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The Pre-season: The Bucs-The Backups Step Up.

Well, at least one Tampa Bay Bucs fan board actually had a thread about Friday's pre-season tilt with the Skins.

All the posts were made before the announcement of the Patriots trading Logan Mankins to the Bucs.


On the field, the last chance for 22 (or fewer) current Bucs to remain Bucs for the regular season. Our D'line looks stout, but I remain somewhat concerned with the back end.Our Safeties and LBs IMO are crucial to our success on the back end. It's interesting that a couple of "Lovie's guys" from Chicago (D.J. Moore, Jeremy Cain) didn't make the grade. Despite his calm demeanor, I think Lovie is very determined to find THE BEST players for our 53, and is showing ZERO favoritism...


This could be a really interesting game. There's a good chance Cousins goes out there and smokes our backups but I hope I'm wrong. I don't want to see guys like Doug/VJax/David/McCoy out there at all, personally. Keep them healthy and fresh for the regular season. Let the backup guys prove who deserves to stay and go. I hope Bowers and Gholston can get back out on the field.


I agree. High risk and no reward having our core guys out there. [/I]


Rishaw & Ricky would at least get us better than "serviceable", and at a decent price...

Feel Real Good

Rishaw and Ricky weren't starting in the NFL a week ago and it remains to be seen if they'll be starting in another week. Whether they're better than what we have now or not, they're still bottom of the barrel.


Yep. Time waits for no man, and it'll take them a bit before they are ready for a real game. Difficult, but not impossible, to get some action vs the Kitties...

Feel Real Good

The point remains all the other 31 teams decided they didn't need Rishaw nor Richie starting for them. If we start them, we're basically hoping they can just be the #27 or #28 guard tandem instead of the #32.


shoehorning in a topic I'm not sure deserves it's own thread. Just heard the league suspended Brandon Meriweather for the first two regular season games for his shoulder to shoulder hit on the Ravens receiver.

Boid Fink

Dude has been warned many many times. He won't listen.

Threadkiller apparently didn't think the penalty was deserved;


We still playing football? Great hit. Great clean hit.

blind melon

Not even sure I can watch this one... 4th game of preseason is rough to watch.

I'd only watch to see Rishaw Johnson and a possible new (insert guards name here) to see if they could pick up a guy blitzing, maintain a block, or even slow a guy down... (Oneil's polar opposite.)

Even then, I wouldn't expect the starting oline to play.

One Bucs fan made a comment I saw repeated in several places not related to Friday's game with the Redskins but possibly something to keep an eye on. It wil be interesting to compare our depth here if this is indeed the situation.


The offensive line woes are neutering the Bucs' running game. Tampa Bay managed 99 yds on the ground but subtract QB Josh McCown's 21 yds rushing and the Bucs averaged a horrid 2.1 yards a carry. That's not on the backs, who looked good when they actually weren't getting hit as soon as they received the football. The Bucs offensive line has to get better at the point of attack or Tampa Bay will struggle running the football all season.

One more note. In doing Redskins Recon this season I have decided to exclude any posts relating solely to the name issue and individual opposing fan posts will be edited if neccessary to remove any such references. This showed up as a separate discussion in the Bucs fan thread about the game-I think it will likely pop up on a fairly regular basis throughout the season. Redskins Recon is about what opposing fans have to say about their team playing the Redskins team-the guys on the field. Period.
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