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The Rams: Heads in the Cloud, Feet on the Ground?

You would think the Rams would be flying high and brimming with confidence after their surprise win over the Seahawks.

Well, they are...sort of. Of course Seattle's not-all-that-overwhelming OL opened Wilson up

to getting sacked six times but the Rams did play a good game against them and pulled off the overtime win.

Is the confidence gained in this win causing them to think the Redskins will be a cakewalk?

Maybe for some-especially those still relishing the embarrassing contest last year.

Others, however, seemed to notice the Redskins had played better than most had expected and some of the posts went into surprising detail

on what they expected to face this Sunday.

They expect to win, but not with the "We're going to steamroll 'em" bravado Miami fans showed before their game with the Redskins.


No DeSean Jackson, our Def is gonna have some fun


FedEx Field turf is not a preference for the Rams. Real grass has not always been kind to this team.


They have to stay focused because this is the kind of game a team will lose when taken for granted.Another blowout shutout would be nice and put us at 2-0 for the 1st time in a while.


I just finished listening to JL on Game Plan. JL doesn't just amp things up...and he said after the Rams beat Seattle the locker room enjoyed the win but then let it go and said "on to Washington".

They have a next game mentality and I got the idea that this team is going to get better and better because they play for each other!

There's no idea they need to "blow up" Washington...just play sound football and have the most points at the end.


Their O-line looked really good against Suh and the D-Line of Miami's. If we want to take that next step, we have to win this game. Got a tough 3 game stretch after this one.

l3lind golfer

yea their offensive line looked good vs miami from what i hear.

is trumaine johnson playing or is he out? really need him back there, he's our best cb.


He was on the field today for individual workouts according to JT. So hopefully he's 100% by the weekend


No reason we should lose this game. No djax, no culliver and breeland is returning from injury. Foles should dice up this secondary. Also, their special teams suck. We cant afford to lose this.

Some Rams fans did a more technical game analysis.


The Skins O, to me is run sort of like the Hawks, but they aren't as good. Strong ground game mixed in with play action and screens.
Now, with DeSean out, we should be able to really pressure them with 8 in the box and keep Morris (an under-rated back, IMHO) contained. IF our O can consistently run the ball then I see us winning this something like 27-13. But, to YOUR point Phil, I hope we do blow them out!!


I don't know how good they are at the screen game but, I would expect to see a lot of that and some draws as well to again, TRY to slow down our rush.

Shot-gun fast pass game too.


Considering they ran screens, zone runs, quick-hitting short pass plays all last week - more of the same is likely. Only catch - the Dolphins line did little to actually pressure Cousins and got pressure anyway.

If the Rams slow down Morris on those zone runs, they win this game. The Skins defense gets worn down due to the attacking style they play. 4th quarter vs the Dolphins they were gassed and it wasn't from the Dolphins running at them. They wore themselves out.


As per my other post, Washington is going to try to use a heavy screen game against us to slow down our front 4. I can almost guarantee it. Also, a lot of boot and roll-outs to move the pocket - even though that eliminates half the field for them in the passing game. Look for boots to either side with a throw back screens, shallow/mid/deep level drag routes to the side of the boot, and TE seem release routes to the side of the boot.


good running game, mostly zone blocking but did run 47 gap (counter) for a big gain. williams at left tackle didn't have much competition, quinn should be able to give him fits again, their weaker link is the left guard. dolphins right dt push him back a few times. the center also got beat for a sack, but overall did well, often called on to double suh. their rg cut suh 3 times in opening drive, then once in 2nd quarter. but other that than he didn't allow suh to do much. he had more trouble with #94 who spelled suh. that #94 made a good play down the line, then also got penetration a couple of other times. based on plays made to snaps, he was better than suh that day. morris will be tough to stop, as always. good instincts and all the stuff we've seen. both tannehill and cousins were frustrating because both are careless and should have thrown more picks than they did, but somehow got out of it. #12 for the redskins is a sneaky @#$%&, long and quinn better watch their knees because he'll leg whip.

donald will play over both guards and should really whip their lg and will be too quick for rg. their right tackle held wake in check, wake did get a sack called back but he didn't pressure cousins very much. so, long has to do better, i think he and wake are kind of similar. cousins, twice had a tight bunch formation to his right and threw to the single receiver (garcon) both times, one on a crosser for big play and another deep comeback. i think jenkins will draw garcon.

on paper, it says the redskins are a 3-4 team. but with miami in 3-wide most of the day, redskins were in a 40 nickle. their #52 is similar to laurinitis. their #56 is like ogletree, but not as talented. murphy and kerrigan spend 90% of the snaps as DEs. they flop the dts. potroast knighton is nose and they have anohter big guy to spell him, hatcher the 3-tech. they also have some good backups who made plays, #94, #90 who is supposed to be started in the 3-4 but they were only in 3-4 once. they used the 46/bear three times in short yardage. their #34 was like mcdonald, a ss who would move up close to los. their nickleback is #35, like our joyner. #38 plays more like mcleod. their defense looked similar to our nickle, but not as talented.

if rams play like last week and redskins play like last week rams should win handily. but it's not last week.

Phil Anselmo

If I read right, the majority of Wilson's passes were within ten yards. Still, six sacks. Donald and Brockers might be the best combination in the league. And oh, don't forget about Quinn and Long.

I'm not scared of this game one bit. I see the Skins as one dimensional, especially with Jackson out.


It's the NFL and it's the Rams I'm scared of every game. It's a game we should win so we have to show up and win so let's go Rams get to work.


Given that Seattle managed only one offensive TD, i can't see the Skins scoring one
Rams win 24 - 6


I am just scarred about the idea that the Rams will somehow play down to their opponent....

My guess is 21 -17 (Rams Win) in a game that will be a little more ugly than we all like....


The 'Skins have a better run D than you think. If Gurley or Mason aren't on the field we may have trouble on the ground.

However, they also have Kirk Cousins and we have the Mob Squad. 20-6 Rams.


Heart says Rams provide another 24-0 beatdown.

Brains says it's closer this year and we win; Rams 27, Redskins 17


Big statement game to see if we are real and can continue to show up to play every Sunday. I bet our offense sleep walks most the game, defense shows up and shuts down Washington, GZ hits 4 field goals.
Rams pull away at the end to Win 26-13


As I posted in the Seattle gameday thread, we have a recent history of underperforming after giving our all against the Seahawks. If we can avoid that psychological comedown, there's no reason we can't wipe the floor with the Redskins, just as we did last year.

If we lose this game, it won't be because the Redskins are a better team than the Rams; it'll be because we won't have taken them seriously.

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