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The Rams: Can we pop the bubble of confidence?

There isn't a lot being said on Rams fan sites about the game-at least when compared to most teams- so thre aren't a lot of posts.

There is a good amount of confidence, though. I guess destroying a team 52-0, even one as bad as the Raiders, can do that.

Fortunately some are rather lengthy so there are things to read and digest.


These last few games are so important to us I see us easily getting past the skins this weekend and our next game against Arizona will be a good battle should have won the last battle against them but now its in our house on prime time Thursday it will keep us in the playoff hunt. Trying to find a way to make it down to Seattle to see our last game of the season Dec. 28 would love to be there to help quiet down the 12th man but them damn Seahag tickets ain't cheep. Wish the best of luck to our Rams these last few but so important games Go Rams!!!!


While this team wasn't as bad as their record early in the season indicated, I hope they are real clear about the fact that they are not a 52-0 team, either...Hope for a win and think they bring it home, but still worries me a little...If they can get off to a fast start again, this thing could be over early..If thewy wobble early on, they can easily lose this game..If they have to throw all day, they will put up some nice yardage numbers, but I don't think they can beat the Rams that way...Wow, how's that for flopping around like a fish out of water ???


The Rams have been up and down, no new news there....the approach to this game will be interesting to me. On the road I would expect a more conservative approach but that may not be the case.

As for Williams and the D the one area McCoy has done some of his best work is vs. the blitz. I really see the Rams rolling out 4 wins in a row with Oak, Washington, Arizona and the Giants.

One Rams fan site has a thread where they peruse Skins fan sites (apparently ES only, actually) and then provide I guess what could be called "contradictory" responses.


"WR: SKINS --- No question here. Our #3 (Andre Roberts) would probably be your #1."

Does anyone know if this is true or not? I don't know much about Washington but I really doubt that this statement is true.


Statistically speaking (total receiving yards) it is not. Both D. Jackson and P. Gracon lead K. Britt but no other Redskin WR has a yardage advantage over Britt. From the eyeball test I'd take Britt over both Roberts and Gracon (at this point in his career). From the PITA test (pain in the arse) I would also take Britt over Jackson. Add in Bailey's recent production and Tavon's explosiveness and I say we win the WR "contest" hands down.


Redskins fan said:

Tress Way is probably the best punter in the league right now


Tress Way leads J. Hekker by 0.1 yard in net punting, but Johnny has more inside the 20, fewer touchbacks and fewer returns for less return yardage. Throw in his passing skills and this is obviously an inaccurate statement (by the skins fan).


The Redskins are weak against the pass so BS should use the gameplan he did with the Raiders and come out swinging. The D will shut down the run and put lots of pressure on McCoy.

This remark by one of their fans made me chuckle......Rams will beat the skins 35-0 and force Snyder to hand over next years 1st rnd pick before leaving

I think the Rams will win comfortably. It won't be a destructive blow out but they will be in control from start to finish.

There were some score predictions.


I go with Rams 24- Washington 10.

Washington gets an early 7-0 lead, before our D clamps down, and takes it to them. Plus, I can see an INT return for a TD.


I'll go with 27-13 Rams. If RG2.5 plays them it's 28-10


Rams: 24
Redskins: 12


I think it is a tight game going to the half, but Rams open it up in the 4Q.


Skins 20

Apparently there is always going to be a contrarian.

Phil Anselmo

Rams 17
Skins 34

I know, I know.

I enjoyed the game last week. One of the best Rams games I've had the pleasure of watching. But this team has to show me otherwise that they can build on success.

Why would anybody pick against the Rams here? It's an easy cover

Rams 27
Skins 10


1. we are coming off a big win

2. we are on the road

3. schotty will baffle us with his "unique" playcalling

4. shaun hill is our starting QB


"unique" I love it!!

Rams 13
Redskins 12


My heart and my gut are not on the same page here, which is not comforting to me....

I'll go with the heart

Rams 27
Skins 13

Cant afford any mental lapses by JJ, McCoy will dink and dunk with the best of them, which is fine as our corners have shown that there's no YAC going on. But if they go over the top, and thankfully Colt can only throw it about 30 yards Very Happy we shouldnt have to play too deep


But their weakness is our strength - pass blocking against our pass rush.

I think they're #2 in the league for sacks allowed. Colt McCoy does have some pretty good mobility however.

Alfred Morris can be a problem for the Rams because they run him on stretch plays and he's an excellent cutback runner.

