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The Preseason-Da Bears

O.K., preseason game #2-Da Bears. There wasn't a whole lot of discussion of the upcoming preseason game with the Redskins but I did find a few mentions. Mostly what Bears fans are talking about rings uncomfortably close to something Redskins fans are concerned about-OL worries. The status of Brian Urlacher is a hot one also, he's not playing in the preseason and there are numerous doubts about his future playing ability. It'll be an interesting test of our defense against a QB who's used to being chased down a lot. :)

For a pre-season game, there's actually a lot of interesting things to look forward to when we face the 'Skins on Saturday. Other than the oline drama, what are you guys most interested in seeing in this game? Sounds like they have a great defense this year.

Zelezo Vik
I was considering getting tickets to this game because it sounded like it could be fun, but the timing didn't work out. I thought I read that the Skins' pash rush was becoming really fierce, which sounds about right with Orakpo. And then you know, RG3.

Griff seems to be getting noticed-good. :)

What I want to see is Cutler. I want to see how he handles oncoming pass rushes behind a weak offensive line. If he does well, you might see a better performance out of the Bears in this game.

The next one mentions Shea McLellin the DE from Boise State that the Bears grabbed with the #19 draft pick.

I wanna see Shea chase RGIII down like a donkey on his farm. I hope to see Oline improvement and more great plays by Jeffery.

There is no way Shea could "chase down" RGIII, but he could get a few hits on him if Griffin isn't running away from him.
Did anyone else around here see the times RGIII used to put up in the 110 hurdles? Guy is a world class hurdler, no defensive lineman will catch him in a foot race.

Not to be a naysayer or anything! :)

My guess is that the Bears will probably put a mirror on RG III in order to keep him from running them to death outside of the pocket. I'm not particularly afraid of the Skins' running game outside of him. This isn't exactly the Shanahan Bronco teams of the late '90s, you know.

I want to see how the WR's do this week and hoping to see more plays from Alshon and a little more from Dane. I'd like to see a few bigger runs or at least more consistent ability to move the ball and I'd like to see Shea continue to get pressure. It'd be nice to see how Nate Collins performs, I think he should be a keeper. Also seeing some good things from
Wootton would be nice. Or how about one play see Webb flatten Orakpo? Heh..

Note: Considering the number of negative comments I came across about Bears LT J'Marcus Webb that last comment seems like a pipe-dream.

A lot of truth is contained in this one, although point number 3 just made my stomach knot up.

I want to see:

1. Sanz have a good game, even on special teams. I want him to perform well enough that he sticks on our roster this year.

2. I (desperately) want to watch both lines (defense AND offense) take another step improving. I want to see this in each of

the next 3 pre-season games. Fans want instant perfection. I just want to see significant improvement week-by-week. Frankly,

I want to see that continue all season long.

3. I want to NOT see significant injuries. Especially to key players.

4. I want to see the fans realize this is a pre-season game, and not the end of planet Earth and life as we know it, if we continue to look a bit rough out there (you know, like it's a pre-season game and all....not the Super Bowl). Although, I realize the "Chicken Littles" will probably still be in that "The Sky is Falling" mode anyway. It's actually comical every year to see this. You'd think they've never seen an NFL pre season before.

All in all playing the Bears next could be a more interesting game than the Bills game was-especially since I think our D could pose some serious problems for Cutler behind a not-that-great OL.

And of course, as one Bears fan mentioned, there's also RG3. :)
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