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The Pre-Season-The Bills


Redskins football...finally.

New faces, new talent, new attitudes; we've been hearing about it all summer and I for one, am itching to see the "new and improved" Redskins in action against another NFL team and it's starting Thursday...finally.

Yeah, it's just the pre-season and we won't see the "real" Redskins in action full force just yet, but still...finally.

I wasn't sure, it being a pre-season game and all, if there would be much talk among Bills fans about the opening pre-season game with the Skins, but as it turns out there was...some anyway. Unsurprisingly it's mostly about Robert G.

They sound, well, confident.

Jerry Jabber
"Rich Campbell of the Washington Times notes that Griffin has "taken more than a few sacks" in training camp because he takes too long holding onto the ball. This is a common occurrence for rookies who still are learning to read NFL defenses, much less rookies in their first week of training camp."

With the first preseason game one week away, this is music to my ears. I'm looking forward to seeing the Bills D-line get multiple sacks on RGIII next Thursday.

I would be happy with 1 series 3 and out with a pressure or 2 from our starters then they can ride the pine all night

Don't know why, but I'm feeling Shawn Merriman has a big game for us in preseason game #1.

BillsGuy got a reply on this one.

So that will be his big game this season. Then likely done for the year. Hope this year is different.

Mike Shanahan is a genius and wouldn't have insisted on drafting Bob Griffin if he didn't think he could turn him into the next Jake Plummer.

Jerry Jabber
I'm not saying Robbie G a bust, I'm just saying if he doesn't take off running quick, he's gonna take a beating from the Bills D-line next week considering how bad the Foreskins O-line is. Remember, we had 10 sacks against them last season without Kyle Williams, Mark Anderson and Mario Williams.

Another one from San Jose Bills Fan stung a bit more than I liked.

San Jose Bills Fan
Three years of Shanny-Ball and their O-line still sucks. Compare that to Chixley.

This next one was in response to Robert's "taking too many sacks" in practice.

Wow, can't they even give the guy a full preseason before carping on him?

I could be wrong, but I don't think you're likely to see Bob Griffin for long enough to see multiple sacks

According to the Shanahan this morning, quoted in the Washington Post, Griffin will get 12 to 20 snaps in the Buffalo game.

There was disagreement on this:

San Jose Bills Fan
Not so sure. Granted it's the first preseason game but on the other hand, this is a guy they are planning to start as a rookie… so he might get more PT than a veteran starter would typically get.

Of course there had to be a smart a$$.

The Wiz
I was thinking the same thing. Plus, he only has the pass the ball twice for us to get multiple sacks against him :thumbsup:

This next one puzzled me-who the heck is rj1?

Charles Romes
Hanging on to the ball too long is a sickness that is not fixable. Its a function of not having pocket awareness. Ask rj1.

There were some interesting observations about the Bills' practice from fans:

-Fitz looked very sharp and has a great command of the offense. My only concern on the out patterns he lacks a little zip in the ball. Be prepared for a few pick sixes from that.

-Terrence Mcgee was still re habbing on the sideline and his knee was still in a brace. I would say he is 50/50 on making the team. Injuries can change those percentages in his favor.

-Vince Young looked, well, like Vince Young. The offense lined up in 5 WR sets, no O or D line, Just a few LB's, Safeties and Corners. On one play he had a receiver wide open back of end zone, threw short and it was picked. Other throws were not on time and not properly placed.

-George Wilson will have a HOF season. He was all over the place and just is fun to watch. He has complete control of the defense. Gotta love him!!!

-Moorman was booming punts!

Kudos to the staff at SJF.... they were very courteous and ready to be of assistance. My boys loved the interactive zone. For the love of God, Please get some more shaded areas, Damn it was hot with very little refuge. I am excited for the season to start. Go Bills.

here is what I saw today. Fitzy was in total control and accurate. Young doesn't move his feet after he sets, so if the primary wr is not open he throws awkwardly in a different direction. Very inaccurate. At WR Hagen, Clowney and Jones all looked very good. Clowney really impressed me. Brock was a surprise at TE. Fred looked as good as ever. He took a screen pass and exploded like we are accustomed to seeing. Then he ran a route from motion in the red zone that didn't look like a normal route, but Fitz knew exactly where he would be (TD). McKillup looked too slow and Tank too small. The real story was Gilmore. I spent the most time watching him. When he knew who he was covering, he was good ( although he did get turned around twice). The scary thing was 50% of the time he didn't seem to know who to cover. Both in zone coverage as well as facing trips, he frequently ended up doubling someone and leaving a guy open, I deduced that it was his fault because a coach kept talking to him. Not time to panic, its early. But it was concerning. Lastly, Eddins and Jasper went at it. Not sure what started it but Eddins was out of his mind pissed. It was hottttttt there.

Granted there's a lot of homerism here, as you would expect, but I'm really curious how the Skins OL looks facing another NFL team-and how well our "interesting" secondary handles the Bills receiving corps. I also think the Bills might be in for a surprise from our D. I'm getting an idea that our defense could be seriously good this season.

But then, I'm a homer too. :)
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