fair catch to try and fool us, but they only fooled the refs again. Our punter is better than what we saw in the first week. He didn't get the hang time he can really get, when he hits it right.
Anyway, I like us to win just on the simple fact that we are over due for some good luck. Way over due!!! We got a good young team and a little momentum could go a long way. Not to mention a very winnable game around the corner in Miami. Jeff has to find a way to win this one even if he's not prepared to put all his eggs in to the second game of the year. This could be a turning point for these young Rams. I hope Jeff realizes it and I think he will.
Rams 27 Skins 19.

This was one of the most interesting comments I read.

I can be pretty darn efficient at holding a grudge. When the Skins took my man, George Allen… and Maxie Baughan, Myron Pottios, and Pardee went as well….I swore vengeance on the Skins… to demolish them every game thereafter by 50+ points or more. That hasn't worked out as I had planned, HOWEVER, and make no mistake, the "GRUDGE" is alive and well.

Funny thing about RGIII… because I'm probably the one person on this board who most considers this guy a 'sure thing'… and I mean that as in 'elite'. BUT NEVER THE LESS, for the first time in a LONG time I think the Ram's have a "D" capable of stopping a running QB.. I'm not sure RGIII will run, but I suspect so. Fisher must game plan for it, however, but I see no reason he won't do exactly that. I thought his defensive game plan against Stafford was brilliant… not quite enough horses… or perhaps the 'horses' ain't quite broke in yet, but the 'plan' was excellent.

He knew Detroits strength and planned against it… this coming game RGIII is the strength and Fisher WILL challenge him with every trick he has up his sleeve.

Now if I'm reading the board correctly, and I'm pretty sure I am… most are FAR from calling RGIII Elite or even 'potentially' elite… BUT… they're terrified of him in the coming game.

I, on the other, DO think RGIII is headed for elite status, a damnable threat right now, and yet feel the Ram's are finally ready to stop a QB who can also run. Go figure. - JamesJM

P.S. Just to make note of it, I do NOT think RGIII is in anyway 'similar' to the standard definition of previous running QB's.
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