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The Preseason-The Bucs; Game?...What game?

This may be one of the shortest Redskins Recons I will ever do.

And the reason is puzzling.

There's a preseason game between the Redskins and Bucs Wednesday.

Bucs fans either forgot about it or don't care.

I searched six Bucs forums for a Redskins/Bucs preseason game thread and found...nothing.

I didn't even know there were six Tampa Bay Bucs fan forums.:rolleyes:

It's like they've stepped into their own Twilight Zone in which the next game is the opener against the Panthers.


They're talking about the preseason win over the Pats-a lot.

They're also talking about the loss of Pro-Bowler RG Davin Joseph-understandable because that will hurt their run game.

Nothing about the Redskins Wednesday.

What is even more odd is that there was a thread about the Colts/Redskins preseason game in which I found the only mention of the Redskins just about anywhere.

Just some thoughts on the game in progress

-Skins defense looks pretty good (albeit against the Colts) even with Merriweather out (Tanard making some stops) and Orakpo not starting, especially on the line.

-Skins rookie RB Morris is running right through the Colts defense

-Colts offense looks pretty bad, especially on the line. Gave up two sacks already.

-Colts aren't going to be able to run the ball at all by the looks of it, unless that magical trade comes through with an OL

-Andrew Luck looks good but it's all about who is around him

- Skins trying to keep Cooley on the roster, moved him to FB

-Griffin is shifty and has a cannon for an arm. One pass it looked like he pulled back on the throw but it still went about 25 yards on a bullet.
Briscoe making a few plays.
I wish we would've kept Briscoe.. I like him a lot more than Benn, Stroughter and Parker.
Luck hung Avery out to dry and Tanard about killed him.
Briscoe 2 rec 49 yds 1 TD smh still don't know why we released him
briscoe with garbage time stats again!

the guy has talent...but he doesnt have drive. he doesnt give us anything that v jax and mike will cant and wont. and he doesnt have the speed of underwood.

In the mix of this thread I encountered two of the weirdest comments I've seen in my Recon digging.

Rex should start over RG3
Rex is the best NFL QB from UF in the last 15 years.
This prompted a discussion of U of Fl and the NFL peppered with "+1s" and "What?'s" all over the place.

Strange thread in a strange situation.

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