The Rams will have to be sound in their run fits in setting the edge, and playing their lanes against the cutback.

We all know that cutback runners have historically killed the Rams.

It I were the Skins I would look at the AZ and SD gameplans against the Rams defense.

Nickel inside draws against and quick hitters on the edges.

McCoy doesn't have the experience of a Rivers, but if he can get the ball quickly into D-Jax and Garcons hands, they can present problems. Both wr's are great run after catch guys.

This will be an interesting game IMO and fun to see how the Skins attack our defense.

If I'm the Rams O, I attack them very similar to the way they attacked Oakland.

Come out firing, the Skins pass defense is horrible!!


The other thing about McCoy.

He is super accurate rolling out and that has been a problem for the D too. McCoy is playing well and doesn't turn the ball over, I like him as a QB actually. When he was with the Browns he played pretty well for someone with no experience. If the Redskins decide not to keep him I wouldn't mind the Rams using him as a stopgap until they find the guy who will get them the rings.

Your point about RB's gashing the Rams on cutbacks has been true for awhile but they really have seemed to clean things up lately. Morris is having a so-so year, he's dropped wau off from his rookie year and even last year.

Coming off a huge win, and with the stuff swirling around the WR's "hands up don't shoot" thing this could be a trap game. I hope Fisher has them focused and to your point about coming out firing

I agree they should use the same approach they did with the Raiduhs. That and getting to McCoy should get them the W.
One Rams fan posted some of HC Jeff Fisher and QB Shaun Hill's thoughts about playing the Redskins.


TRANSCRIPT: Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher and QB Shaun Hill (12-3-14):

(On how important the 2012 trade with the Washington Redskins has been to putting the team together)
“It’s interesting. We drafted eight players, seven of which are on our roster. But, I think you have to look past that. We’ve got defensive starters. We got (DT Michael Brockers) 'Brock.’ You know who that we took, we got (OL) Greg Robinson as a result of that. More importantly than that because of those that we drafted through the trade with Washington, we were able to do some other things. For example, (Rcool smiley Zac Stacy was one of those players that we acquired through one of those picks. Without Zac here, it’s probably unlikely that we go and draft (Rcool smiley Tre Mason. We have depth there and we can afford to do that now. So, we’re able to shape our roster way beyond just the actual picks that we got from them.”

(On if he has no regrets from that trade)
“No regrets. At the time it was a good deal for us and it was a good deal for Washington.”

(On Redskins QB Robert Griffin III not playing)
“No, he’s not. That’s really not our issue. In his defense, his rookie year he took them to the playoffs. Any quarterback that’s going to go through significant injuries like he did and two offensive philosophy changes, scheme changes-I think that’s hard. I don’t believe you’ve seen the last of him. I think he’s too talented to…that’s their deal, that’s my opinion on him. I think he’s got a chance to be a really good quarterback.”

(On if he can still turn his career around)
“He’s just scratching the surface from a career standpoint. Again, injuries and scheme changes are hard to overcome for anybody for that matter.”

(On what he’s seen from Redskins QB Colt McCoy)
“Colt obviously played really well against Dallas. His numbers were very good. They’re winning numbers against the Colts, they just got outscored. He makes good decisions. He can throw the deep ball. He’s mobile. He’s a good quarterback. He’s won some games. Obviously, we’ll have to play very well on defense.”

Rams QB Shaun Hill – Post-Practice – December 3, 2014

(On what challenges does a Redskins Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett’s defense present)
“They’re very multiple, so we’re going to have to be dialed in for sure. Know our rules and be able to play fundamentally sound football. He wants to get you off track offensively, wants there to be a negative play somewhere in the drive. So, we’ve got to eliminate that. Sustain drives and when we have opportunities to make big plays we make them.”

(On if the Redskins’ defensive approach is 'high risk, high reward’ and the ability to make big plays)
“Yeah, but that’s kind of life in the NFL in general, though. There’s always a few opportunities to make big plays and whether you make them or not a lot of times dictates how the outcome of the game is. So, that’s obviously going to be important for us this week.”

(On if they can learn anything for the Redskins defense giving up a lot of big pass plays last week)
“Well here’s what happens: you see something like that on film and you know that the very next day they’re in work fixing that same exact problem. He’s going to have those guys ready to play without a doubt. He’s a good defensive coordinator, a guy I really respect and I know he’ll have them ready to play.”

Probably the most painful post I saw made by a Rams fan.


Love that we're finally getting some respect from other teams.

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